Shaking the Great Wastelands

Translator: Pika Translation

The outstanding talents were utterly defeated. They began to flee for their lives, frantically escaping from the mountain range depths. Mutilated bloody corpses fell one after another within the mountains.

Typically, experts from the various sects would look down on everyone within their region with their high statuses. However, currently, they were in complete desperation. They were all fleeing, and as blood splashed outwards, it made everyone tremble.

Even after using their precious artifacts to soar into the air, it was still not enough. Behind them, the god-like youth was sweeping away everyone. With a wenglong sound, golden symbols poured over like ocean waves, engulfing even mountains and rivers. Numerous people were immediately blasted apart before blowing up in the void.

This area became like demonic land. Blood blossomed a thousand meters into the air, and people’s deaths were decided within the time it took to snap a finger. It was simply too shocking and unbelievable.

The little guy was emotionless as he moved in an unhurried and calm manner. With just a single step, he made the entire mountains and valleys retreat. Behind him were a pair of Kun Peng wings, improving his speed by a great amount.

At this moment, he was undisturbed and unfeeling. When his hand was raised, symbols would immediately surge out like an ocean and pour over, completely submerging the mountain region in front. Those people had a difficult time fleeing from it.

Even flying in the sky was not enough. After those demonic birds suffered those attacks, they immediately wanted to rush into the clouds. They took to the skies, but never thought that the demon god-like youth would coldly raised his head and look at them with his golden pupils. His entire body exploded with a multitude of divine light, submerging the heaven and earth. Countless golden symbols soared high into the sky to confine them.

Following that, several Archaic descendants were repelled by the separation in the sky. When they were only ten zhang from the youth, a loud explosion sound rang out. Blood and shattered bones splashed out in an absolutely terrifying manner!

When all the cultivators saw this, they felt their scalps going numb. Was this still the strength of a human? Why was it so terrifying? Was this the extreme peak of the heavenly passage realm?! They were at the same cultivation ream, yet to them, this youth was like a god-like existence!

This was a completely insurmountable force. The difference was too great! This was the complete release of hidden potential, and no matter who it was, no one could contend against him!

The little guy’s gait was calm. It was as if a dragon or tiger was moving as he travelled towards the outskirts of the mountain range with large strides, fighting with the outstanding talents along the way. It was actually more accurate to say that he was sweeping through them.

“Move faster, it’s a young demon king! He’s not someone a normal person can defeat!”

“How could there be such a terrifying enemy? If he continued to grow up, who could keep him under control in the future? Once fully grown, would he even make deities tremble?!”

The outstanding heroes were all fleeing for their lives. They had no choice, because stopping meant death. They didn’t even dare to think about what was going to happen in the future. They were grand and magnificent ancient powers with great inheritances, yet currently, they were being swept apart by a single youth. It was simply like a story straight out of a legend!

Outside the mountain range, the various sects’ reinforcements arrived. After seeing this scene, they all began to stare with their mouths opened. What in the world was going on? They received the report to rush over and assist in the struggle over the precious bronze book because that savage youth was already about to fall. In the end, they actually saw this situation!

“Run, run quickly! Do not stop!” The experts that were fleeing in defeat had blood covering their bodies as they rushed towards their people. They hollered out to warn them.

“There are so many people here, yet you all couldn’t overcome one person?” Many people didn’t believe this and thought that it was a bit unrealistic.

However, none of them responded. The people who were rushing out from the mountain range ran right past them without stopping for a second. Following that, the savage youth began to surge with symbols, and as the golden symbols descended, the ones that had stopped immediately exploded.

Simple and direct, ruthless and unrestrained. The little guy forcefully swept through them like this, obliterating everything as he chased after these outstanding individuals.

They rushed out of the mountain range and entered the boundless great earth. They ran towards all directions, and finally, many people released a breath before breaking free from this battlefield.

This time, the outstanding talents suffered heavy losses. No one knew just how many of them were killed. Those from the four great family in particular suffered great casualties in their upper level figures, being killed by demonic artifacts.

Those that escaped felt a type of appreciation for this world. Being pushed back by a single person endlessly within the great wastelands was definitely a nightmare that shook them to their souls.

Even when the various deities were alive, there still weren’t supreme youth among them that were this powerful, right?

