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Chapter 26 : First Partner (18+)

"Mom, why does Orion's semen taste so good?" Gina's curious voice woke up Celeste from her stream of thoughts.

Celeste sighed after hearing her younger daughter's question. Yesterday, in order to ease the worries of her daughters, she revealed to them about the events that occurred in Greta's hut, she told them that Orion had recovered and even awakened his gift earlier than he had supposed to awaken but she did not mention anything about his semen since she felt it was not necessary.

But now, she started to regret her choices, ' I should have told Orion to not let them drink his semen, especially Gina' She thought with a defeated expression. She knew Gina, being the stubborn child she was, would nag Orion to let her drink his semen from then on.

She glanced at her youngest daughter who was licking her lips and watching the show in front of her with an amazed expression and spoke seriously, " I don't know why exactly he's semen tastes so good, but it is definitely a blessing from naka that it is so tasty and vigorous. And now that you have tasted a bit of his semen, I assume you also understood how precious it is. So don't waste his semen by trying to drink it. Wait till you become of age and take his semen in your vagina. With how potent his cum is, I believe you will bear his child in no time"

Gina slowly nodded in understanding as she stared at Orion's penis that was rubbing on Reena's clitories. She watched Reena squirm and moan as she finally moved on from the lingering taste of Orion's semen.

She watched with deep curiosity as Orion started to massage her elder sister's body while licking her neck and breasts. Seeing him give so much attention to Reena's small/ attractive breasts made her worry as she looked down on her growing breasts. She knew her breasts would grow up protruding like her mother so she felt anxious thinking that Orion might start to dislike her.

She was too scared to think that way as she liked being in the presence of her only brother. She wanted to give her virginity to her elder brother and be the one to have Kushi with him instead of her elder sister whenever he wanted. But since she was not of age, she couldn't do that.

' If only I was older' Gina thought as she started to feel aroused watching the erotic situation in front of her. She promised herself that when she comes of age, she will have a lot of kushi sessions with her brother. But for now, she could only use her finger to satisfy herself.


Orion started rubbing his dick over his sister's tight cunt. His breathing heightened, feeling increasingly aroused every passing moment. Only after a day of being in this world, Orion was about to penetrate the 3rd pussy of his life. That, too of a woman who is considered as one of the most beautiful in the entire village. Also her being his sister didn't help at all to calm down his inner storm.

He glanced at her face trying to gauge her expressions only to meet her slightly teary eyes that were gazing at him like a desperate child in need for food. She looked hungry, hungry for his dick, hungry for his cum.

"Ahn~!" Reena moaned out in pleasure as Orion inserted the tip of his pole into her pussy. His hands snaked around her hips and grabbed her small buttocks.

Reena was getting maddened with extreme pleasure even before they started performing kushi. As soon as she felt Orion inserting his tip inside her vagina, she whimpered loudly, her lust peaking. She desperately tried to rock her waist over his penis to push it deeper inside of her. But she failed as Orion's hold on her hips held her down.

She looked at Orion with a pitiful expression that she probably didn't even know she could make. It was as if she was begging him to push his thick shaft forward and relieve her from the misery.

Orion seeing her desperation couldn't hold himself back. He looked at the cherry coloured lips of her, attracting like a horny moth to a burning flame of pleasure. He took a deep breath as he pushed his mouth and hips forward with one intense thrust.

"Boom" Celeste stood up, as if she was struck by lightning. Her mind froze up not knowing what to think further as she watched her two older children kiss. Never in a million years, she would have expected Orion to kiss Reena so suddenly, at least not at this moment.

Earlier when she watched them being close together so naturally, a thought of them being partners flashed past her mind, but she quickly got rid of that thought as Orion was still young and have not experienced kushi to make such decisions.

But she was completely caught off guard by Orion's kiss. It was crystal clear that Orion proposed to her with the penetration and kiss. She didn't know how to react at all. She was their mother, yet as they were both of age, it was their right to choose their partner themselves.

But she didn't feel too tangled.

Although she felt that it was rather unwise for him to propose to someone on his first kushi. But he did propose to the only girl she would have approved as his partner at this moment. If he had proposed to any other girl except Reena, even if they were the most beautiful girl in the village, she would have objected as his mother.

But since the one he proposed was her elder daughter, she couldn't object as their mother. After all, she knew how much Reena liked the little brother of hers. She knew in her heart, Reena will definitely accept the proposal of her son.

Soon all the surprise and uncertainty vanished from her mind as a load of happiness and pride bubbled up. She knew her children will get infinitely more closer after being partners, which showed that they will have each other's back in the village. And with both Reena being one of the most beautiful and gifted women in the village & Orion having such potent semen and powerful gifts, they will not have to worry about staying miserable like her at all.

She cleared her mind as she watched them in bated breath, not trying to miss one of the best moments she could witness as a mother.

Gina beside her also froze in shock as she stopped fingering her and looked at her older siblings with her mouth wide open.

"Ummm~~~~" Reena's muffled scream sounded through the wooden house. Her eyes widened, her mind blanked out by the critical attack on both her lips and vagina. She unconsciously clenched her thighs around Orion's legs and hugged him around his back. In reply, Orion did not stop his thrusts but picked her up like a big baby and started to run his lips against her softly.

