25 D+ Soul Growth!

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"Chirp!" Xiao Jiu turned around and flapped its wings continuously at Wang Ye as if it was expressing its anger.

As it flapped its wings, Xiao Jiu started chirping sobbingly.

"It's just a simulation, it's just a simulation!" Wang Ye said speechlessly.

What the Pet Simulator simulated in the reality simulation was also the life of the pet.

However, as the pet's beastmaster, he was naturally a part of the experience.

"I didn't expect that I would make such decisions in the simulation," Wang Ye looked at the notifications and nodded repeatedly, "As expected of me, a true man!"

Xiao Jiu was speechless

After avoiding Anping County and choosing to grow peacefully, he could indeed live on, but the progress seemed to be very mediocre.

Although it would seem that he had lived for a few more years, in reality, Xiao Jiu had barely broken through to level five.

Even if he had relied on Mingguang Enterprise, the final outcome of death had still been inevitable.

He even made his son an orphan in the simulation.

"It's just tragic," Wang Ye shook his head.

The effects of the matter in Anping County were extremely widespread.

After he had avoided it, Anping County had turned into a dead land. But in less than a few years, the entire Xinghai Province had disappeared.

If this continued, Dongli's territory would probably be reduced again.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to live until then at all. Looking at the results this time, Anping County seems to just be a small fuse," Wang Ye shook his head slightly.

Being cowardly was a possible path in the simulator, but it could only delay death.

As he comforted Xiao Jiu, Wang Ye carefully looked through the information obtained from the simulation, and for a moment, he couldn't help but sigh.

"It's not temporary, so I should be able to permanently obtain these rewards. To achieve this, it seems that not only does the green sparrow have to live long, but there must also be a change in the emotional bond in the simulation for the final reward to be permanent. Then, which should I choose?"

A skill, one of the six dimensions, or a characteristic.

Of course, the skill was good. With Sky-dance, he could often cultivate.

Although the effect of the skill would be greatly reduced on him, it was still a path he could take.

But if he were to obtain it permanently...

"Isn't the six dimensions better?" Wang Ye pondered.

Pets were very strong.

Even the weakest E-grade growth could easily surpass a normal human.

"Among Xiao Jiu's six dimensions, the most powerful is the D+ Soul growth. Xiao Jiu's spiritual power is much stronger than mine, so if I have its Soul growth, it means that my spiritual power will also be greatly improved!"

With powerful spiritual power, the simulation time would also be longer.

Which would then mean he wouldn't get so weak after running simulations, right?

As for the characteristics, Wang Ye didn't consider them for the time being.

The two characteristics that Xiao Jiu currently had probably had no effect on him.

After thinking about it, Wang Ye decided to choose the six dimensions.

Sky-dance could be temporarily obtained from simulations in the future anyway.

Moreover, with his patience, he wouldn't cultivate for long.

He might as well obtain the Soul growth, which would strengthen his spiritual power without him even sweating. Wouldn't that be even better?

"I'd like to choose the second option and obtain Xiao Jiu's current Soul growth."

As his voice fell, Xiao Jiu suddenly let out a chirp.

Amid his daze, a strange connection seemed to have been formed between him and Xiao Jiu.

In the next moment, Wang Ye felt a strong impact on his soul!

This impact came and went quickly.

After the impact had left, Wang Ye felt as if there was rain after being in a drought for a long time. He felt refreshed and extremely comfortable!

He opened his eyes and looked at the world again. It was as if he could see countless details.

Walking to the window, if Wang Ye sensed carefully, he could even feel the breathing of the people around him.

He could see places he couldn't see clearly with his spiritual perception.

This was a very mystical feeling. It was as if a blind man had a radar installed in his brain.

"My physical strength is not high, but my spiritual power has already improved, So this is the D+ Soul growth? No wonder Xiao Jiu gets so excited every time it receives an upgrade from the simulation. How good would that be?"

Wang Ye took a deep breath and felt the information in his mind had become even clearer.

