2 PDS - Chapter 2 - Welcome to the system

Unfortunately for me, the subject of today's morning ritual, namely a 18yr old named Hope, spends too little time under the shower for me to cum. I sigh, and as she exits the bathroom, tap on the keyboard with my free hand and switch the main feed to her bedroom.

As I watch, Hope takes off her robe and bends to open a drawer and pick up a pair of panties. Step by step I watch enthralled as she slowly dresses in her school uniform while I jerk off like a maniac. By the time that she is finished buttoning her shirt and picking up her blazer, I have finished as well, as the little mound of tissue papers can attest to.

Yeah, uniform… What gives?

Well, when I was looking for a place to build my building I checked things like population density in the area, how many schools were nearby, percentage of single parents in town, and so on, but I forget to add a parameter to my search, which resulted in me building my complex in a town famed for their parochialism. This means going to church is almost mandatory on Sunday, dress code, no open dating, no sex before marriage, and so on. On the plus side, there are no mixed schools, and the ones in my area are all female-only. Plus, the students are obligated to wear uniforms! In Hope's case, this translates to black shoes, black pantyhose, knee-length skirt, white shirt, a short striped black and cyan tie, and a dark blue blazer. A tasty morsel indeed! Besides, the idea that all the girls I am spying on are virgins turns me on incredibly…

As Hope leaves the room and I prepare to switch to another apartment for the second round of 'biceps training', everything turns white and I faint…

When I come to my senses, I can feel the keyboard imprinting its keys on my cheek. I raise my head and massage my neck.

"Shit. What happened? How long was I out?"

I check my phone and realize that I was unconscious for nearly two hours. Damn, that's not good. I rise to my feet and go wobblingly to the kitchen. I take a glass from the shelf, fill it with cold water from the fridge, and drink it avidly. That's when I notice something weird. On the bottom left corner of my vision, a white dot is blinking slowly. I close my eyes, but the dot is still there, blinking steadily.

"What the fuck? What is going on? Have I completely lost it?"

As I stare panicky at the dot unable to decide what to do, the white dot disappears and a line of text appears in its place.

Installing files. 1% done…

As I watch the text in shock, the percentage gradually increases. …2%…3%…4%…

I move to the living room in a zombie-like manner, too shocked to think clearly and lie down on the couch.

"Something is wrong with me; I think I finally lost my sanity…"


Unable to affect the situation in the least, I stare dejectedly at the percentage increase, while my mind starts exploring the possible explanations. In the end, as the percentage hits 90%, I narrow it down to three possibilities.

The first possibility is that I am in fact still unconscious and this is all a product of my mind. I pinch myself and whimper at the pain, as in my nervousness I used almost all my strength.

Nope, the first is out.

The second possibility is that I have completely lost my mind and am suffering from delusions. Hmm, I cannot exclude this, but while possible, I don't think that this is it. The only thing out of the ordinary is that fucking line of text.

The third possibility …


Installation successful!

The text disappears and a new message appears in my eyes…

The third possibility … is that I gained a system. I read the message with my mouth agape at the implications.

Welcome user, to the Perverted Daddy System!





Active title:


Dick length:

6in +

Dick girth:

4.5in +

Load volume:

3ml / ejaculation +












Congratulations, user! You have been selected to host the Perverted Daddy System or PDS for short. The system's purpose is to help you find your happiness. How? By reaching the pinnacle of your perversion. Unlike previous versions that utilized a quest system, the new, revamped PDS uses a real-time reward system, where any action that relates to your perversion is immediately graded and rewarded! This allows you, the user, much more flexibility in your actions.

The PDS is the perfect perversion system, aimed at conquering your desired girls and making them your 'daughters'. Any girl can be a potential daughter, but the user should be aware that there is a limited number of slots available for potential daughters and that once a girl is selected as a potential daughter, the action cannot be undone. The only way to free a potential daughter slot is to fully conquer the girl thus converting her to a regular daughter. The slots for regular daughters are infinite.

The system has detected that you already have selected several girls as potential daughters and has automatically added them to the list.

To buy items and skills, PDPs (Pervy Daddy Points) are required. You can acquire PDPs by doing pervy things. Some examples:

Kiss on the lips: 10 PDP

French kiss: 25 PDP

Spanking 50 PDP

Grope breast: 50 PDP

Grope butt: 50 PDP

Grope pussy: 100 PDP

Handjob: 200 PDP

Daughter masturbation: 200 PDP

Footjob: 200 PDP

Titjob: 300 PDP

Blowjob: 300 PDP

Swallowing: 100 PDP

Cunnilingus: 300 PDP

69 800 PDP

Thighjob: 800 PDP

Vaginal sex: 1000 PDP

Anal sex: 1200 PDP

All points double for the first time of each act with a new (potential) daughter. Up to x2 multiplier applied based on the state of undress of the (potential) daughter. Up to x2 multiplier applied based on the willingness of the (potential) daughter. Modifiers might be granted by active title. Hidden modifiers might apply.

..//– end of introduction –//..

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