Pet Simulator

# simulator Wang Ye transmigrated to a world of summoning pet monsters and made a contract with an ordinary little green sparrow as his pet monster. To his surprise, he awakened the Pet Simulator talent that allowed him to evolve his pet monster through simulations. The pet monster would evolve based on the ultimate evolution form set by its master. [0 years old. Little green sparrow was born. It practiced flying on a cliff. It encountered a strong current and dropped from the cliff. It was covered in wounds.] [1 year old. Little green sparrow learned how to fly after much hard work.] [2 years old. Little green sparrow saw a mysterious bird dancing in the air and sank into deep contemplation.] [5 years old. Little green sparrow got better at flying. It comprehended the skill of Sky Dancing.] [5.5 years old. Little green sparrow got bolder and attempted to learn how to swim. It plummeted into a spring from the cliff and drowned. It acquired the personality of Unstoppable Courage.] After the simulation ended, the pet monster could acquire either the skill or the personality it mastered during its life in the simulation. After going through a certain number of simulations, the pet monster had a chance of evolving into the predetermined ultimate evolution form. Wang Ye took a glance at his little green sparrow that was pecking away at rice. Without hesitation, he decided on its ultimate evolution form - the divine beast Angewomon. His little green sparrow looked at him with a look of confusion.

Xia Shuqin · Eastern
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Pet Simulator

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"Ring, ring, ring..." Accompanied by the sounds of an old-fashioned ringtone, Wang Ye woke up in a daze.

"F*ck, why is my back aching? If I had known, I wouldn't have stayed up all night playing games. Oh, but Alzeus is just too good..." Wang Ye muttered as he picked up the phone and answered it.

He yawned and said, "Hello? Who is it?"

"Hello, is this Wang Ye?"


"This is the management office of the South Street of Anping City. We have detained your pet, the green sparrow, for flying without a license. Please bring your pet license and come over to get it."

"???" Wang Ye was dumbfounded on the spot.

What the hell?


Flying without a license?

What nonsense was all this?

"I think I'm still dreaming," Wang Ye slapped himself in the face.



He then subconsciously looked around.

He was sitting at a desk in a 20-square-meter rented room. There were many empty takeout boxes next to the desk. On the desk were some empty medicine boxes and a few books.

There was only one book that was opened. The book's name was illuminated by the desk light and read "Ten Forbidden Techniques to train your Pet into a Beast-eared Gal", with its short title "Ten Forbidden Techniques".

Wang Ye was speechless.

The few other books could be considered quite normal in contrast.

"Guide to the Recruitment of Talents in the Mortal World".

"How to Obtain a Pet that will Grow in 6 seconds".


"Uh..." Wang Ye looked to the other side.

There was only a bed there, and it was very messy. Beside the bed was a bird's nest the size of a washbasin that had a few greenish-gray feathers and a rice box with only a few grains of rice in it.

After a moment of silence, Wang Ye said to the phone, "Okay, I'll be right there."

After hanging up the phone, he went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.

His pale face and lifeless eyes could not hide his well-defined and handsome features.

His thin figure made him look a little malnourished, but his proportions were good. He looked just like an eighteen-year-old handsome youth, albeit a little weak.

"Well, with my looks, I do have the qualifications to become a transmigrator..." Wang Ye couldn't help but shake his head and sighed, "But damn it, at least let me clear the game! I just started playing it!"

After washing up, he cleaned up the room briefly.

Wang Ye hesitated for a moment, then coughed and glanced at the first page of the "Ten Forbidden Techniques" book from the corner of his eye.

It wrote: "The first method: wake up every morning and shout at your pet, 'Transform!'"

Wang Ye was speechless.

"So it's a pirated book," Wang Ye couldn't help but say. He walked out of the room and looked at the world outside.

As far as his eyes could see, most of the houses were small and had moss-covered walls. There was the smell of steel rust mixed with garbage in the dark and narrow alley. Following his memory, Wang Ye took quite a few turns to leave the alley and turned onto a relatively clean stone path.

It was the beginning of August, the rainy season. The moment he exited the alley, Wang Ye, who was dressed in thin clothes, inexplicably shivered.

The sky in the distance was gray and gloomy. The strangely shaped dark cloud was like a giant abyssal beast with its mouth wide open. It was terrifying to look at.

There would occasionally be a flash of golden lightning in the sky that landed on the window of a certain house. It brought something different to this somewhat dark world.

The golden lightning was the pet, a lightning bird, that worked as delivery.

"Sigh, the beginning of this transmigration is really not good."

Wang Ye looked at this remote old shantytown.

In his memory, this was a world where familiars were the main thing.

He was in Dongli Country, Anping County of Xinghai Province, a small, backward, and remote place.

The management office on South Street was about ten minutes away.

As soon as Wang Ye reached the door, he could hear constant noise.

"Ma'am, because your rocket eagle failed to control the change of spiritual energy in its body during flight, it had flown backward and caused a traffic accident in the air. You are fully responsible."

"How am I fully responsible? I admit that it was my fault that it flew away. But are the other pets not at fault for following so close behind mine?"

"..." Cold sweat trickled down Wang Ye's back as he hurriedly went to the window to ask about the situation.

