Percy Jackson: The God of Magic

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Chapter 119

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[Priapus POV]

What could I do? To say I was distraught was selling short the despair I was feeling, even my best and most powerful technique had been ridiculed… the fates had foretold I would die for my sin, but why so soon. If only my mother or father were here, they would take care of him, they would protect me, but they weren't here, I was alone, facing the man that was born to end my life.. No! Prophecies can be avoided, I refuse to die like a rat.

"You done putting your shit back together?" Adam asked, his eyes devoid of emotion, something was changing within him, at first I saw anger in his eyes, and a lot of hate, but now, nothing but pleasure in my despair, I doubted he was fighting for Hestia any longer, at least no entirely.

"Yes," I stated, a new look on my face, I was determined to break this prophecy, I refused to die for a mistake I made a few thousand years by picking the wrong girl to rape. Taking a deep breath I clenched my fists with a violent burst of air my divine golden aura reappeared with more power than ever before. My power had increased, my determination was pushing me forward, I was going to win this!

With a shout I lunged at the young god, who was still smiling at me, looking down on me, as if I was nothing but a mere fly on his way waiting to be swayed away, this thought infuriated me. With pure rage coursing through my divine form, I threw a punch at him, which he blocked with a single finger, that… shouldn't be possible. Shaking that thought of my head, I threw a second punch, which was again stopped by a single finger, before he teleported above me.

"Pardon me, it sickens me when I am looked down at by someone weaker than me," Adam smiled, this brat… just how strong is he?!

With a primal roar I lunged at him, launching a very random array of attacks, from kicks to punches even mana based attacks, but no matter how strong or unpredictable my attacks were they were all blocked. But what really terrified me was that Adam was not even fazed by them. He simply stood there blocking my attacks with a bored expression. It was as if he was an indestructible wall I could simply not break through, no matter how much power I had, I felt like a cup of water trying to drown an ocean of despair.

No! I refuse to die! I have things to live for! I won't die! I can't! I don't want to! No! No! No! No! With new found strength I redoubled my efforts, but even

then nothing changed, in fact the bastard had not even noticed anything different in my attacks, he really was wall, unfazed by any change. But I refused to give up, so I continued my assault, until he caught my arm with his human sized hand and with a smile started to squeeze.

Immediately I screamed in pain, "Who would've thought an arm could bend this way, what an elating concept, it most definitely needs further testing," he chuckled.

There it when it hit me, no amount of determination, will power or anything along those lines would help me against this monster, he was unstoppable, a force of chaos, one that I had no means to stop, sp in pure terror I ripped the arm he was holding and ran away, if I managed to escape, mom would help me… dad would protect me, they would fix this, like they did before… they would.

But when I had finally thought I had escaped, and had allowed a small smile to form in my face, as the thought of my parents protecting me, Adam suddenly landed in front of me, laughing, in shock I stopped short.

"Escape was never an option, at least fighting you would've died like a man, then again… you are no man," Adam stated coldly and before I had any time to react his hands shot forward as he quickly grabbed me by the neck, his corrupted mana expanding through my body.

Immediately I realized what this monster wanted to do, he wanted to choke me to death, which is why his mana had infected my body, stopping my natural regeneration, I could tell this much, the signs were clear, my inability to breathe and my no longer existing regeneration were strong giveaways. In terror I desperately tried to break free from his hold punching his arms and face with all my might, but nothing seemed to faze him, in fact he was enjoying my slow suffering, and as my divine form gradually weakened, turning me back into a human sized god, I didn't stop, I continued to fight for my life as tears streamed down my face in pure agony and during my last few seconds of consciousness and struggle, all I saw was his eyes glowing dark in delight, and something akin to the void welcoming me in them, after that… I heard a snap, followed by the sweet embrace of death, why was I even fighting to begin with? At least in death, I'm safe from him.


[Adam POV]

I had enjoyed way too much what I had done, it felt liberating, pleasurable, it was rather terrifying, but I suppose I had gotten what I wanted, I had killed Priapus, and now all I had to do was have Odín to help me create a new realm.

"You!" I stopped on my tracks, as I felt a new presence appear, Dionysus, I could feel his anger and sorrow, "You are a monster!"

Had I been so focused on the battle I had failed to notice some gods had picked up what I had done, "Perhaps," I shrugged.

"I will strike you down for what you did brat!" Dionysus growled, and I chuckled, "So don't even think of begging or apologizing, for I have no sympathies for monsters like you!" That last part had… I am not gonna lie... had touched a very sensitive nerve.

"Apologize?" I laughed bitterly, "Why would I apologize for being a monster? Had any of you ever apologized for turning me into one?!"