8 8. MC is stealing energy

Like last time, Aiwa suddenly felt a tremendous increase in strength. At this point, Ruth also felt something. She clearly realized that a portion of the energy gathered inside her body had unwittingly disappeared!

Ruth suddenly back off and separated from Aiwa's body pushing him away.

"You little bastard, are you stealing my energy?"

Ruth's eyes looked alertly at Aiwa.

"I…, I didn't meant to…"

Aiwa stammered. In fact, he was not conscious that he was absorbing Ruth's energy. When practicing the technique, he was unconsciously absorbing energy from Ruth's body.

This qi technique would cause his dou qi to rapidly rotate and if not met with an external force it would only continue to rotate. But in the event it encounters a higher level energy, it would automatically absorb external energy into its orbit and convert the energy into its own. It's similar to electric current, high voltage will naturally flow to a lower voltage.

Ruth became suspicious of Aiwa. During the last round she was unable to defeat Aiwa, and besides gaining a few ranks, his attack domain ability was now at rank 4. Lastly the qi technique he had used just so happened to cause some of her energy to flow into his body

But Ruth's assessment of his various domain abilities was still very accurate, none of his combat domain ranks reached half of her's. Thinking of this, her originally nervous mood relaxed.

"Boy, this lady will tell you the truth. At your current rank, you won't be able to use any of my energy in your combat abilities. Understand? Dou qi energy and dou qi ability are two different concepts. You can suck energy from my body but you won't be able to use it. You use focus on circulating your dou qi; otherwise, my energy will threaten your body."

Ruth solemnly warned Aiwa.

"I…, I have no other motives, but I want to use my qi techniques to make you happier."

Aiwa did not want to irritate this pretty major. His two eyes stared at Ruth's voluptuous breasts. He wanted to grab them again and suck on them. Although there would be no milk, the feeling of sucking would feel quite wonderful.

"Grope them a little bit? Really?"

Ruth walked to him again, her soft hand grabbing Aiwa's attractive chin, at the same time stimulating his hard rod with her knee.

"Really, I swear on the name of Queen Sophia, Miss Ruth is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. If I cannot make Miss Ruth happy, then I really would be a useless man."

"Then I can reliably inform you, my Aiwa, this lady is already happy enough. I don't need your qi techniques!"

Ruth turned to get dressed restoring her serious expression.

At this time, Sally came in with a seamstress.

Although Aiwa liked beautiful woman, being in front of the cute seamstresses holding a measuring tape and measuring him still made him feel a little embarrassed. From time to time his body would come into contact with the seamstress.

When she went to measure his waist his cock unexpectedly bump into the seamstress.

Leaving the army hospital as well as Ruth's laboratory, Aiwa got on his carriage.

Ruth stood in front of a window, leaning on the window and gazing off into the distance. As Aiwa got on the carriage, his long maroon colored hair was lifted by a gust of wind making it look like beautiful satin. At the sight of his healthy physique Ruth's heart could not help but flutter. This was the first man to make her feel this way.

She had a premonition. This man with the special Dragon Blood, in the future he would definitely have extraordinary good fortune. If he were able to devote himself to practice, he should be able to easily become a famous general. In the even more distant future, perhaps he would not merely be in control of Montelago's military might, but also the entire imperial army's.

"This kid really knows how to handle women!"

The corners of her mouth pursed up revealing a satisfied expression rarely shown to others.

Only after Aiwa's carriage disappeared from her line of sight did Ruth turn away from the window. She opened a drawer, took out a pair of brand new black stockings and put them on.

On the other hand.

"Young Master Aiwa is back!"

The chamberlains and maids seeing Aiwa's carriage return, all excitedly turned to inform Master Kyle.

"My dear son. What did that old devil Steven do to you?"

General Kyle hastily ran out of his room. The first thing he checked was his son's complexion.

From Aiwa's excited face, Kyle had a hunch that he had good news. Aiwa walked to Kyle, took the identification report as well as the recommendation, and handed them to his father.

"Special Dragon Blood? What does this mean?"

Looking at the flamboyant writing General Kyle was bewildered. He frowned and looked up at his son.

While Aiwa loosened his new clothes, he plunked himself down on a spacious leather sofa. One hand reached out to take a glass of water from the maid. After venting on two beautiful women he didn't care about what was written on the identification report anymore. Even though during both times he was constrained, it was still very pleasurable.

"I'm also not sure but it should be more powerful than normal Dragon Blood right?"

Aiwa couldn't answer his father's question. First he had to take a drink. He felt that his body needed water because his body had been almost drained by those two women.

On the other hand he didn't feel any fatigue. After all in both times he absorbed quite a lot of their energy so now he felt slightly excited.

Master Kyle was also excited. He was so engrossed in the identification report as well as the recommendation letter that he didn't even notice the great changes in his son's body. What was originally a frail boy came back as a tall and burly man. Now as Aiwa sat on the couch by himself he felt squished.

"Son, this is a personal letter from Miss Ruth?"

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