137 Chapter 129

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The battle had prolonged for more than I had originally expected or wanted to, with each passing second making the God of War a bigger and more prominent threat. Proving that Ares was beyond my previous expectations, his powers had increase beyond my wildest estimates as the battle progressed, and that only intensified once he had fully transformed into his divine form, now as a thirty feet that behemoth he had both the physical and magical advantage, "Go to hell!" I cursed as I blasted him away with one of my powerful spells, Mirage of darkness, the spell was part of the void chapter, and it created a rift between reality and time itself, shattering for a brief moment the fabric of creating with a dark explosion capable of blasting an entire country, and yet this lethal attack barely push him back.

"I have to admit kid," Ares grinned, wiping the dripping Ichor from his nose with his hand, as he stared right at me, dead in the eyes with mad delight, "You have truly become something else! Something worthy of carrying the title of a god, unfortunately for you… you picked the wrong fight, I grow in conflict as I grow in war," at this he laughed, "You will never win against me, the longer this beautiful dance extends the more powerful I will become, and with each passing second… your doom becomes a reality!"

I eyed the God of War with an amused expression decorating my face, "Nobody thought I would survive Tartarus, yet I did, nobody thought I would become a God, yet I did…. By now you idiots should now, I tend to color out of the lines, " I grinned, where was this confidence coming from, no idea… but I wasn't going to complain.

Ares snorted and instantly charged at me. While I kept on a defensive stance, which allowed me a sliver of time to block his blow with my weapon in the process absorbing the kinetic force of his attack, which so far, was the key to my victory, Ares had the power advantage with his bullshiting realm empowering as we ketp on fighting, but as Odin had said, when power alone doesn't work, outsmart your enemy.

My plan was in a way very simple, in short my idea was to supercharge my weapon with all the power it could possibly hold by absorbing the physical aspect behind all the attacks Ares was throwing at me, so that I could later release at all once, in a single but devastating blow, would this kill him? Not sure he was rather resilient to damage, but it would sure weaken him, this after all would be the equivalent of a godly nuke, it had to at least hurt him.

My plan B however was to try and figure out how to transform into my divine form, so far all the clues I had was that before transforming they would let all their power out, but that didn't help me at all, plan C was doing like the Norse gods and somehow finding a way to handle all my power within my current form.

"Maybe I will have some fun with you after we end this!" Ares laughed, throwing his weapon at me.

"I rather die," I muttered, teleporting out of the trajectory of his weapon, just to find Ares had predicted where I was going to appear, and had already moved there to greet me with a knee to the face.

"I can work with that," Ares chuckled, before he blasted me to a nearby mountain, "Then again, if I win… your compliance won't be a factor in anything I do,"

Was this bitch suggesting he was going to **** me?! Oh hell no, "I will enjoy erasing you from the face of the earth," I hissed, my mouth dripping black blood, wait… what? Why was my blood black? The fuck was going on?!

"Black blood," Ares muttered as he sniffed the air, "And the smell… there is no doubt, your daddy it's a great one, right?"

He was… technically correct… I guess… I mean he guessed the pantheon correctly, but not the rank… my demonic father was above the great ones, at least according to my knowledge, "Give the war sucking bitch a consolation prize, he was right yet wrong," I laughed.

"So what? Leto fucked one of the priests?!" Ares laughed, "Was it Cthulhu, oh please tell it was him…"

"Nyarlathotep," I replied, cutting his laugh short, "Well shit, dear old daddy it's famous," I laughed seeing his reaction.

"I see," Ares chuckled, "I must admit, I didn't see that coming… at all,"

"You know what… I will try it," I chuckled, and seeing Ares perplexed look on his face I elaborated, "I can't hide the fact you have the tactical advantage of power right now, and that the gap between keeps getting larger and larger thanks to your bullshitting realms… so why not try to achieve what you, Dionysus and Priapus did… I mean, if the drunk bastard could, why not me?"

"No matter what you do… It won't change the result," Ares smiled, "So why even try!" He barked as he pounced at me.

I looked at the God approaching, and took a deep breath, remembering everything all the gods I had faced so far did before transforming, how their power had changed from point a to point b, how their mana signatures had morph in a violent explosion of power, "Here goes nothing," I exhaled, letting out a painfully loud scream as my power fluctuated violently.

"The fuck?!" Ares stopped dead on his tracks as I cried, almost in pain, bringing out all the energy I had within me as a blinding green light seemed to emerge from my body, dazzling Ares in shock, "Fuck…"

I continued to scream with my power increasing, and little by little the change occurred, with my body mass starting to double, and in the blink of an eye, my body exploded, reforming into a new form.

"First try, I'm impressed," Ares whistled, "Maybe this will be hard after all, like I am for you,"

I glared at him and tried to retort but no sound came out of my mouth, taking a deep breath in wild anticipation, I summoned a mirror to see my divine form in all its Lovecraftian glory.

'Oh fuck,' I thought, seeing my reflection, for one… I kinda looked like the Lich King…. but instead of the armor, you know… being… armor, it was a part of my body,and two… I had no mouth, nor eyes… nor nothing, just the armor, and shadows beneath it, creepy not gonna lie.

"I have fucked some mutes before, funny how the moan... but never one that was an armored shadow...this should be fun, I wonder where are your holes," Ares grinned.

Snapping my fingers I summoned a sign where I magically wrote, —You know, just because I manage to do this at my first try, I won't even acknowledge what you just said— I was quite perplexed this had been so easy to achieve, oh well... time to see what my max currently is.

"Pretty impressive indeed, not for me… I was born a god, and that is something all born gods know, but for a second rate ascended… sure it's an accomplishment," Ares taunted, but I simply ignored him… wondering if not having a mouth was so kind of divine punishment from above…. I mean, without a mouth, how would I insult others?!

—I guess I now talk like... Wile E. Coyote I wonder if I can kill you with something from Acme— I wrote on another sign, —Oh well, I guess we will see— I inwardly chuckled, wondering if others would start to call me the mime god... I guess I could learn French. il pourrait être amusant.

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