293 Beneath the Mask (IV)

Tonight was another sleepless night for Hui Lan. Snow and icicles covered the entire cold palace. She sat all alone wrapped in a large blanket inside the cold palace's outdoor gazebo. A small stove burned on the table to give warmth.

This was Hui Lan's second time in the cold palace this year. At this point, she could live here.

It was funny how a place like the cold palace had everything, yet it was the most deserted place. The rumours of the cold palace had tarnished its reputation to what it is today. The cold palace was just like any other palace out there.

Hui Lan stared blankly at the moonless night. There were no stars, just clouds floating in the night sky. Despite being wrapped inside a white woollen blanket, the warmth from the blanket did not reach her heart which had already turned cold like the snow around her.


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