Permanent Martial Arts

It was a dangerous era. Extraterritorial ferocious beasts occupied 90% of the living space in the world, while humans could only survive in a small space. Fortunately, some of the surviving humans awakened to genetic martial arts! Breaking the shackles of one’s genetics was the foundation of cultivating martial arts. Lin Feng, who was born with congenital disease, could not experience a breakthrough. However, by some fateful encounter, he awakened to the ability to merge genes. [Wild Bull gene successfully merged. Strength of genes has been improved!] [Mutant Earth Dragon gene merged. Earth Dragon Scales have been unlocked!] [Planet Behemoth gene merged. Ability to survive in outer space unlocked!] Lin Feng broke through the shackles of his genes and cultivated martial arts, becoming the most powerful person in the universe!

Shadow on the Moon · Eastern
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1975 Chs

Devouring Demons

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The moment the two demon emperors saw the huge life core, their eyes immediately turned ravenous.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

The Demon Emperor Mo and the Demon Emperor Millipede charged towards the huge life core almost immediately. Clearly, they both wanted to obtain the life core.

This life core seemed to be lethally attractive to them. Previously, they were continuously attacking the altar probably because they knew that there was a life core under the altar.

"Lin Feng, quick, we cannot let them obtain that life core. Once they devour it, only death awaits you!"

Suddenly, Longbetham's voice sounded in Lin Feng's mind, and it sounded very anxious.

"They can devour life cores?"