26 PDS – Chapter 26 – Sue me!

[Pervy act detected: Jerking off daddy + giving half-head + swallowing. 450 PDP x (1.5×2 title bonus + 2 state of undress bonus + 2 first time bonus) = 450 x (3 + 2 + 2) = 3150 PDP]

[Hope fear: 0 (-9)]

[Hope trust: 99 *]

[Hope affection: 65 (+7)]

[Hope love: 60 (+5)]

[Hope loyalty: 51 (+5)]

System, what gives with the asterisk besides Trust?

[User has reached the limit for trust with the potential daughter. Only after taking her virginity will her trust reach 100.]

I see…

For now, let's study!

Today's study session revolves around the Pythagorean theorem, but for some reason, Hope seems to be unable to memorize it, much less understand it.

After the fourth failed attempt, she lowers her head, trembling. I caress her hair and talk gently to her.

"Hey, come on, honey. It's all right."

"I am so stupid! I can't even remember it correctly, sob…"

System, if I upgrade Mentor, can I get an extra use for today? I really can't see her sad.

[More like you can't grope her when she is sad, user… but yes, the upgrade resets the daily counter.]

Can I afford it?

[The first upgrade costs 2000 PDP. You can afford it, user.]

Go for it.

[2000 PDP subtracted. Upgrading Mentor… upgrade completed… new duration: 2 minutes. Daily counter reset.

Available PDP: 1475]

I pat Hope gently on the head.

"Don't worry, baby girl, let's try one more time, ok?"

Hope nods, but I can see that her heart is not in it.

"Come on, honey, do it for daddy…"

Hope flinches at my words, but then relaxes a bit and raises her head.

"Ok, daddy. I will try again."

"Good, now listen to daddy…" System, Mentor, please.

[Skill Mentor activated. Duration 2 minutes. Countdown initiated.]

"The Pythagorean (or Pythagoras') Theorem is the statement that a² + b² = c², where c is the hypotenuse while a and b are the legs of the triangle. That is to say that the sum of the areas of the two small squares equals the area of the big one…. Now, for the proof, there are hundreds, but the most famous is…"

I keep talking until the duration of Mentor expires, then turn to Hope with a smile.

"How about it, baby girl, think you got it?"

"Hope scrunches her face for a second, but then repeats both the theorem and the proof verbatim. Further questioning reveals that not only she does remember everything I said during Mentor, but she actually understands everything and can even theorize a proof on her own! Damn, system, how overpowered are you? This is like reading the book title and having her write a report on the content. You little cheater!

[The system is designed to help the user in the best possible way to achieve its primary mission. Having your potential daughter fail math would negate all the work and points you poured on her conquest so far. To borrow an expression you are familiar with: Yeah, so? Sue me!]

I chuckle at the cheeky response. You do good work, system, never believe otherwise.

Meanwhile, Hope has finished writing her proof and is looking at her notebook with an incredulous look on her face. I put a hand on her shoulder and bend my head to kiss her hair.

"Yup, that's all you, honey! I knew that you would make daddy proud."

[Hope trust: 99 *]

[Hope affection: 75 (+10)]

[Hope love: 70 (+10)]

[Hope loyalty: 61 (+10)]

At my words, Hope jumps to her feet, throwing the chair back in the process, then dives in my arms and starts kissing me like crazy. She is so excited by it that I could probably stick my cock in her ass raw and she wouldn't care. Uhm… Nah… patience…

I hug her tightly and spin her around causing her to giggle, then I move to the sofa where I deposit her gently and lower myself on top of her, my lips chasing her, while my naked cock presses on her abdomen. We make out for a couple of minutes before I break the kiss.

"I think my little girl has earned her treat today… what do you think?"

Her eyes shine and she bites her lips, before replying in a shy innocent voice that makes me want to go in balls deep.

"Yes, daddy… please…"

With gentle movements, I remove her shirt and bra and start caressing and kissing her breasts. I take a nipple in my mouth and roll my tongue over it, causing my little slut to shiver and moan in carnal desire.

[Hope horniness 52 (+2)]

I squeeze her titties happily for a moment, before returning my lips to hers for another deep kiss, then I move on. I lower myself on her body, trailing a line of kisses from her neck to her abdomen, then I unzip her skirt and slowly remove it, exposing her glistening pussy to the world. Unable to contain myself, I kiss her lower and lower until I reach her pubic mound. Without any instruction from me, Hope raises her bent legs against her chest and wraps her arms behind her knees, effectively hugging them against her breasts. I step back for a second to admire the view of my little soon-to-be cumdumpster bent in half, exposing her holes to me while smiling happily. I caress the contour of her pussy with a finger, making her shiver in pleasure.


My cock is pointing at the heavens now, and if I don't do something about it, I might lose control and rush it…

"Honey, today daddy will teach you something new. If you don't like it, just tell daddy and I will use my tongue that you so much love instead. All right?"

"Yes, daddy! Do what you want with me!"

Damn, I almost came a little at her words.

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