Compared to just relying on Sky-dance to cultivate, this was much faster.

As an invisible indicator for pets and beastmasters, spiritual power was related to all aspects.

Every major country had a meditation technique that was specially designed for their beastmasters to cultivate to increase their spiritual power.

Dongli Country also had one, but the cultivation speed achieved from practicing the technique was very slow, and the effects were very ordinary.

Unless one had a Spiritual Talent Sequence, which then would allow their spiritual power to soar when they cultivated the meditation technique.

"That reality simulation just now almost made me faint for being too long. To think I feel like I've recovered a little now. With such strong spiritual power, the need to take medicine in the future will be reduced. Oh right, the diary..."

Wang Ye's heart stirred, and he carefully examined the diary again.

Having obtained the Soul growth comparable to that of a pet, Wang Ye felt that his spirit was greatly boosted now. Perhaps he could find some clues from the diary now!

As he looked at it...

"Wait!" Wang Ye's gazes paused, and he carefully read through the diary again.

His reading included the information about the high-level strange gods.

There was a record in the diary about a high-level strange god that caught Wang Ye's attention, "The mirror demon phantom!"

This high-level strange god was extremely terrifying.

What was terrifying about them was not their combat power but their intelligence.

They were a type of strange god that could transform into human form. They were extremely cunning and intelligent!

In the diary, after devouring one of Ming Tianxu's companions, the mirror demon phantom had even fought side by side with Ming Tianxu for several months as his companion before being discovered by Ming Tianxu at the last moment.

"With Ming Tianxu's strength at that time... The mirror demon phantom was not discovered for a whole few months!" Wang Ye's breathing quickened, "I've run the simulation many times, but it always starts with dark fog erupting within Anping County, and every time, there's no sign of it. Could it be that such a high-level strange god is hiding within Anping County? Is it waiting for an opportunity to devour all the lives in the county?"

When he thought of this possibility, Wang Ye immediately felt countless goosebumps.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible!

As his spiritual power became stronger, the speed of his thoughts increased a swell.

He had read the diary for an entire month in the simulation, but he only seemed to have understood something,

Yet now, he was able to grasp the key.

Closing the diary, Wang Ye closed his eyes. He felt as if there were countless hands in the darkness stretching towards him.

Putting the diary back to its original position, Wang Ye looked at the world outside. The dark clouds in the sky were the same as when he had just woken up. They were still like a giant beast from the abyss that had its ferocious mouth open as it stared at the world...

"Xiao Jiu, let's run a simulation!" A strong sense of crisis made Wang Ye hold Xiao Jiu in his arms.

"Hu hu!" At this time, the white python swam over and coiled itself around Wang Ye's hand.

After more than a month of feeding, the white python was now quite close to Wang Ye.

Wang Ye felt that it might not be that it was close to him, but that in its eyes, he had probably become a long-term meal ticket.

Wang Ye used his hand to stroke the white python's body.

It was very smooth and felt very good!

"Hu..." The white python twisted and shook Wang Ye's hand away.

"What do you mean? Do you also want to join the simulation?" Wang Ye pondered.

"Hu?" The white python opened its mouth.



So it was hungry and wanted to eat.

"Eat my ass! Come on and try to join the simulation first!" Wang Ye refused to feed it now.

This made the white python feel quite wronged as it looked at Wang Ye with a bitter expression.

"Let's set up your final evolved form first. Your most powerful evolved form in the future is the Overlord first-class hornless shadow dragon."

Pets had nice classes: Otherworldy, Transcendent, Emperor, Overlord, Legend, Myth, Dominator, and Supreme.

Pets in the Overlord class were already very powerful, and their sic dimensions could reach A-grade growth.

Along with the dragon bloodline and the power of space, the hornless shadow dragon was considered one of the best amongst the Overlord class pets.

Hence, it was an Overlord first-class pet. Its six dimensions could even break through the boundary and reach S-grade.

"But since I have a cheat, doesn't a mere hornless shadow dragon seem too weak? Don't you think so?"

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