"pah" "pah" "pah"

Orion was slowly yet deeply penetrating Reena while eating her lips like the inexperienced brat he was. Reena's mind was in complete mess. Firstly she thought that Orion would take it slowly as his penis was girthy and long but his sudden penetration startled her greatly and left her unprepared for it. Above that, Orion's sudden kiss was completely out of the blue. She didn't know what to make of it. But Orion's slow yet deep thrusts made her vagina feel like it was on fire. And as she felt Orion's lips moving above hers, she also started co-operating with him.

Orion pushed his dick in the deepest parts of her pussy. He tried to ignore the pleasure coming from his crotch as his dick was wrapped by his sister's tight vagina and focused on her lips.


After a minute of liplocking against each other, we broke our intimate kiss as thick trails of saliva formed between our lips

"Huh!" "Huh!" "Did you just propose to me, Orion? hummm~" Reena asked me hysterically while recovering her breath. Her eyes were brimming with surprise and uncertainty with a mix of pleasure from my continuous slow thrusts.

"Yes, I want you to be my partner. Will you be my first partner, Reena?" I spoke gently as my eyes gazed on her eyes which were filled with so many emotions at the moment. She looked at her mother and Gina who are looking at them with extreme anticipation. Celeste had tears running down her eyes as she slowly nodded and signaled her daughter.

Soon, Reena's expression became resolute as she looked at me, her excitement seeping out as she spoke out loudly, "Yes, I will be your partner".

Watching Reena accepting my offer of becoming my first woman, I felt an unfamiliar emotion creeping up inside me which was different from lust.

I looked at Reena's face filled with excitement and happiness as something more than lust formed in my heart. I couldn't help but once again press my mouth on my lovely sister, but this time it was much more fierce and started to penetrate her faster and faster trying to claim the woman fully to myself.

"Pahh" "Pahh" "Pahh"

Sounds of flesh colliding emerged as Orion started to increase his pace and intensity. He held her butt to keep her in place while Reena kept her legs wrapped around him tightly, her embrace tightened around her back. His lips started to suck Reena's mouth greedily like a hungry beast.

"Hhnnggg~~~" Between her moans, Reena opened her mouth giving Orion the opportunity to snuck his tongue inside her mouth.

She was going crazy by all the stimulation she was getting. Soon she stopped caring about anything, and started to fight Orion's tongue with her own, trying to bond with her little brother(now partner) whose penis was shaping her birth-hole.

"Uhhmm~~" "Hmm~~"

The sound of their activities kept resounding inside the hut affecting rest of the members as well.

Gina who already had a finger in her snatch started pleasuring herself even harder while Celeste also started to feel giddy. Her nether area was getting wetter and wetter. But she knew that it was not a perfect moment to interfere with her children as they are having one of the best experiences of their life.

She also started to felt envious looked at their faces attached together as they fight with their mouth. Unfortunately for her, she never had the opportunity to have a kiss ever in her life.

After a minute of sucking each other's mouth, they end their kiss. But she didn't find any time to recover and compose herself as Orion held her against the red wall of the hut and started to pound her with force as if he wanted to reach her womb.

"Ahhhnnngg~" "Hmm~~" "Uhhhh~~"

Reena began to scream in delight, her mouth wide open without any restraints at all, and her tongue hanging out of her mouth with a dazed expression on her face.

Orion didn't care about her screams at all and started to rain kisses all over her check, mouth, neck even breasts. He didn't fear anyone witnessing his actions at all. Even if their neighbours approached their hut to check on them, he would definitely not stop his thrusts at all and fuck her in front of them. Heck, he doesn't mind or care fucking in front of the whole village.

As time went on, Orion felt Reena getting weaker and weaker as his legs were constantly getting wet and sticky a few times indicating her orgasmic releases. He knew she would not be able to carry on for much longer so he decided to release inside her.

" Reena I'm going to release my semen! Okay? Get pregnant for me" Orion spoke lightly going near her ears as his penis started to get bigger.

And as if Reena magically gained strength all of a sudden, she screamed, "YES~~ RELEASE IN ME!!! RELEASE IN YOUR SISTER~~" "RELEASE IN YOUR PARTNER, ORIONN!~~" " MAKE YOUR PARTNER PREGNANT"

And her voice successfully awakened the hidden beast inside Orion, his thrusts getting fiercer than ever, touching her womb, aiming to make her pregnant with more than one children. " Get pregnant, Reena" Orion shouted before releasing an ocean of semen, filling her to her very core.

"Ahnnnnn~~" Reena let out a loud scream, her body starting to convulse, her eyes blanking out, as she felt heat inside her vagina increase countless times as if it was trying to burn her yet it felt so comfortable that she had no words to describe. And like a dam, she started squirting her delicious nector even when she had already released several times wetting Orion and the ground.

After cumming loads of cum inside her vagina, Orion slowly laid her down against the wall, her legs were wide agape with semen and juice streaming down from her slightly gaping pussy. She looked lost, out of air, as if she ran hundreds of miles just a moment ago.

Orion also sat beside her, observing her expressions and her body with a much more gentle expression that sharply contrasted his appearance a moment ago.

A minute or two passed by like that before Orion suddenly heard footsteps and turned his head to the side.

He saw his teary eyed mother approaching them with a huge smile on her face.


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