121 No, I Am a Supporting Aide

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Wang Ye walked out.

The simulation was still as accurate as before.

What should come, would come.

Perhaps, if that lioness had taken her cubs away from here temporarily, she would not have encountered such a thing.

"Who are you?" Mo Kai stopped in his tracks. Looking at Wang Ye who had appeared in front of him, he raised his eyebrows.

Wang Ye couldn't be bothered to waste his breath on these dumbasses.

He paused, and a stream of air burst out from where he stood. In the next second, he charged straight at Mo Kai.

To be honest, even if the lioness left this place, he still wanted to teach these people a lesson.

If it weren't for the simulation, he would have become a cripple because of this matter.

Of course, if he hadn't received any rewards from the simulations, ahem, then he would've forgotten about it.

But now, Wang Ye felt that he was very strong.


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