“Leave quickly and report back to the clan lord. The devilish child did not lose and actually recovered. It is suspected that his strength actually increased by a large amount!”

“Simply inconceivable. Hurry and report back to the sect. This is too terrifying, he’s not even human anymore!”

The mountain range was in complete chaos. When the people who escaped looked back, they saw corpse after corpse upon the battlefield. The ground was completely dyed red. Just how many people died?

The little guy seemed to not have stopped at all, killing his way forward this entire time. He broke into the heavenly passage city, followed the golden passageway, and then directly slaughtered towards the great ancient sect’s pure land.

He was incredibly powerful, pulling them apart like rotten vines. He was trying to kill them in one go, slaughtering his enemies until they had no way into heaven and no way into the earth. He was fierce to a ridiculous degree.

“Not good. That savage child didn’t die and slaughtered into my clan’s pure land!” In the real world, there were people shouting loudly within the Tuoba clan to make their reports.

“Second prince, sixth prince, they… were both killed!”

News traveled over, and all of the ancient families were shaken. The situation truly turned around. Didn’t the clan’s experts go to take that child’s head? Why did the opposite happen and end up like this?

“Children, my children!”

An older woman immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and went unconscious. Her favorite two children became living corpses. Their souls were destroyed within the Void God Realm, turning them into empty fleshy shells, never to recover.

“Gather troops for me and bring the clan’s artifacts. Enter the Void God Realm and kill that child for me! I want him dead, go quickly!”

An old ancestor roared out in anger, seeming to have gone mad. Others were trying to hold him back, but they struggled to do so. The second prince and the sixth prince were the two with the best innate talents. To die like this made his heart feel incomparable pain.

“Quickly go and report to the Tuoba Lord. Tell him to come out from his training, or else our clan might suffer a huge wound and invite huge chaos.” An elder spoke in a soft voice as he rushed towards a restricted zone inside the clan.

The little guy was incomparably valiant as he advanced boldly and unleashed a slaughter in all directions. He directly killed into the Tuoba Clan’s pure land, rupturing the great earth and killing the clan’s experts.


Large groups of experts were reaped of their lives as blood flew extremely high into the air. They all fell within the wasted land, as no one could stop him from advancing.

When the Tuoba Clan’s experts rushed into the Void God Realm with their clan’s artifacts and saw this scene, they all became stupefied. Their great pure land became ruins, and all of their great formations were shattered as the battle was coming to an end.

“You guys came just at the right time!”

The little guy turned around and roared. Golden symbols began to close in on them and purple energy overflowed into the heavens. Behind him, an enormous Suan Ni took form before charging forward.

Lightning danced about chaotically as purple energy arrived. This mountainous Suan Ni curled up in lightning radiance destroyed everything. More than a hundred people immediately turning into charred coal on the spot.

“Impossible to defend against!”

Everyone was overwhelmed with horror. This was the might of a deity that swept through everything!

Ordinary people in the Void God Realm would only open up to the fourth or fifth heavenly passage. Sixth or seventh heavenly passage was already considered geniuses, and an eighth heavenly passage expert was exceptionally rare, comparable to a phoenix feather or unicorn horn.

As for the ninth heavenly passage, for humans, it was something only recorded within ancient texts. Tenth heavenly passage… that was even more unfathomable, and was a topic that was practically taboo.

In an area where the world was restricted to the heavenly passage realm, the little guy who established the tenth heavenly passage possessed the might of a supreme deity! Who could possibly fight back?

If a truly heavenly deity descended and came under this restriction to fight with the devilish child, it would still be difficult to say who ate who! This was how savage he was, and the reason why he could sweep through so many enemies.

How were the Tuoba Clan’s reinforcements supposed to deal with this? As soon as they appeared, a majority of them were blown apart. Vast expanses of corpses were left behind as they were quickly defeated.

“I was wrong, I was crazy! He actually reached such a level!” The old ancestor that previously went mad finally became clear-headed as he yelled.

In the end, he took out a clan artifact. It wrapped itself around the remaining people in light and rushed towards the ends of the great earth, disappearing from this place.

“Such a unique precious artifact! They retreated almost instantly into the horizon.” The devilish brat was also at a loss, since he couldn’t chase after them.

