1 Global Pet Beast, Starting with Pet Eggs

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Chuxin City, The First Senior High School, Grade 3, Class D.

Fang Yuan woke up from the back seat by the window.

The pets' habits and breeding methods were explained on the blackboard, and the first volume of the basic knowledge of pets in the new curriculum was written in the textbook

Outside the window, besides the heavy traffic, there were also people passing by, riding on land birds and gryphons.

This was... a world of pet beasts.

"This afternoon is the day to contract pet eggs. I can't wait any longer."

"I wonder what kind of pet beast I can contract?"

"I want a frost blade leopard. God bless , god bless, It doesn't have to be too good. A silver high-grade one will do."

"A silver high-grade? You wish."

The school had been built for more than a hundred years, and the hatchery had never produced a few silver pet eggs.

"Most people's first pet beast was trained from black iron."

"Yeah. The real top-grade pet beasts all have the bloodline of their families.

That's the treatment that only the top people in Class A can enjoy. Our students in Class D can just dream about it."

The students in the class were discussing animatedly. Many of their eyes were filled with uncontrollable fanaticism and excitement.

Ring, ring, ring.

The bell for the end of class rang. The students scrambled to get up and crowded towards the door.

Fang Yuan, who was carried by the stream of people, grabbed the black notebook in his hand.

He followed the direction of the crowd towards the school incubator.

Fang Yuan was an ordinary high school student. When he woke up, he had transmigrated to this parallel world.

The spiritual energy in this world had recovered, and countless black obelisks had appeared all over the world for no reason.

The obelisks were the gateway to the alternate dimension arcane realm.

All kinds of magical creatures resided in there.

Although it was inevitable that there would occasionally be vicious incidents where wild beasts that lost control would surge out and attack humans.

But in general, human and these creatures were getting along peacefully and friendly, according to the obelisk's left behind mysterious inscription.

Scientists and archaeologists had even worked out a link with the obelisk creature, the way to conclude a contract.

They even named the successfully contracted magical creatures Pet.

Thus, the global pet era began.

The corresponding human administrative, judicial, and educational systems had all changed because of the changes in the world.

Apart from basic knowledge such as Chinese and mathematics, there was also nine years of compulsory education to learn all kinds of knowledge about pets.

And when they reached the age of 16, all the teenagers and girls of the right age had to contract their first pet under the guidance of the school.

That was the so-called contract ceremony.

For anything, the first time was often an important experience, and so was the contract pet.

The strength of the first pet greatly determined the long-term development of a pet trainer.

According to their growth potential, pets were divided into several different qualities:

From bottom to top: black iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum. Each level was divided into three grades: low, middle, and upper.

This was the most common grade classification. Above that were diamonds, star glory, and king.

However, those were all unattainable urban legends.

Under this classification system, silver was the biggest watershed.

Countless pet trainers had made it their life's glory to contract a silver-quality pet.


As memories emerged, Fang Yuan followed the crowd and soon arrived at the incubator.

The incubator of the school was a man-made greenhouse. It was a good restoration of the ecosystem in the obelisk realm.

Countless pet eggs of different colors were lying quietly in the glass cover.

This was a life-support system invented by pet scientists. It could control the temperature and humidity well.

It kept the pet egg healthy.

Right now, countless students' eager and expectant eyes were gathered on the glass cover.

With the order of the class teacher, Gui Wentong, the contract ceremony officially began.

"First place, Chen Pingping."

The girl whose name was called walked to the stage and chose a pet egg. She pierced her thumb with a silver needle and dripped blood on it.

The light shone brightly.

The furry chick used its tough beak to peck at the eggshell.

"Furry chicken, medium-grade black iron."

Black iron-grade pets usually only had one passive skill, which was considered a relatively low-grade pet.

Bronze-grade pets could have two skills.

Silver-grade pets had four skills.

Higher-grade pets might have more skills, or they might be stronger. They might also have mysterious attributes, which were unknown to the public.

This was also the reason why everyone pursued high-quality pet beasts.

The level of a pet beast could be further improved through continuous training.

However, quality was something that had been written in the genes long ago. It could not be easily changed.

The contract ceremony progressed very quickly.

All the students in the school contracted their pet eggs one after another.

"Lucky Rabbit, high-grade black iron."

"Fragrant Pig, low-grade black iron."


Most of the pet beasts reported by the class teacher were of black iron quality.

Probability would not lie. The higher the quality of a pet beast, the lower the probability of it appearing. This was an eternal truth.

"D*mn, all of them are black iron?"

"Black iron is not bad. Last year, my brother's class even had a few dead eggs! The glass cover was added after that due to this matter."

"Then this contract is so lonely. My mentality has collapsed."

"That's right."

"God bless me, I'm not greedy and don't want silver. Just give me a bronze. Even if it's a low-grade bronze, it's still good! Please."

"Boxing Cat, medium-grade bronze!"

Along with the class teacher's exciting shout-out, a boy raised Boxing Cat high up in his hands.

"It's Wang Jingze! He's struck it rich!"

"Wow, he's so lucky. which hand did he open? Did he open or close his eyes? Did he make any special movements?"

"Quick, quick, go over and take some luck."

But after this shout, they were all black steel.

The line in front was getting shorter and shorter.

Soon, it would be Fang Yuan's turn to go on stage.

Even though he was a reincarnated person, coming to such a magical world, he was also full of anticipation for his first contracted pet.

He subconsciously touched the bracelet on his wrist.

This was left behind by his father.

Fang Yuan's father was a pet beast archaeologist. Because of a top-secret archaeological project, he was away from home all year round.

This bracelet was a birthday gift from his father.

His predecessor always wore it by his side.

When Fang Yuan walked onto the stage, he reached out his hand with the bracelet and touched the pet egg.

A thin black-gray fog shrouded his eyes.

"Just like everyone else, it's also... black iron?"

At this moment, there was a Ding in his mind.

[100-fold amplification system activated successfully. ]

[ Ding. Pet egg detected: Level 1 gray-striped wolf, high-grade black iron. ]

[ Do you wish to proceed with the 100-fold amplification? ]

[ Host can choose from the following amplification methods. ]

[ First, give up the 100-fold amplification and obtain high-grade black iron, level 1 gray-striped wolf. ]

[ Second, obtain high-grade black iron, level 3 gray-striped wolf. ]

[ Third, 100 times increase quality. Obtain middle-grade silver, level 1 shadow wolf. ]

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