26 Stunning! The White Python's First Simulation!

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Wang Ye looked at the white python and searched for pictures of the hornless shadow dragon on the Internet.

To be honest, it was quite good-looking.

The dragon had a silver-white body with unique spatial patterns. The form of its body leaned towards the Dongli Country and appeared slender and beautiful. Although its dragon claws were not very sharp, they looked quite elegant.

To mutate from a python to a dragon was considered a mutation evolution. It was difficult and took a long time.

The resources required were also in the hundreds of millions, but it was indeed powerful.

"It looks like a mage dragon. It's beautiful, but its impact isn't strong enough," Wang Ye furrowed his brows repeatedly. "It's a pity to be a mage with such a beautiful body."

The white python was speechless.

As if it knew what Wang Ye was thinking, the white python suddenly cried out, interrupting Wang Ye's train of thought.

At the side, Xiao Jiu fell deep into thought.

When it had heard its beastmaster mention the name divine phoenix heavenly beast, it had felt that something wasn't right.

Now, it seemed to have found the same feeling again from the white python.

"First, you have to transform into a dragon. The hornless shadow dragon is not good enough, it's just a mere Overlord class pet. A rayquaza... Never mind, what's a rayquaza good for anyway? With a cheat, I have to have an open mind and think about something bid. Since you have the power of space, how about I set the final evolution form to be the god of space, the sky divine dragon? It's the legendary supreme ancestral dragon of this world, the divine beast totem that had disappeared in the history of Dongli. Now, only its name is left... There's no other information. If you don't want to transform into a dragon, how about the heaven-devouring python?" Wang Ye stared at the white python, and his eyes began to shine.

The white python was speechless, thinking to itself that something must be wrong with him!

"Tell me, which one do you want to choose?" Wang Ye had the simulator construct a few final evolutionary forms. As it was a simulated construct, there was no detailed information, but it showed a rough picture of what these forms would look like in the end, so he decided to let the white python choose for itself.

The first type, the sky divine dragon was considered the most orthodox and powerful dragon race. Its entire body was silver-black, and its body was tens of thousands of feet long. It absorbed the stars and the sun as it roamed the galaxy in space. It controlled everything in space, and its mighty dragon aura emitted a supreme majesty.

Even without detailed information, Wang Ye was quite enjoying himself just by looking at its possible appearance.

He even wondered was he worthy of becoming its beastmaster?

The second type was the heaven-devouring python. Ahem... It had been deduced in the simulator according to some of the information in Wang Ye's brain. Although its aura wasn't comparable to the sky divine dragon, it was still f*cking pretty! Its looks were outstanding, and it was in the form of a python, which meant that even if it didn't transform into a dragon, it could still be the tyrant among pythons. Its class was slightly lower than the sky divine dragon's, so it should be easier to simulate and evolve.

The two images appeared in front of the white python virtually.

The white python swayed as if it was struggling.

In the end, with a snap, its tail chose the second and its head chose the first.

Wang Ye was speechless.

Good heavens, it seemed that the white python wanted both, huh?

This little thing was quite greedy.

Fine then, they could use both forms.

So he should let the white python simulate being the heaven-devouring python, then evolve into the sky divine dragon, huh?

Xiao Jiu couldn't evolve into the divine phoenix heavenly beast right away anyway. It had to first evolve into the nine heavens divine phoenix, then transform... ahem, then evolve into the heavenly beast, right?

Or if they could switch freely between the two forms, that would be even better!

[The final evolution form of the pet has been set successfully, beginning to deduce and perfect it.]

[It has been perfected successfully, and the script is being generated.]

[The final evolution form of the pet is too powerful and mysterious, and there is a huge between them. The difficulty of the scripted world will be extremely high, please try to survive for as long as possible.]

[Making contact with pet, loading...]

With that, the white python's body trembled and fell onto Wang Ye's hand.

[0 year old. The white python was born in a strange cave. It felt that it was extremely weak and that the outside world must be filled with danger, so it quietly stayed in the cave and began to train itself.]

[1 year old. The white python used stones to polish its scales. It crunched on metal to train its bite. It carried huge rocks and slithered around in the cave. The white python trained every part of itself.]

[2 years old. The white python continued to train, unwilling to take a step out of the cave.]

[3 years old. In the darkness, a bat that was one meter long charged at the white python. The white python killed it after a battle. Looking at the bat's corpse, the white python first used its tail to pat it into meat paste. It seemed that it was still worried. It used a huge rock to grind the bat for half a day until it turned into meat powder. Only then did it feel slightly at ease.]

Wang Ye was speechless.

