3 PDS - Chapter 3 - Starter pack

A starter package has been generated…

Opening starter package…

… received 5000 PDP.

… received the title 'Daddy in training'. Grants a slight increase in affection, obedience, and loyalty levels when you are training your first daughter. Any sexual acts committed with your first daughter until you take her virginity will have an x1.5 multiplier.

… received skill 'Batter factory strike'. You gain the ability to turn ON/OFF insemination. Turning it ON does not guarantee insemination.

…received skill 'Mentor'. Instill new knowledge in your (potential) daughter for your convenience. Can be upgraded to be used on multiple (potential) daughters at the same time. Duration: 1 minute / level. Usable once per day.

Received item 'Suggestion spray'. Spray on the face or skin. Works by inhalation or skin absorption. Makes the target open to a suggestion. The effect ends immediately after the suggestion is made or after 3 minutes. The target will self-justificate your suggestion as his own idea. A small increase in trust and loyalty. Target forgets being sprayed.

..//– starter package completed –//..




Active title:

Daddy in training

Dick length:

6in +

Dick girth:

4.5in +

Load volume:

3ml / ejaculation +









Batter factory strike




Daddy in training


Suggestion spray x1

Oook… not weird. No,no,no. Not at all. I can't still exclude that I simply lost my marbles, but what the hell, let's play along for now.

I start checking the system details. Every time I focus on a part of the screen, a description appears in my mind, so it does not take long until I have the whole thing figured out.

First, it seems that by clicking on the '+' sign next to my cock's stats, I can upgrade my member. I can add ½ inch with every upgrade, be it length or girth. Nice! As for the 'load volume', which translates to how much I can cum in a single orgasm, it rises geometrically, which means the first upgrade will be 1ml, the second, 2ml, the third 4ml, the fourth 8ml, and so on. With enough upgrades, I can literally drown a girl in my cum. Hahaha!

Ahem… derailed off-topic a bit, sorry.

So, as I was saying… wait! A lot of the novels I read about systems in the past, had a voice function! Let's test this.

Ehrm… "System?"

A line of text scrolls at the bottom of my vision.

[Yes, user?]

"Can you… can you talk?"


"Oh." Bummer…

[But I can accept vocal and mental instructions.]

"Oh! So, I can talk to you or direct my thoughts at you, but you can answer only on screen?"

[That is correct.]

"Ok, that is good to know. Now, a few questions. I cannot help but notice that the skills and items do not seem to care whether you are … forceful with your girls. What gives?"

[A perverted system has no use for morality. You can seduce a potential daughter, blackmail her, or straight out force her. This is irrelevant to the system. Please note that a hidden modifier might be applied.]

"Yeah, it makes sense. After all, blackmailing a girl into having sex with you is more perverted than seducing her, so I guess that it would give more points."

[That is correct.]

"How about the skill 'Golden bullet'. It says in the description that all offspring will be females. Why is that?"

[Why, to create your second and third-generation daughters, of course.]

"Hold on! Are you saying that I can impregnate a girl and then when her daughter grows up, impregnate her as well?"

[That is correct.]

"You do know that incest rises the chances of genetic defects, don't you?"

[User has no need to worry. By acquiring the skill 'Golden bullet', the user genetic code will be scrubbed clean of any defects. In fact, every generation of 'daughters' will be genetically superior to the previous one.]

"Uh… so one cock to cure cancer… gah… what about inventory?"

[The inventory allows the user to store the items needed to pave his way to perversion into a subspace. Stored items can be retrieved with a thought or voice command.]

"Nice! Can I only store items bought by the system?"

[Negative. You can store any item as long as it does not exceed the size and weight that the user can carry with one hand. Maximum storage:10 non-system items.]

"So, I can carry a foldable table, but not a regular one."

[That is correct.]

"Anyway, why me?"

[User filled all the parameters needed to be the host of the system. User has no family, no friends, a high level of perversity, and it is not bothered by morals. Beyond that, user has no economic issues and has established the perfect foundation to utilize the system to the maximum.]

"Perfect foundation? Wait! You mean… the building?"

[Yes, the building. User has created a controlled habitat for his potential daughters which allows him to progress much more easily than he would otherwise.]

"Uh… seems that buying my own building was more of an investment than I thought."

I cannot help but grin at the idea. The system is right! All my targets live near me and are under my constant surveillance. Not only I can apply my skills more easily, but I can also check on their conversations to find opportunities, flaws, and blackmail material!

Whew! I am so damn excited! Time to start shopping!

Ok, let's see… I have 5000 points that I can use. The mentor skill I received is nice, but by itself is useless. I need first to create suitable conditions to use it. The suggestion spray can help there, but it is not enough. If I don't gather enough points to offset the expense, my progress will stall and will have to depend on chance… Uhm, let's see…

"System, please show me the skills available for sale."

[Yes, user.]

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