Perfect Mixture Of Insanity (skz) Book

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Perfect Mixture Of Insanity (skz)


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" I think I understand why we were chosen to play" "why?" " The perfect mixture of people to be doomed" Magic, but was used for violence and curses. There was rich anonymous people that used magic to make normal games REAL. They went to all the major countries and broadcasted the games worldwide. However, it's been 25 years and nothing has happened. Until, 11 players from Korean descent are chosen to play the game 'Werewolf'. Each month a player dies. (Stray-Kids, Itzy, Thai actors) Contains- Sexual content Death/Murder Mental illness Incest Fantasy /magic *these characters are nothing like the person. It was written when I was bored* this book is also written on my wattpad account. "straykids/ BL perfect mixture of insanity" Wattpad- @7YuMms Ig - @t_kennx


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