Phoenix In DXD

A woman awoke to find herself sitting on a comfy chair in an office of some sorts and in front of a woman proclaiming herself a goddess. cliché af. granted some wishes?. sure why not! character customisation? coolio. The condition? bent over the table by a goddess and unable to walk after pissing her off? My bad. Finding out the all powerful Goddess is your soul mate? WTF! and so begins the story of a woman reborn anew as the phoenix of life, lust, and chaos in a new world full of demons, angels and dragons. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning: The MC is raped in the second chapter by the first love interest Tatyana, if you don't like it just skip the second chap or don't read. sorry. mc is overpowered (obviously) since she is a phoenix. She will be on par with if not above both the dragon gods. It will probably be harem, but only 3 people. Tatyana, Ophis and Alice.

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Chapter 4-Prologue 4: reincarnation

Luna POV*

I woke up feeling really groggy. At first I was confused and wondered how I had gotten here, but then the memories came back and my grip on Tatyana's shirt strengthened unconsciously. I felt my heart hurt at what we spoke of, knowing she knew and yet chose to stay with me hit me hard.

I began to think about the future. About what was going to happen from now on, It would take a few million years of constantly being in Tatyana's presence for me to reach the 7th tier and that's when my concept would awaken.

3-5 people is what she said but I honestly cannot imagine it. Right now I am way to obsessed with my relationship with Tatyana and adding more people in to the mix just feels disgusting.

Soon Tatyana began to stir but I kept my head buried in her neck and remained still, lost in thoughts. It wasn't until I heard the husky voice and the hot breath in my ear that I noticed she awoke. "Good morning my love." These words only caused my grip to get tighter which she noticed as she pulled me onto her chest and began to hug me tightly.

"Sigh*, Are you still thinking about yesterday?" she asked with exasperation. "You make it sound like me gathering a literal harem of women to fuck isn't a bad thing." I said with sarcasm. This caused her grip on me to tighten once more before she reprimanded me. "Don't get bratty with me Luna or I'll spank the lust right of you. And do not phrase it like your gathering a bunch of fuck toys because you know I would never allow that nor would you. You are going to be getting more wives Luna.

People you will love and people you will want to protect. I know you may not love them to the extent that you love me, but that doesn't mean you can't love them." She said causing me to bury my face in shame. I knew she was right. It would take time but I knew she was right.

She took my silence as some form of agreement as she picked me up and proceeded to walk into the bathroom with me hanging on her like a koala.

Like this a few years passed by.

I continued to train everyday, learning CQC and training my elements. One day everything changed though. Tatyana introduced me to someone. A maid. A fox girl. Ginger hair, one red eye one blue. She was beautiful to say the least but she was staring at the ground. seemingly taking more interest in the grass than me.

"This is Alice" she introduced. "Starting from today she will be your personal maid attending to your EVERY need." She put extra emphasis on the 'every' and I knew what she meant causing me to glare at her but she only looked at me in mock amusement as she walked away. I threw my sword at her causing the maid to gasp, but Tatyana just caught it between her fingers without looking back, twirled it a few times, and then threw it back causing me to flip and catch it like iron man did his armour.

Ever since then my days continued as usual. Alice would follow me everywhere and I ignored her but she didn't seem to mind. I think she was expecting it.

Alice POV*

Today I was given a new job by the big mistress. That's my nickname for Lady Tatyana. She assigned me the job of being her divine destines personal maid. I didn't know what to feel.

I was nervous, would I do a good job? Would she dislike me? Would she bully me?

I was curious, why me? Why am I special?

I was happy, I can be of use to the big and little mistress's.

When I asked her why me, she told the truth and I was both shocked and sad. Two people destined to be the perfect couple and yet, broken apart by a concept. I was even more shocked when she explained I had a compatibility of above 70% with them both.

Eventually, I was to the training field where the little mistress was, and then I saw her and I was shocked. Someone so perfect actually exists? She was wearing a sports bra and shorts whilst she trained, showing of her perfect body. Long silver hair and skin glistening with sweat and when she turned around and I saw those pink eyes, my breath hitched and my knees weakened. I couldn't make eye contact for longer than a second and felt my cheeks heat up.

After I was introduced and the threw a sword at big mistress, she continued to train and completely ignored me. I won't deny I was sad, but I completely uderstood her sentiments and would probably do the same in her situation. I just kept my head down and decided to take it slow.

3 months later.

