Percy Jackson: The Child Of War

"Again?" I asked, my voice resigned. "Again." He answered, his voice amused. And then I would forget, not to remember until I died again. Except this time, I did not. ___ I don't own Percy Jackson, really, I don't.

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14 Chs

Not A chapter

Sorry that there were no new chapters this week. the three hundred words I had turned to two hundred, and kept going down until I deleted everything.

I started reading other percy jackson fictions but nothing seemed to help, even started reading the books but nothing.

I'm thinking about deleting this fiction so that I don't waste anyone's time, or money on P-atre-on. I'm still not decided on it, but if by the next week this fiction is down on both websites, I want to apologise but lately writing two same things continuously is hard, especially since I have nothing planned and write every chapter with everything that comes to mind and go from there. I didn't even know where I was going when I wrote the final chapter.

I'm just tired at this point.