291 Beneath the Mask (II)

Although Hui Lan had smiled it off, she lowered her gaze and could not take her eyes off his chest. The noises in her ears had become all muffled. Everything in the outside world was coming from a distance. All she could hear was her own heartbeat that was beating loudly in her mind.

Ba-Dum. Ba-Dum.

It continued to dominate her consciousness.

Young master Hei had called Hong Ying many times but to no avail. Hong Ying's attention was elsewhere. He followed her gaze and found himself looking at his own chest.

...Something that bothered her didn't go away.

With two hands, he decided to wrap her face in his grasp ever so lightly.

But that was enough to bring Hong Ying's attention back to him. She sucked a deep breath of cool air into her lungs.

Hong Ying was like a rabbit that had been caught. Her eyes shook and fear was written all over her face.


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