She slowly got more and more used to my presence, I was outside her door when she awoke and was there when she went to bed. She finally realised I was there to stay and decided to let me do my job. Assisting her in her day to day life. Except when she was with Big mistress which was when I gave them some private space after I heard something I shouldn't have.

1 year later.

She began to speak to me. Not requests but questions about myself and such. I could see that she still kept her distance but progress is progress. I wont give up.

3 years later.

We began to speak a lot more often, I guess we could now be considered friends. She asks how I am and asks personal questions, sometimes she answers some of my own. She has lowered the distance she keeps from me but keeps me in the friend zone. Haa, how pitiful am I.

10 Years later.

I am still in the friend zone but have made progress. I am now in the best friend zone. She laughs, smiles, jokes and does everything a best friend would do. She doesn't mind physical contact anymore as long as it is nothing serious. She doesn't realise that the more she laughs and smiles, the more I fall for her.

100 years later.

I made progress. She doesn't seem to mind physical contact anymore, we sometimes hug.

1000 years later.

She finally shows a slight reaction to me. When we hug she tenses and I can hear her heart beat speed up slightly. She doesn't show anything though. One time I pushed my look and entered her bathroom without permission to 'help her bathe'. A pity I had a nose bleed and fainted the moment I stepped through the door.

500 years later I finally succeeded. I confessed to her, straight to her face and she looked at me with both amusement and guilt. Amusement due to how nervous and flustered I was, but guilty because she knew she felt the same way but still felt sad about 'cheating' on Tatyana. After I spoke to her about it, we both spoke to Tatyana.

After a lot and I mean A LOT of convincing, she finally decided to date me. She said she wanted to take it slow because she wanted to get used to this and I agreed since I was just happy she finally agreed after all these years.

5 years after that, she admitted she loved me. I was so happy I fainted and when I woke up she was giving me a lap pillow whilst her and Tatyana watched with amusement, causing me to then faint from embarrassment.

I am truly happy to be apart of her life and even happier at the chance to love her.

Luna POV

Currently I was once more sat in front of Tatyana whilst Alice stood behind me like a maid would. I tried to get her to stop but she refused saying she liked to serve me. I caught the underlying meaning and just let her be.

"It's time for you to reincarnate." She said causing me to look at her in shock. "WHAT" I asked my voice higher than I thought, "Why am I reincarnating?" She looked at me in a little sadness and said "Because firstly, I know you are bored doing nothing but train all day, secondly, you have three wishes so you may as well use them, and finally, it's to find some people you wish to spend your life with. I figure it would be better for you to look in a world of your choice than a realm you have explored for the past few hundred thousand years."

This statement caused me to contemplate for a few seconds. I was sad, yes, but she was right. I am bored. I love spending time with Tatyana and Alice but I do nothing but train and fight all day and after a few thousand years I got bored.

So I agreed. As selfish as it was I wanted to go on an adventure and so we moved to her desk and she began to search for my soul application, meanwhile Alice waddled behind me looking sad, so when I sat down I pulled her onto my lap and began to rub her ears.

"Alright lets see

Soul number: 173838GH2MH478000 >NAME: Luna Vermillion

>AGE: 22 (before death)> APPEARANCE:> 5'9, Long yet wild silver hair reaching her knees, Beautiful yet seductive pink phoenix eyes (fitting for her surname). A sharp oval face with a strong carved jaw line. a cute button nose giving a feeling of innocence that is ruined by her natural smirk resting on her long yet thin pink lips. Round D-cup breasts and a perfects heart shaped bubble but that connects to thick thighs and wide hips. A tiny waist and her body is extremely toned with six pack abs.

>OCCUPATION: Tier six goddess with un-awakened concepts of life, lust and chaos.

>STATUS: Married to the primordial Goddess Tatyana and dating Alice - a tier five goddess.

>PERSONALITY: Extremely playful and loves to tease people yet is quite cold on the inside with barely any if not no friends. Loves to tease and seduce her wife to try and get all sorts of reactions out of her even if she regrets it afterwards. Is the type of person to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals, even if it means standing over someone's corpse. Lives by the words: "If I don't have to do it I won't, but if I have to do it, Maximum effort."

>KARMA POINTS (during human life): 187,374.

>Positive karma points = 312,932 = Built various orphanages for children and also various hospitals to help those in need. Those children grew up to be important figures who went to do various important deeds.

