19 Spatial Sphere

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"I-Instant-kill, just like that?" Ming Kai was taken aback as he watched this scene.

His level-three pet, the ice kylin, and his sister's level-two pet, the white moon fox, had only managed to hold on for half an hour before being completely exhausted by those four beastmasters.

Yet now, the opponent had been instantly killed?

However, looking at the sparkling wings and the flying feathers that filled the sky like blades of green light, Ming Kai shook, "That seems to be the advanced skill Sky-dance, and the beginner soul-type skill Skyful of Feathers!"

Ming Zhu said in surprise, "The pet looks like a green sparrow, but is somehow different. No, this can't be a green sparrow. How can a green sparrow have such a powerful skill?"

As a top student of Tianquan Beastmaster University, Ming Zhu could immediately tell.

Ming Kai frowned, "The angles of the flying feathers are tricky. They can attack from all angles in the air. The realm of the skill seems to be very high. This is the Skyful of Feathers and Sky-dance of the refinement realm! To have both a beginner soul-type skill and an advanced sky-type skill in the proficient realm, who is this guy? But the spiritual energy wave the bird gives off isn't strong. It's, at most, only a seven-star or eight-star level-one pet. Even if it has two proficient realm skills, how can it kill three four-star level-two injured pets in an instant?" Ming Kai was puzzled.

"Then it should have a special characteristic," Ming Zhu thought for a moment and said, "Look at the wings of that pet. Isn't there something special about it? That should be the orange genetic characteristic, Hurricane God Wings! Only a very small number of Supreme class pets, as well as some Emperor class pets, may possibly awaken such a powerful characteristic! Among the students of Tianquan University, there are absolutely no more than twenty pets with this characteristic! A level-one pet with such a set of abilities... that's impossible, I've never heard of it."

"What a powerful skill set! Among the soul-type skills that sky-type pets can comprehend, Skyful of Feathers is the most difficult to train and comprehend! It's also one of the most powerful and versatile skills. Combined with Sky-dance and the Hurricane God Wings characteristic, what kind of godly skill set is this? Apart from that, the appearance of the pet seems to be quite ancient. It's probably some kind of rare ancient sky-type pet with quite a high class," Ming Zhu was a little uneasy, "Which is why it can defeat these four pets in an instant. Amazing, too powerful."

It was indeed powerful.

Even Wang Ye was shocked by the power of Xiao Jiu's skills

The Hurricane God Wings characteristic was too powerful.

Not only did the characteristic increase the power of Skyful of Feathers, but it also improved the effect of the Sky-dance!

In addition to Xiao Jiu's current six-dimensional growth, it was simply unrivaled the moment it used these two moves together!

"In the simulation, although Xiao Jiu had also won, it had been covered in injuries, which is different from now," Wang Ye's eyes flashed, "It should be because the situation is different. In the simulation, we fought with the other party who were still in perfect condition, and they might not even be the same batch as the ones we've killed. And now, those four had already fought with Ming Kai and Ming Zhu beforehand. Although they won, their four pets have also consumed a lot of energy."

As the young masters and young miss of Mingguang Enterprise, Ming Kai and Ming Zhu were naturally not weak.

Of their two pets, one was a level-three pet while the other was a level-two pet.

They had probably been fighting the four opponents for some time, so it was naturally impossible for the four pets and their beastmasters to be in perfect condition.

Now that Xiao Jiu was in perfect condition, it was normal for the other party to be instantly killed when caught off guard.

If they were to fight head-on, it would've been impossible to kill them instantly.

After all, Xiao Jiu was only an eight-star level-one pet at the moment, and its foundation was still a little weak.

It could defeat a level-two pet, but defeating a level-three pet was impossible.

"However, the consumption is too high... Casting two major skills plus Hurricane God Wings cost more than 800 spiritual energy value, which is almost all of Xiao Jiu's spiritual energy! This can't do, I have to make it learn some beginner skills. Otherwise, if it keeps using major skills, it won't be able to last long. Sigh, it's not a good thing to advance the skills to too high a realm either..." Wang Ye pondered in his heart.

For the current Xiao Jiu, if its skills were used with Hurricane God Wings, the two skills would then be major skills that consumed a lot of energy.

It didn't make sense to only learn R and not QWE.

