1 Prologue

Earth 2250:

In the ruins of what was once New York, we can see a young man with deep black hair and blue eyes lying on the floor, bleeding to death as three more people are standing around him,

"W-Why do you still support the association when you know that they are leading the world to ruin??" the man screamed towards the three men who remained stoic until the man in the middle spoke,

"We know Ryan, that the Association is too corrupt with power that comes with ascending to Level 9, that is precisely why, the three of us will take over the organization and lead humanity back from extinction and destroy the demon race for good, rest assured Ryan Kane, the strongest Level 9 cultivator in the world, the black demon, that we will fulfill your wish" the man said solemnly, but Ryan knew that he would fail, just like all the others who had come before, he too would fall for the sin of greed and end up corrupt,he could already see the signs, the anticipation to assume command of the Cultivators Association clear in his eyes, this was inevitable, that is why he had strayed from the Association, hoping to find a way to kill the Demon King by himself, but he was stabbed in the back by those he called brothers, his fellow Cultivators,But he would not go down quietly,

Suddenly, the earth started to shake as the three people who were known as the Trinity Demigods started to feel a great pressure, the man in the middle spoke again, this time panic and fear clear in his voice,

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING RYAN??? DO YOU WISH TO TAKE THE EARTH WITH YOU TO DEATH??" he screamed but Ryan suddenly chuckled, as blood started to come out free from his mount, nose, ears, and eyes,

"Even though you are ranked as Level 9 Cultivators, you three had note earned that power by your hard work, it was given to you by your elders so obviously you never noticed, this is not the Earth you fools but a mere imitation, this a dimension I created by sacrificing most of my power and blood essence and using an ancient artifact from the homeworld of the Elves, otherwise how could I so easily be defeated by a bunch of incompetent cultivators like you?? now die with this dimension of mine!!!" he screamed

Immediately the dimension started to collapse on itself as a singularity started to form at the place where Ryans body used to be, soon enough the dimension collapsed on itself taking with it 4 of the 20 remaining Level 9 experts left of humanity, the war against the Demons in the Future would undoubtedly be much more difficult for Humanity,


unknown space, unknown time,

"sigh!!, It is finally done, wait for me Elsa, I will reach you soon enough" Ryan mumbles as he fell unconscious watching the Kaleidoscopic colors of the Dimension Gap,

Slowly, as his powerless body floated off, a small strand of Qi came out of a small necklace on his body and materialized into a beautiful woman with white hair and golden eyes, she had long ears that were the signature to the Elves,

She slowly covered her intangible hand over his face as a warm expression came on her face,

"It is not yet your time my love, you still have a duty to carry out as the Guardian of Humanity, I truly wish I could be by your side during the long hardships you are bound to face in the future, but I cannot accompany you anymore, I have already used up all my essence opening a portal for you, this is goodby my husband, live on for me" she said as a strange portal materialized behind Ryan and sucked him in, gradually, Elsa had faded into nothing as he life essence finally faded after an entire 500 years,

And thus, the queen of all Elves before their extinction faded for good,


Earth, unknown time,

On an Island that was full of wildlife, a strange portal started to appear off of nowhere, suddenly, a man dressed in a trench coat and combat uniform fell from the portal as it immediately closed,

Soon, the man started to rise from the ground and look around,

And so, the strongest Level 9 Cultivator arrived in a different universe,


Author Notes:

Ok so first things first, this world will be mainly Percy Jackson wold with a few very minor parts taken from different works,

MC will be strong as hell from the get-go and also no badmouthing if you do not like my way of writing, also most of my other stories are on temporary Hiatus as I lack the inspiration to write new chapters for them, a major Writer's block,

finally, please do give your comments and reviews for the story

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