>Negative karma points = 125,558 = Responsible for the death of 4 CEO's and responsible for hundreds of people losing their jobs. Loved to prank people, sometimes causing them to get hurt. (1 death = 25,000 negative points)


average human karma = 1000

1 wish = 10,000

2 wishes = 25,000

3 wishes = 50,000

4 wishes = 100,000 -------> TRUCK-KUN pays a visit.

5 wishes = 250,000

6 wishes = 500,000

You get four wishes; you can choose your race and if you want you can alter your bloodline. Obviously, the wishes are limited: you can't just wish for the three big O's and you can't just wish to upgrade the rank of your sooouuuulll~ what are you doing?"

*Damn she's hot when she's serious* I thought whilst biting my lip as I pinched her waist.

"I already know all this my love, I have sat down and helped you through this process several times" I explained with a chuckle.

"BAAAAAABE Lemme do my job" she asked with puffed cheeks and puppy eyes causing me to blush and look away. Dammit, my weakness and she Knows it, if the chuckles I'm hearing are anything to go by.

Tatyana: "fufufu, which one do you want first, your race, your world or your wishes.

Me: "I'll go with the world first and I'll go with Highschool DXD but I wish to be born at the exact same time as Ophis.

Tatyana: "Alright then next?

Me: "Wait, are you not curious as to why?" I asked with a little pout, upset that she doesn't care about my absolutely flawless logical reasons behind my wish.

Tatyana: "Darling, I have known you for thousands of years, I know you inside out better than you know yourself. You want to be born at the same time as Ophis because if not that would mean you would be all alone in the dimensional gap and you would probably go mad from boredom. Plus, this way you would still be of the oldest in the world which would give you a status perfect for fucking with people. Not to mention it gives you plenty of time to train with your abilities.

Me:" Mooouuu can't you just pretend at least once?"

Tatyana: "Sorry Babe, maybe next time. Anyways what about your race and bloodline?

"Tch, you always say that" she whispers. "I want to be an 18 winged (9 sets of wings) Primordial Phoenix, someone on par with the dragon gods in terms of racial strength. I mean I find it pretty fucking stupid how there isn't a phoenix in the DXD world, yet there is a clan with the phoenix bloodline capable of crying phoenix tears so I figured I would live up to my name and become a Primordial Phoenix."

"Vermillion huh, what about your bloodline?"

"Succubus" I replied causing not only Tatyana but also Alice to look at me in shock." I figured if I am going to have the concept of lust, I may as well fet used to it." I said with a chuckle causing Tatyana to slowly nod.

"Well that confirmes your character customisation, now it's time for your four wishes." Tatyana said with a smile.

"Let's see, my first wish is for absolute combate, I wont let you keep kicking my ass and lets be honest, its extremely overpowered. My second wish is for my own internal world that I have 100% control over and grows in size along with my strength. My third wish is for a dimensional chat group, one that allows me to travel to their worlds and do things for rewards, and my last wish is for the king of wisdom - Raphael." I finsihed this in one breath since I have actually been thinking about these for a long time.

absolute combat completely puts me above anyone in CQC, the internal world is my own personal space and gives my complete control over it. The dimensional chat group allows me to meet people from other worlds and travel to them and wisdom king Raphael can grow to become some form of omniscience which is also a requirment for tier 9.

Tatyana chuckled at my first wish before looking at me longingly. "Well that concludes your wishes and it's time for you to reincarnate Luna. Remember whenever you want to return, you just have to imagine doing do so. We can also communicate telepathically. Remember that both me and Alice love you and remember to have fun."

"hmm" was the only thing I replied since I felt like I was going to cry, I squeezed Alice harder before kissing her on the cheek and then walking over to Tatyana and kissing her. Then after a few seconds I pulled away before whispering "I am ready"

A light began to gather around my feet and the last thing I heard was "I love you" Before everything went black.

This chapter was rushed since I kind of want to move on from the divine realm. I apologise but I was kind of struggling to write for the past few days. I feel like this novel became to big to fast and the pressure became to much. Its my first novel and yet the first chapter had dozens of thousands of views and then after the third or fourth chapter alot of people began to criticize.

I am a novice at writing and so I apologise if it is not the best but I am trying. I will continue the story I promise but the chapters will be slowed down abit so I do not have to rush writing them when I get home. I wake up at 6 and work until 2. I come home, shower, eat and then write until around 10-11 before uploading the chapter so it began getting to me but now I am just going to take my time.

Once again thanks for reading and thankyou to those who encouraged me.