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☠️[ This content is totally ridiculous and absurd based on a 100% fictional story and invented by me just for fun, please don't take it so seriously.. ]. ☠️ Let's make a game. I am going to ask you a question, you need to have a short and quick answer, but you must be an honest person with your answer. Ready. !!! If I told you right now, "jump", You would do it Yes. / No. if you say "yes" is good. If your answer was "no" Aha, and if I give you 10 dollars in cash.... How about 100, not 50, better 60 dollars and you should only do one jump. the game changes, right. Would you do it. Now imagine that your dream is to have a company, but it costs you 7 million dollars and you have to be honest. It is money that you will never have in this life, much less in the next. But I offer you 10 million dollars.. What will you give me in exchange for your dream, because it's obvious that I don't want my money in return. What is it. ? Your dignity, respect, pleasure, obedience, affection, fidelity, company, because this is a game. And here, anything goes.. —◆—◆—◆—◆ When he turns 18, Rick's parents kick him out of the house, so the boy needs to start his working life with only high school. That's right, without experience or trade you just have to work doing a thousand things to resist and pay the rent. A couple of months later, paternal grandfather passed away, leaving his grandson as the universal heir to an immense fortune. But with the benefits come his responsibilities and Rick must take care of his family. With a small detail, the family Warren also wants that fortune by starting a game powers... After receiving his grandfather's inheritance, the young man discovers a lifestyle totally hidden from the society in which we live, where only people capable of handling "ZEN" have access and there are beings that are above an average human being. ...⚠️If you are offended by this type of content, please, do not read it. ⚠️ Have a nice day. * the image presented does not belong to me, all credit goes to its creator. If you want it to be removed, please send an email to this address → [ Onī-chan yamete kudasai@KYAAA.cum ] ....