"Come back!" Wang Ye waved his hand, and Xiao Jiu landed on its shoulder.

Wang Ye then turned to look at Ming Kai and Ming Zhu.

Their hearts skipped a beat.

"Hero, thank you for saving us," Ming Kai hurriedly cupped his hands and said, "May I know your name? The Mingguang Enterprise will definitely repay you!"

"Repay me?" Wang Ye said lazily, "Mingguang Enterprise, huh? I think I've heard of it before. Since that's the case... I'm not interested in money, so you can just casually give me a few million as a token of appreciation."

The two were speechless.

"Hm? Although Mingguang Enterprise is a small enterprise, I heard that its market value is a few hundred million. You can't even give me a few million? Then why say you want to repay me?" Wang Ye shook his head and turned to leave, "Forget it."

Ming Kai broke out in cold sweat. He thought for a moment and said, "Hero, we don't have much money on us right now. How about this..."

Ming Kai thought for a moment and took out a brocade box from his pocket.

Wang Ye quietly looked at Ming Kai and didn't say anything.

"This is a rare spatial device that the Mingguang Enterprise discovered in a certain ruin. It's a spatial sphere. This item doesn't have any markings and was originally intended to be auctioned off. Currently, the market price of spatial equipment is at least 100,000 per cubic meter. There are about 30 cubic meters in here, so it's worth at least 3 million. Inside it are some of the resources we were transporting this time, some spiritual energy stones. These resources are all for pets. You can use them yourself. You wouldn't need to sell them, and you won't expose any information about yourself either. Do you think you can accept it?"

Spatial equipment.

Wang Ye pondered. Good stuff.

There were very few pieces of spatial equipment on the market.

Those things could easily be sold for millions or even tens of millions, and there might not be a place to buy them.

If he got his hands on one, he would be able to freely plunder resources in the secret realms in the future.

Wang Ye took the brocade box and opened it. He found a small ball that was somewhat similar to a poke ball.

He used his spiritual power to scan it and indeed sensed that there were five boxes of spiritual energy stones inside. There was nothing else.

"Alright, then you and I are even," Wang ye nodded and was about to leave.

"Hero, you haven't told us your name?" Ming Zhu asked softly.

"Wang Aotian."


Looking at Wang Ye's back, Ming Zhu muttered, "Why does the name seem so weird?"

"It might be a random alias," Ming Kai pondered, "This person is very mysterious. He's wearing strange clothes and acting out of logic. He's also wearing a mask, so he probably doesn't want others to recognize him. His pet is powerful, but its level is very low. Especially since he appeared in a miniature secret realm like the Fenglin Secret Realm... His background might be very deep. Maybe he's a hidden genius who came out to travel."

Speaking of this, Ming Kai looked at the voice in the distance and muttered in a low voice, "I hope this person's nature is not bad."


Wang Ye did not return immediately. Instead, he went to a few other miniature secret realms and strolled around. In one of the secret realms, he changed his clothes and destroyed the white suit and mask.

The secret realms were a good place. There was no phone signal here.

"Although I didn't get any money, I did obtain a spatial sphere. The harvest isn't bad! Five boxes of spiritual energy stones, even if they're of the lowest quality, are worth at least 500,000 yuan. It's enough for Xiao Jiu to cultivate to level two. As for the medicine, I'll think of a way to earn money and buy them in the future."

On his way back to Anping County, Wang Ye met a few other investigators. Most of them had found some scattered resources as well as the remains of some beastmasters.

"The job of investigators is so tiring. They have to do all kinds of hard work," Wang Ye shrugged.

After returning to Anping County, Tang Xiong called him in the evening, "You're back, right?"


"That's good then. This mission is over. The two important people from Mingguang Enterprise have safely arrived in Anping County."

"That's good."

"Oh right, your green sparrow doesn't know many skills, right?"

"Yeah, not really."

"Alright. The commander of the Anping County Investigation Corps will be back tomorrow. It just so happens she has a sky-type pet that can help the sky-type pet in the corps train some skills. You brat, do grasp this opportunity and try to get your green sparrow to learn some race skills. Otherwise, your green sparrow is just too weak."

Wang Ye's eyes lit up and he nodded repeatedly.

What a good opportunity!

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