A moment later, a soldier from the management office walked over and said, "Come with me. I say, newbie beastmasters like you are really something. How old is your green sparrow's intelligence? What were you thinking? To think you let it deliver food! Don't you know that a flying license is needed for flying pets to fly in the city? And it doesn't even know how to fly! You should raise your pet cub properly. It doesn't even have a star level yet, and you already want it to help you earn money? Even capitalists aren't that oppressive! If it wasn't that our Captain Tang had found it in time, that green sparrow of yours would've probably been... Forget it. Go back and reflect on it!"

The traffic soldier's voice was rather stern.

Wang Ye didn't say much, but he was a little puzzled.

In the original owner of this body's memory, he didn't seem to have asked the green sparrow to deliver anything.

Not long after, Wang Ye met his pet, the green sparrow.

It was a green little bird that was more than ten centimeters long and looked somewhat similar to that of a sparrow. It was very cute.

However, its feathers did not have much luster.

Other than being a lot bigger than the sparrows in his previous life, the most special thing about it was that its eyes were filled with intelligence.

This was one of the characteristics of the pets here.

When the green sparrow saw Wang Ye, it flew out of the birdcage. However, it did not fly to his side nor did not make a sound.

Wang Ye stretched out his palm and said, "Come over then."

The green sparrow was stunned for a second before it immediately flapped its wings and fell onto Wang Ye's palm, lying into it.

"Alright, go sign some papers at the front desk and you can leave. Be careful next time."

Wang Ye nodded. He thought for a moment and asked, "Do I not have to pay a fine?"

"Our Captain Tang has paid it for you. You have already been reduced to having a pet cub deliver food for you. Do you think you can take out two hundred gold coins?" The soldier said with a laugh.

Wang Ye was at a loss for words.

He touched his pocket, and indeed, it seemed that he did not have any money.

Two hundred gold coins were about the same as two hundred RMB.

"Then please relay my thanks to Captain Tang," Wang Ye thanked him profusely. At the same time, he wondered in his heart what relationship did this Captain Tang have with him.

The soldier waved his hand.

With the green sparrow in his hand, Wang Ye left the management office of South Street.

Seeing this, the soldier walked into a room and said, "Captain, why did you help the kid?"

"Didn't you read his information?"

"I didn't read it carefully. The kid seems to be an orphan. When he was eighteen, he signed a contract with the green sparrow because his academic results were average. The sequence talent that he awakened was only the Deep Memory Talent of the Ninth Earthly Sequence. His talent is actually not bad, but it's not of much help in raising his pet. The green sparrow's spiritual energy value didn't exceed a hundred in half a semester, doesn't know a single skill, and doesn't even have a star level. Now, he has graduated from high school but didn't get into Beastmaster University. He's just an unemployed vagrant. To sum it up, other than his looks, he's nothing."

"... His parents were members of the Huiwu Investigation Corps who died in the Star Ocean Demonic Disaster. They had been serving in the area around Anping City back then."

The soldier was silent for a moment before saying, "I see."


After returning to the rented house, Wang Ye placed the green sparrow on the table. Looking at the tired little fellow, he was a little puzzled and asked, "Why did you go to deliver food?"

The green sparrow opened its mouth and spat out a thumb-sized bead wrapped in paper. It squawked twice as if to say, "For you to eat."

"This is... A mind-clearing pill?" Wang Ye checked and found out that it was a kind of recovery medicine.

Its function was to make one more awake and restore one's mental strength.

It was a very ordinary type of recovery medicine and was not expensive, around 100 gold coins.

Why did he have to take this?

He was fine.

Wait a minute. Wang Ye felt a pain in his head and suddenly recalled that the original owner of this body seemed to have fainted late last night due to long-term anxiety and staying up at night.

From there, his memory was cut off.

"Could it be that this fellow had suddenly died from staying up all night?" Wang Ye came to a sudden realization, "Which is why I transmigrated here?"

"Poor kid. Luckily, I don't stay up late, I just stay up all night."

The green sparrow had probably seen its beastmaster suddenly pass out last night and had also run out of medicine.

So the ignorant bird flew out to buy medicine in a hurry?

Yet its original owner didn't have much money left, so how could it have the money to buy medicine?

The little fellow's intelligence wasn't very high either. The only thing that it had come into contact with to earn money was probably food delivery because its original owner usually ate food delivery.

It didn't even know how to call the emergency department.

After sorting out the whole matter, Wang Ye fell silent.

"Chirp, chirp!" The green sparrow used its sharp beak to peck at Wang Ye's palm, urging him to eat the pill quickly.

"Why can a pet be more sensible than me?" Wang Ye was speechless.

He looked at the green sparrow and asked, "Also, how can you be so brave?"

"Chirp?" The green sparrow looked at Wang Ye in confusion.

The minute a pet and a beastmaster signed a pet contract, they had thus become lifelong companions.

Protecting one's beastmaster had become the pet's instinct.

Under the green sparrow's gaze, Wang Ye still ate the mind-clearing pill.

It melted in his mouth, and he felt a cold air rush to his head, making him instantly feel energized!

The green sparrow chirped in relief, then ran to the bird's nest and pecked at the few remaining grains of rice.

At the same time, a special light screen appeared in Wang Ye's sight.

Above the light screen, there were two big words: "Pet Simulator."

[Mental state has been fully restored. Pet's life has been detected.]

[Currently, you can only carry out script simulation and not reality simulation.]

[Please set the final evolution form of your pet to start the script simulation.]


"This is, my cheat?" Wang Ye was stunned. He took a deep breath.

It was here, finally!

He had been thinking that in such a situation, how could he survive without a cheat?!