Perverted Demon

With the Greatest Demonic technique in his hands, one can turn mountains upside down and can make rivers of blood flow backwards. One can make constellations bow to his might and one can have gods serve to him as his servants. Or one can peep into bathing girls. This is the story of the greatest Demon ever existed in the history of Twelve Great Heavens. Note: Mc is evil, some tags have been removed because of some issues with WN, please read-only if you are 18+, this is my first novel and I am not a native English speaker. Discord: https://discord.gg/gUjsy4v ( short stories are posted there, do check them out. ) Patreon:- https://www.patreon.com/Noob69 PayPal Donations:- https://www.paypal.me/noob6969

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Break you!

Rowen slightly bent downwards with half of his huge dick inside the willowy body his mother. He moved his hands from her waist and then slid them from Lilias's back and gripped both of her shoulders.

He then started kissing his mom on her neck and then her boobs leaving many hickeys on them, Lilias's frail body instinctively arouse his passion, as a demon, seeing her all submissive under him. Rowen grinned and then bit her left ear tightly making her moan out of pain.

Queen under her beloved let out a moan of pleasure, transparent liquid continuously flowed out of her vagina which was filled with Half of the Rowen's dick. Seeing her son enjoying her body she let loose a small smile and then her face contorted with little pain when her son bit her ear.

She tightly hugged his waist from both of her legs signalling that she was ready for another thrust, her body turned completely cold, she tightly closed her eyes to let her son fully penetrated her core and make her his women.

Her dream of being sexually connected to her son was finally coming true, although she was happy however she was worried too, as it was a taboo for a mother and son to be intimate like this if someone knows of this then it will be a huge mess.

But she just can't let her son go, she was too desperate.

'Hmph, If someone tried to harm my son then I will even go against heavens to kill them!'

She thought, and as she was thinking this a sudden burst of pain crawled from her lower region to her mind, now both of them are completely connected from the body.

She looked at her son and gazing in his deep eyes she smiled with tears flowing out of her eyes, she started to madly kiss and moan while Rowen, increased his pace on her.

His huge dick repeatedly penetrated her frail body, making her moan loudly, both of their bodies were completely sweaty.

Some of the hairs of Queen currently stuck on her chest due to the stickiness, their fluids intermixing with each other, suddenly Rowen felt a tingling feeling on his dick and he jerked few times, cumming inside of his sweet mother.

Feeling his warm fluid in her vagina, She orgasmed too, letting out a loud moan. Then she slumped on bed powerlessly.

On the side seeing their passionate love, Blair's face also flushed red, some of it was excitement and some of it jealousy. When prince fucked her, he treaded her like a salve. However, with his mother, both of them were in passionate engagement.

She looked at the prince who was currently lying beside her mother, trying to get a hold on his breath.

She quickly went towards him and started cleaning his still erect and huge dick with her mouth passionately. She was gulping his dick like a sweet candy, her tongue massaging its veins, in just five minutes, her master filled her belly with his hot juice.

"Move aside."

Rowen said and then again spread Queens's legs apart placing his dick on her vagina again. Lilias was still struggling to compose her body when she felt his huge dick again on her vagina. Her slim body trembled a little but then she gave up and nodded towards his son with passion-filled eyes.

"Dear you can use this worthless body of mine as much as you want, it's all yours. Please make your mom go crazy in love with you, leave your marks all over my body, I want you to completely ravage my body and I want to taste every part of your sweet figure."

She said and pushed her crotch to let him fit his dick in her vagina.

Listening to his mom he smiled and suddenly trusted his whole dick in her delicate vagina, spreading it apart in just one thrust. He laughed loudly and then started to madly thrust his huge dick up and down.

Lilias tried to endure her son's ravaging, but the mixture of pain and pleasure that came from him left her incapable of doing anything, she just tightly grabbed the silky bedsheet down below and started to let out loud moans without any restrains.

Both of them were completely engrossed in each other, even weakly body of Queen started to move with the rhythm of her son's devilish dick.

Soon enough Lilias let out a loud moan, her eyes completely widened and she climaxed again and again with every thrust of his son.

Rowen didn't stop even after seeing his mom cumming, on the other hand, he bit his mom's nipple tightly with his teeth making them completely red.

Soon he came in her vagina second time and he let out a loud satisfied moan, but even after cumming he didn't stop his hammering but continued to ravage her vagina while tightly clenching her flat white boobs as tightly as he can, leaving many red marks on them.

"Mom, don't circulate your spirit, let me completely break your frail body into submission, I am enjoying this."

He said and then let out a loud laugh and increased his pace on her body.

Listening to her son she let her body completely loose for her son to enjoy and started moaning even louder.

If not for the spiritual wall holding their voices in, someone would have definitely noticed from outside. Both of their voices were uncontrolled, one was of sweet moaning women and other was of a rough demonic son.

Looking at her master having rough sex with his mom Blair gulped her saliva in excitement, her underwear started to moist and her white face started to turn red with excitement.

She placed her hand under her panties and started fingering her vulva rapidly and she also started to moan loudly, after some time she completely removed her clothes and then sat on the floor. Spreading her slender legs she started thrust two of her fingers in and out of her vagina.

The black aura from her soul rushed out and gave her an extremely pleasurable sensation.

After some time all three of them came, Blair squirted on the floor while Rowen came in his mom again.

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