Perverted Life In the World Of Debauchery

A lazy attempt at making a Fan-Fic of Village Head's Debauchery Join Discord - https://discord.com/invite/zzepBSqp

Venerable_White57 · Anime & Comics
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29 Chs


Here's a short summary of the characters and their pictures.

Orion (M.C) Previously known as Griffith, reincarnated in the depraved World Of Debauchery as Celeste's child Orion

Celeste - Orion's Mother. She is very caring and protective to her children. Because of having voluptuous body propotion, she feels insecure about herself.

Greta (Healer) She is the Village's Main Healer. She is Celeste's bestfriend from Childhood. Because of the protruding private areas, she also had a hard time finding "Kushi" (Sex)

Reena (Sister) Reena is one of the most beautiful girl in the village. She is Orion's Elder Sister. She loves Orion and her Family dearly. She also wants to have Kushi with her brother.

Grandma Celia (Elder) She is one of the elders who lives in the hut beside Orion's. As she is old now, she lives with her fellow elders so that they can support each other. She didn't performed Kushi in decades

Fiona (Teacher) She guides the children in the time of their awakening ceremony and also works under Village Head. She has a giganic behind with barely noticable a cup breasts.