Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of Hades, as his mother a powerful witch, with such a powerful lineage how will his fair in the Percy Jackson Universe, well read and Find out. ... Fair warning I'm closely following the books, while changing some things like how strong their abilities actually are and how strong the God's actually are since they're in fact Gods and stuff.

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Chapter 10

[Third Person's POV]

As they say time doesn't wait for no one, Lucian is already 6 years old, he was seen down in his Smith hammering away on a small dagger that was glowing with a golden light.

Lucian was currently using his demi-god abilities of sensing precious metals to sense exactly where he needs to strike his hammer.

When he was done he grabbed tweezers and picked up the hot dagger and plunged it into water next to him which caused it to release large amounts of steam.

When he was done, he grabbed the now cold blade and hammered it into the handle of a small dagger completing it.

When he finished he let out a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead that was dripping with sweat. He then grabbed the finished dagger, put it in its sheath and put it next to its completed partner making a beautiful pair of twin daggers.

(Image of the daggers)

When he paired them up, he looked up to his mom who was watching and supervising everything and asked "Can I get your opinion on them and test it out?"

Medea nodded her head and went and grabbed the daggers pulling them from their sheath. She then started swinging them around, she started stabbing and slashing the air for a few seconds and nodded her head.

Lucian looked at her expectantly and asked "So? What do you think?"

Medea looked at him, raised an eyebrow, looked down on the daggers, and looked back at him and asked "You really want to know what I'm thinking right now?"

Lucian nodded his head expecting harsh criticism.

Medea just smirked as she said "You got me thinking whether I fucked the god of the dead or the God of blacksmithing"

"MOTHER!!!" Lucian shouted as his ears turned red from embarrassment, "Why would you say something like that!!!"

Medea just chuckled and shrugged her shoulders "Because, they're really well made. Good job, although it took you almost 2 years, you finally made something praise worthy"

Lucian then grew embarrassed and rubbed the back of his head "Aw shucks, you're only saying that cause your my mother"

Medea rolled her eyes at his silliness and put the dagger inside their sheath and asked "So what are you going to enchant them with? This is your biggest project yet isn't it? Before you only enchanted small regular ordinary items. This time it's Celestial Bronze"

Lucian put a hand on his chin as he started to ponder on the question "I'll enchanted the sheath first and foremost, they will be enchanted with the Recall Enchant, so if a dagger goes missing it will just reappear inside the sheath.

Now on the daggers themselves the most I could do is three enchantments without making them clash with each other and damaging the integrity of the daggers. In order for me to be able to add more I would need more control of my magic and have more experience with High-Speed Divine Words.

So I'll go with the following three enchantments:

Paralysis: Temporarily immobilizes enemies upon successful strikes, leaving them vulnerable for a short duration.

Silent Movement: Reduces the noise generated by your movements, enabling you to perform stealth attacks more effectively.

Fortify One-Handed/Dual Wielding: Increases the damage dealt when wielding the daggers, amplifying your offensive capabilities."

As Medea listened she nodded her head, "Those are good enchantments for a pair of daggers good thinking"

Lucian nodded and started to work with a serious expression on his face forgetting the world around him.

Medea sighed seeing this 'Looks like he'll be gone into his own world for a little while, I guess I should start preparing him something to eat."

After a few hours, Medea went down to see Lucian's process and saw him leaning against the table while breathing heavily, which caused Medea to sigh.

She went towards him and patted him in the back "That's enough for today honey, go one take a shower. The food is about to be done"

Lucian nodded and sluggishly started exiting his workshop, looking like he was going to drop from exhaustion any minute.

Medea shook her head and looked towards the pair of twin daggers, she started to examine them and after a while she let out a proud smile.

"Although it's not perfect, it's still pretty good." Medea nodded appreciatively.

When she was done, she went upstairs and started serving the food but after a while, by the time Lucian was usually done taking a shower, he didn't come.

Medea grew worried and went towards the shower and heard the shower running, she knocked on the door as she asked "Honey, are you okay in there?"

After not hearing him answer after a few seconds Medea quickly opened the door and entered and as she did she stopped what she was doing and looked at the scene in front of her with a weary smile with her eyes and corner of her mouth twitching.

Lucian was seen butt ass naked leaning against the wall with his face pressed against, as hot water from the shower was hitting him, Medea didn't know if it was drool or just the water that was by the corners of his mouth.

Medea's lip couldn't help but twitch at such a scene. She then smirked and went to grab something to record it with. When she was done preserving the memory, she went towards the shower and turned the handle towards the cold water.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" Lucian screamed, waking up and scrambling around feeling the sudden coldness, after a few seconds Medea turned it off and looked at Lucian with her arms crossed.

Lucian stood there still naked, shivering from the cold "W-W-What's T-T-T-The matter with Y-Y-You!!!" He stuttered as his lips quiver from the coldness

"What's the matter is that you're supposed to be down stairs already eating before going to bed, not wasting water."

Lucian grew embarrassed and started covering his privates "I swear it's just small because I'm cold, it's usually bigger"

Medea just smacked him upside the head, "Just get ready to eat and go to bed" she said as she turned around and left.

And Lucian did just that, he got dried, he changed, went downstairs, ate with his mother, and went off to bed onto his next day…

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