[4 years old. The white python continued to train.]

[10 years old. The white python still felt that it is very weak and continued to train.]

[15 years old. The white python is still training.]

[20 years old. The white python realizes that there don't seem to be any huge rocks in the cave left for it to train. The sharp stones were already unable to pierce through its skin. It could easily roll up huge rocks several meters in diameter with its tail. No matter how solid the metal was, it could still bite through it.]

[22 years old. The white python still felt that the world was very dangerous. However, it could continue exploring the dark cave. The white python still did not leave and began to build a defensive structure in the cave.]

[30 years old. The cave had been modified by the white python. Many traps were installed, and with the help of the traps, its food became increasingly better.]

[35 years old. The white python feels that its body is a little itchy. It has begun to shed its skin.]

[40 years old. The white python, which has finished shedding its skin, feels that it has comprehended something. To its surprise, it discovered that it could spit out an invisible thread-like blade that can cut through metal and stones. It was very happy because, with this, the efficiency of it modifying the cave would be greatly increased! Acquired skill: Shadowless Line.]

[50 years old. As the white python became more proficient in using Shadowless Thread, it was able to control it to every detail. The cave seemed to have been transformed into a complex defensive barrier that was like an ant's nest. But the white python still felt that it was very dangerous outside and was unwilling to go out.]

[55 years old. With the help of the powerful interior of the cave, the white python continued to kill many monsters that broke into the cave. Its body became stronger and stronger.]

[59 years old. A sword that was flashing with red light descended from the sky and destroyed the entire cave in an instant. The white python seemed to have heard a human's voice at the same time. However, in the next moment, it was cut in half by the sword light.]

[60 years old. With a strong body and strong willpower, the white python tried its best to escape. Even though it only had half of its body left, it managed to escape for a very long distance. In the end, it was caught and killed by the flying sword. It has died.]

[Orange characteristic achievement: Never Rest Until Death.]

[Purple characteristic achievement: Overcautious.]

[The simulation has ended. The white python has survived to the age of 60 for the first time. You may retain three of the following five rewards.]

[Skill: Shadowless Line]

[Orange Genetic Characteristic: Never Rest Until Death.]

[Purple Genetic Characteristic: Overcautious. ]

[60-years-old six-dimensional growth.]

[Three chances of reality simulation.]


Wang Ye looked at the white python with his mouth open.

His mind was a little muddled.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he could only say one word, "F*ck."

Wasn't this too f*cking strong?

What?! What was with the white python?!

Was it so strong on its first simulation?

To think it lived for sixty years from the start.

Although it had only learned one skill, it also had two characteristics and sixty years of growth!

"Compared to this, Xiao Jiu is trash..." Wang Ye thought in his heart.

Back then, Xiao Jiu had gone through the simulations many times before she could barely live to 60 years old!

Moreover, in Xiao Jiu's simulations, that mysterious bird beast was a great opportunity. Otherwise, Xiao Jiu might not even be able to learn a single skill.

But in the white python's simulation, opportunities didn't even seem to exist at all!

"Chirp chirp!!" Xiao Jiu felt something and immediately chirped loudly at Wang Ye in dissatisfaction.

"Ahem..." Wang Ye patted Xiao Jiu's head.

To be honest, he was indeed pleasantly surprised by the white python's simulation results.

In the simulation, the white python had kept on training since it was born, and was still training even when it was in its twenties.

Compared to Xiao Jiu's brave but reckless, impatient, and literally suicidal actions, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, looking at the information of the simulation...

"Why does it feel like the white python is a big boss who has been reborn and is just lazily clearing the level? To think it spent decades building its cave into a fortress. If I were to order Xiao Jiu to do such a thing... It's impossible. With Xiao Jiu's IQ, it's impossible for it to have such thoughts," Wang Ye looked at the white python and fell into deep thought.

The little fellow seemed to be extraordinary.

Putting that aside, wasn't its personality a little too cautious?

"It should've been strong enough after training for dozens of years. It should've explored a little more to find some opportunities," Wang Ye thought.

The white python was obviously very strong, but it was overly cautious.

"Hu?" The white python woke up from its daze and looked at Wang Ye in confusion.

"It doesn't look like it though..." Wang Ye shook his head, puzzled.

However, he still chose the rewards that weren't easy to decide on.

Wang Ye pondered for a while and chose the skill, the orange characteristic, and the chances for reality simulation.

Just as he finished choosing, the white python suddenly trembled. Following that, there seemed to be a lot of information that suddenly appeared in its mind.

It immediately widened its eyes and looked at Wang Ye, thinking to itself, what did he do to it?

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