Finally, he left this place. He once again blow away everything along the way. He killed into the four great families’ pure land with extreme speed.

First, it was the Kun clan that was destroyed. Following that, it was the Li Clan whose pure land became ruined… In the end, the Yuan Clan’s pure land was also razed to the ground . The four great clans’ inheritances were ancient and powerful, but in this world, their treasure ground was pulled up by the roots, no longer existing.

The little guy profited quite a bit, obtaining a pile of precious bones, descendant blood before leaving.

His movements were too fast, and only now did news travel. Everyone was shocked and in disbelief when this type of news arrived. The devilish child didn’t die, but instead began to bring calamity and chaos everywhere!

Of course, there was a group of people who still didn’t know, because the little guy was fast like lightning as he continuously uprooted pure lands. He was too ferocious as he roared past like a mountain torrent.

Finally, he even destroyed a few ancient sects, stealing everything from them. Only when the pure land turned into scorched earth did news finally spread.

The Void God Realm trembled greatly, and people didn’t dare to believe what they were seeing. Just how much time had passed? In just a single day, all of those pure lands were destroyed. He was absolutely invincible, truly like a young heavenly deity that descended into this world!

“Is it true? The savage child didn’t die but instead swept through all those outstanding talents and uprooted those large pure lands by himself? I don’t believe it!”

“Heavens, this is major news, explosive news! The devilish child that angers both man and deity alike is defying the heavens! Within a single day, he swept through Tuoba as well as many other great sects, flattening their precious lands!”

For the rest of the day, regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or the real world, they were both boiling with noise. When the people received the news, they all became stupefied; this was a bit too crazy.

Many great ancient lands and sects were in miserable conditions. They were killed to such a state, exceeding common sense. The devilish brat blew away all of his enemies in this world, possessing power on a ridiculous and unbelievable level!

Within several great ancient countries, countless experts were shaking. Many nobles and sect lords felt alarmed. They came out from seclusion and returned to their clans to understand the situation.

Even a few human emperors were surprised. Within the great rumbling sound, they opened their eyes, as if they could see through the endless void to peer into a certain region of the Void God Realm.

The wastelands shook. These news traveled like a hurricane, engulfing all directions. Everyone was shaken, and the people from Heaven Mending Pavilion that survived began to tremble. Their blood boiled as they couldn’t help but shed tears and howl towards the skies. There was no longer anything to worry about. Even if the Heaven Mending Pavilion was completely destroyed and only the little guy was left over, it was still enough for them to establish a great school, once again creating their pure land! This made them gratified and joyous as they tears scattered down..

“Could it be that he opened the tenth heavenly passage? How else could he be so powerful? It’s truly breaking through the limit!”

Someone came up with this speculation, because there was no other way to explain this.

“Impossible. If he opened the tenth heavenly passage, then the Void God Realm would have definitely revealed it. That stone tablet would have appeared with words informing all the regions.

Everyone shook their heads in disbelief.

“There’s something odd about this, definitely something abnormal!” An old elder noticed that something was a bit different. The little guy was too powerful, and should have surpassed the ninth heavenly passage.

While the various regions were shaken, the devilish brat did not stop. He continued to advanced like before, tearing apart everything like rotten weeds as he advanced into the ancient sects. The bag behind him was about to burst from spoils.

Finally, he encountered a great enemy. The Horned Dragon appeared to fight him.

“You aren’t enough.” The little guy’s black hair scattered about and his entire body was sparkling and brilliant as it flowed with precious splendor. His eyes were clear, and as he looked at his opponent, he only had these three words.

The Horned Dragon’s entire body was brilliant as scales covered its body. They seemed like they were forged out of immortal gold, and terrifying symbols wrapped around its body as if a flame was blazing. It gave off a powerful feeling, as if it was unrivalled.

In the distance, many people followed. After seeing this scene, they began to feel both stirred up and scared. It was because compared to the two creatures within the battlefield, they were simply too inferior.

The Horned Dragon still did not believe that someone that was disturbed during the opening of the tenth heavenly passage was still able to establish it again. As a result, it was the first one to rush over to see what actually happened.

After meeting face to face, its heart became cold. It was simply inconceivable. The opposing party definitely stood at the very peak of cultivation, and was comparable to their ancestor who killed deities in the past!

