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The moans and other sexual sounds coming out of the presidential suit was… more than enough to point me out that it was the right room… that and the fact it was the only room on the floor with users.

And there I stood, seeing the door with an underline of fear, I mean… would Ares know I was on a quest and would he abide by the Olympian rules of not going all out against a demigod on a quest? Or would he forget about such things and kill me for cockblocking him.

I suppose I will find out, "Housekeeping," I said as I knocked at the door, if I was going to go out, I would make my last moment hilarious, "Housekeeping," I knocked again after getting no response.

"Get the fuck out!" And that has to be Ares, that or Aphrodite has a very deep voice.

"Housekeeping?" I knocked again, as the fear within me was changed for amusement, I mean… he hadn't outright killed me, which meant I was on the right tracks for now.

"For the love of… I rented the entire floor to avoid interruptions, now go away!" Ares shouted.


"Go away!"

"I come in anyway?" I was having more fun than I should be allowed to.

"What? No!" Ares shouted in disbelief.

"I come in anyway," I smiled, opening the door with my magic.

"Haha, oh dear," As I entered I could see Aphrodite laughing and Ares fuming.

"I said no!" Ares said, in a very angry tone.

"Alright, sorry for the… sex break," I said, with a smile, "But I'm on a quest from Hestia,"

"A demigod…" Ares growled and Aphrodite started to laugh even harder, much to his anger.

"You didn't notice?" Aphrodite giggled looking at Ares before turning her pink eyes to me, "I heard from Apollo you were a prankster, and I am glad he didn't oversell you," she winked at me… and now that my eyes rested on her body… her beautifully naked bodyI was certain I had never seen a woman so beautiful in my life… she was too perfect to put into words, her breasts, her hair… her everything.

"What is the fucking quest… and it better be important!" Ares demanded, and just now I noticed he was also naked… oh well, I am part of the Greek pantheon. I was bound to see a dick sooner or later, I am actually surprised it took this long.

"I was tasked to retrieve the Master Bolt and the helm of darkness from you, Hestia found out you have them and she wants to avoid unnecessary bloodshed," I lied, why did I lie well, one… Ares is afraid of his dad to a very large extent, and if he thinks Hestia knows and will tell daddy Zeus about his plans to avoid the holy war from breaking, he will be less aggressive in his actions against me… if only to avoid his ass being dusted.

"You what?!" Aphrodite hissed… huh and here I thought she knew.

"Hestia knows…" Ares muttered, ignoring Aphrodite for the moment.

"Hestia allowed me to come and retrieve the items, but she knows you would not bend down to a simple request, so… let's have a duel, with you on my same level of course, I don't want to die in a nanosecond," I chuckled, "If I win you will give me the two symbols of power and I will give them back, and don't worry nor me nor Hestia will tell the King who had them, if you win, I shut my mouth and so does Hestia, deal?"

Ares looked at me in contemplation, before a grin broke into his face, "Very well, champion of Hestia,"

"Before you two go and fight… I have a question," Aphrodite smiled, "Did you plan on asking us to join our bed? I think I saw this little bit on an American show,"

Wait, family guy is a thing here too?! "I… no…"

"Too bad," Aphrodite winked, as she walked towards the bathroom.

I turned to look at Ares in minor disbelief to see him shrug with thoughtful look, "If you survive our duel, I don't mind tossing your ass like a salad kid,"

"The fuck is wrong with you people," I laughed, but this was no laugh of joy, but of panic, pure unadulterated panic.

"When you live as long as we Gods do they line between sexual orientation starts to blur," Aphrodite commented with a smile, "Why have one flavor when you can have them all,"

"Fuck this I am out!" And with that I started to walk out of the room

"But first… let us fight!" Ares stated with a smile, and all of the sudden we were in the middle of a place that closely resembled a greek arena, "The winner takes all, if I win, you and Hestia will shut their mouths and let me go with my plan, if you win… hahah, sorry but I can't finish that sentence without laughing,"

Cocky little shit, just because he's a God and can basically one shot me if he fights at full power he thinks that I don't stand a chance?!... Well.. he's right! But he isn't fighting at his full power, which means… I can win, "We'll see who laughs at the end,"

"For a consolation prize kid, my offer still stands," Ares winked, "A night with me and Aphrodite if you survive, it will be a unique experience,"

"I am eleven!" What was wrong with these gods, I am a child, with powers, but a child!

"And your point is?" Ares asked.

"Maybe all he needs is a drink to calm his nerves, honey," Aphrodite offered.

"Still ELEVEN!" I shouted again, "You know what… let's just fight… this is getting weirder and weirder as the conversation progresses…"

"Alright, but remember that ass tossing is up for the grabbing," Ares chuckled, summoning his sword.

"I need an adult," I muttered.

"I am an adult," Ares chuckled.

"Maybe he is more into tossing than getting tossed?" Aphrodite commented, "Does that make it better for you?" She asked me.

"It DOES NOT and again! STILL ELEVEN!"

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