6 Chapter Six

I tightened the new vambrace on my left forearm, moving my arm around to test if everything worked.

A few twists and turns later, I nodded in appreciation. I clenched my hand, and the vambrace unfolded, transforming into a round shield.

I didn't know exactly how it worked, but I had a better alternative for this kind of thing. If this was an enchanted item, then I could replicate it.

Looking back at the eldest Haphastus cabin member, Alexander, I nodded in appreciation.

"It's perfect."

The mutter left my mouth as my divinity reached inside the shield, transforming it back to a vambrace manually.

"Well, what did you expect, boss? The best for you."

I smiled slightly, this still felt great, having friends, I still haven't forgotten the names of those I truly befriended, etching their names into my very soul to thank them for their loyalty.

Even then, I felt that it was too little for keeping me company.

"Truly, Alex, thank you."

The burly boy smiled, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Really, Leo, it's nothing, you have done much for the camp, even at your young age, this is the least I can do to help my junior... Who also happens to be my boss..."

I raised an eyebrow and he rolled his eyes, tapping my shoulder a few more times and grabbing his hammer again.

"If you need anything, just come to me or my apprentice, Charles, if I'm working on the sensors."

I nodded and turned around, leaving the Haphaistous cabin.

Well, now I had a permanent shield, which was nice. Humming I looked at the darkening clouds and the slight enjoyment I felt died a horrible, horrible death.

Zeus was angry at something. There was probably a meeting going on where his wife was having a shouting match with him and the other gods were listening to them.

Rubbing the bridge of my nose, I sighed.

"You know, if you kept it in your pants, half of your problems would not exist, and maybe the Greek mythology books would be so large and give me a headache when I memorized them."

Rolling my eyes, I made my way toward my own cabin.

On the way, I spotted Jake, who looked like he was ready to drop dead, probably because of the three hours of sleep he had gotten yesterday.

Quickening my pace, I caught up to my brother in a few strides, who tried to straighten up at my approach but failed miserably.

"Jake, how is the situation at the border?"

He looked like he was fighting his own eyelids to prevent them from closing as he answered.

"T-the monsters are gone, no spotting for a while now. The patrol just changed so... uh, I think a day more before the smell should be gone and everything can go back to normal..."

I nodded, grabbing his hand and throwing it over my other shoulder, supporting him as he staggered slightly.

"You look like you are about to die, ever heard of sleep?"

I chuckled as he just groaned, sliding his other hand down the side of his face.

"I trained a bit longer than usual, so I didn't go to sleep early like the others after the Cyclops attack, I felt useless, man."

I sighed, watching as he slowly but steadily started to fall into unconsciousness while working on bringing him back to our cabin.

As we neared the place, our other siblings noticed us and two of them jogged out to take Jake off my hands.

"Is he okay?"

I looked at the one who spoke, a girl younger than me looking at our brother with a frown. I just patted her head, which got a scowl in return.

"Worry not Clarrise, he's just tired."

She just huffed and returned back to the cabin with me following behind her.

I remembered this place before I took over, loud music blasting, field mines along the surrounding area, barbed wire on the roof, painted red.

This building has seen the most improvement over the last few years, for one, the cabin was no longer red, it no longer had a boar head over the door and the place was silent since most of its residents were either sleeping, resting, or training.

We were the children of the god of war, so seeing the shape these cabin members were in, I decided to kick up their training a few notches.

They were the first to suffer through my training, which was by no means torture, no matter what the other demigods said.

No sir.

I looked around the bunk beds, some of which were occupied by sleeping campers or by their owners who were taking the time to catch up on some books about war strategies.

The ward was working, and it was working well as it hadn't been discovered yet, I could relax for now.

The camp was safe, the gods were angry and nobody died yet.

Everything was peachy.

I could relax.

Lighting crackled outside and I absently noticed it striking down a distance away through a window...

I inhaled.

Everything was fine, I could relax.

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