Supreme being! This was definitely a young supreme existence that was difficult to contend against!

“Why? Why didn’t anything appear on the stone tablet?” It couldn’t understand and became doubtful.

“I couldn’t catch you inside the Hundred Shattering Mountains, but now I finally have the chance. Go back and guard my village!” The little guy yelled before throwing himself over.

Right at this moment, experts began to appear from the distance. They all came to watch this battle, because they wanted to see if the devilish child really did open the tenth heavenly passage.


This battle surpassed everyone’s imaginations. When the devilish brat raised his hand, golden symbols covered the sky, as if a divine creature was chanting a spell. It appeared in the sky and poured down like a torrential rain, immediately making the Horned Dragon cough out large amounts of blood.

“Nine Heavenly Passage expert, yet he was still injured just like that! Truly like a legend!” Many people couldn’t help but shout out. They even felt their souls shaking.

The Horned Dragon shouted loudly before turning around and fleeing. It definitely was not his opponent, because this savage child was too powerful.

“Where are you going?!” The little guy chased after it.

Suddenly, he stopped once again and looked into the distance. At the horizon, there was a large group of experts that rushed over. There were countless armored horses that trampled over the mountains and rivers.

“Big fatty, it’s you. Could it be that you came to kill me?” The little guy could tell with a glance that the group was headed by Huo Ling’er who was seated on a Fiery Scaled Beast. She was wearing silver-colored battle clothes, making her look valiant and formidable. Her beautiful hair danced about, and her clear eyes looked towards this direction. Within her bosom was the small wolf.

Huo Ling’er was initially quite excited to bring her large army, since it was the first time she was able to bring so many men. However, as soon as she heard the words ‘Big Fatty’, she immediately darkened her face. She was so angry she was going to vomit blood, her complexion filled with anger.

“My father seems to admire you a bit, so I came to assist you. It seems like it’ll make more sense for me to kill you!” She grinded her teeth in anger.

Huo Ling’er ordered people to enter the Void God Realm in search of the little guy. However, when they rushed over to the mountain rain, they arrived just in time to see the little guy obliterate the outstanding talents before leaving. As a result, they chased after him and finally got a bit closer. It was because they didn’t know what his next destination was, and each time they could only see the devastated ruins he left behind as he turned pure lands into wastelands.

Only at this moment did they catch up to his pace.

“My thanks big fatty.” The little guy spoke and then turned around. He ran out to chase the Horned Dragon.

“I won’t forgive you. Chase and catch him!” Huo Ling’er’s forehead seemed to have veins popping out.

Unfortunately, the ninth and tenth heavenly passage individuals were too powerful. They seemed to have disappeared in an instant like streaks of electricity.

Everyone was in an uproar, and the outstanding talents were all astonished.

“Go, we’re going to take a look!” Many people chased after them. They weren’t Tuoba Clan’s or Rain Clan’s people, bearing no grudges against the little guy. However, they still wanted to take a look.

Unfortunately, when they hurried over and saw the little guy again, they couldn’t help but be petrified.

He was preparing soup, a pot of Horned Dragon soup. As he sat there, his saliva almost dripped out.

In addition, there was also a seriously wounded Horned Dragon. It lost a large chunk of its flesh and was being sat on.

What kind of ridiculously heaven defying thing was this?! The outstanding talents were all shaken.

Even a ninth heavenly passage Horned Dragon was subdued and sat on, with even a chunk of its flesh became food.

Huo Ling’er also became dumbfounded and held herself back. She did not want to recklessly act out of anger and told her troops to wait from afar.

“Yi!” Suddenly, the little guy became alert and raised his head to look in a certain direction. He looked past the outstanding heroes and looked into the forest depths.

A fair and graceful figure appeared. She was incredibly beautiful, and her entire body was wrapped up in divine splendor. Her purple clothes drifted about, as if a fairy descended into the mortal world.

Beside him, there was another elder that was wrapped up in mist, mysterious and terrifying. Even though she was just standing there, she seemed like she belonged in the indistinct heavens

Vicious beast, you also came! This time, return to my village, okay? This Horned Dragon wouldn’t listen, so I’m going to cook it. Follow me back to guard my home!” The little guy stood up and widened his eyes. He prepared his lungs before shouting at the purple clothed girl.