160 Dilemma

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"They've finally retreated. If I'm not wrong, that low roar just now should be from that Pangolin Beast general demon underground, right?"

Lin Feng's expression was a little solemn. Only a Pangolin Beast demon general could command so many Pangolin Beasts.

"That's right. When I was fighting underground with Chief Commander Zhou Yun, I saw that Pangolin Beast demon general. This aura is from that Pangolin Beast general demon!"

Lu Wei's expression was also very solemn. Fortunately, that Pangolin Beast demon general had not appeared. Otherwise, how could Lin Feng possibly be a match for it?

Seemingly knowing what Lin Feng was worried about, a smile appeared on Lu Wei's lips. "Chief Commander, there's no need to worry. That Pangolin Beast demon general almost never appears. Even last time, it was underground. We were the ones who took the initiative to attack the Pangolin Beasts. Unless absolutely necessary, that Pangolin Beast demon general won't appear."


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