1 The Beginning (1/3)

He has a secret that he has never divulged to anyone, not even his own mother, and he would not do so in the infinity that lies ahead of him.

Some secrets were not meant to be shared or known, and his was one of them—he was a reincarnated person.

In his previous life, he was a human. He had just graduated from college, expecting a bright future, only to be confronted with reality.

He got a mediocre job, and that's when things began to get particularly terrible: the daily monotonous cycle of life began—the cycle of eating, working, and sleeping became constant.

And all the vibrant colours in his world ebbed to grey, gently corrupted by the average mediocrity of his life.

Many times in his later years, he simply paused and pondered his life. How had he ended up this way?

He dreamed of having a great and fulfilling life as a child, earning a lot of money, saving for the future, and then travelling the world. He desired to live life to the fullest, filled with thrills and adventures. He desired... His dreams go on and on. To put it another way, he desired freedom—the freedom to live his life to the fullest without burdens or concerns.

However, not everything was bad; he tried to make do with what he had rather than wallow in his own mediocrity. Life was never fair, he learned, and he wasn't about to give up on his dreams no matter what life threw at him. It was his way of giving life the middle finger.

His hopeless dreams were not the only thing that drove him back to his feet; his family was the other. His parents had always had his back, and he didn't want to let them down. His brother always looked up to him with the same innocent eyes that he had in the beginning, and he wanted to protect that innocence as long as possible. They were his entire world.

When he thought of them, his outlook on life hardened like never before. He even had hope that things would get better and that some of his dreams would come true.

Regrettably, the Fates appeared to have other plans for him.

A virus.

A microscopic entity that is invisible to human vision. In the grand scheme of things on Earth, it appeared insignificant and inconsequential.

Regardless, it brought human civilisation to a halt, tearing apart countless families. One of them had been his family.

As he lay in the hospital bed, gasping for his final breath, he chuckled at the irony of the situation.

His last hazy memory was seeing his sister scream in agony while clutching his cold body.

He died.

Before falling into the embrace of what he thought was Death, the last of his emotions were regret for his life and worry about his family.

This is the end. Or so he thought.

Reincarnation—a familiar concept that has always been asserted in religions, myths, and fiction. It was one of the theories about what would happen after death.

But even in his wildest dreams, he never thought he would experience it. It was too surreal, especially considering his new life.

He was reincarnated as Hypnos, the Personification of Sleep, the Son of Nyx, the Primordial of Night and Erebus, the Primordial of Darkness, as well as the twin brother of Thanatos, the Personification of Death.

He had initially assumed that he had been reborn in the world of Greek mythology, but his new mother quickly shattered his assumptions. She lectured about the different pantheons, different types of immortals and their characteristics, and ancient laws in one of her strict classes that he attended with his brother and even he got to meet two fierce horses of his mother, Shade and Shadow.

The realisation hit him like a freight train. This was the world of Percy Jackson, where the fate of the world frequently fell on the shoulders of a group of hormonal teenagers, an extremely bad combination in his books.

He was only slightly surprised, and he returned to his new life without much worry. His confidence sprang from his power and identity as a second-generation primordial.

As his father stated in one of his terrifying outer-door classes, where he mostly flexes his power to him and his brother by destroying star systems in turn with a wave of his hand (which truly opened his eyes and made him question whether this was truly the world of Percy Jackson) and in the scant time he told them about the nature of their power.

Hypnos and Thanatos were second-generation primordials. The second-generation primordials were the children born to the original primordials, who arose out of Chaos. They are the embodiment of an abstract concept of creation. But this doesn't mean that they are as ridiculously powerful as their parents or anything; it just means that they are extremely hard to kill. If the concept they symbolise is weaker in the grand scheme of things, it will heavily reflect on their strength.

His father's explanation answered one of his nagging questions: how were he and his brother referred to as minor gods by the Olympians in Percy Jackson's books despite being the children of two of the strongest primordials in existence?

'But you are my children.' Erebus had said this after noticing his and his brother's worried expressions. 'And you both embody two of the most powerful concepts in creation—Death and Sleep. Unlike the Gods, who rule over the elements of nature and the cosmos with their divinity, we are those elements in their most primal and powerful state. We can't be controlled. We can't be bound.'

'And we don't have any laws or restrictions imposed on us; all you have to do is find your true path and realise your infinite potential.'


A/N : This is Percy Jackson AU with the Cthulhu Mythos. The Gods and Primordials will be much stronger in my story, considering the powers of the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods. I want to bring balance to the story by doing this.

I am making this fan-fiction with no intention of affronting any culture or ethnicity. I am not a mythological expert, so there will be some inconsistencies with actual mythologies. But I will still try my best to research what I am writing about.

I am saying all of this because of my previous experiences with Webnovel, which is well on its way to becoming the second Twitter.

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