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Mia Ricca is known as Pericolosa in the mafia world. She is the leader of Serpents and has been an active member of the gang since she was fifteen. A new challenge awaits her when the CEO of a big multinational company approaches her to eliminate his competitor's son who is the same age as her. David, her right hand is reluctant to take up the job but Mia is curious. Carys Jones is the son of the CEO of a multinational software company. He has recently been in the news because he is known as the next hire of the company. Carys is smart, handsome and intelligent which makes him the ultimate target of his father's competitors. Mia finally goes undercover as a student in Carys’ college to eliminate him but little did she know, she will fall for him in the process. Will Mia succeed in eliminating Carys without getting her feelings hurt or will she let love ruin the empire that she has built?


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