Percy Jackson : Gods Annihilation

The Story : He's been through hell ... literally. He saw things that shouldn't be known but the truth had to come out. His trust broken, his world suddenly a lie and one betrayal after another. He was the greatest hero but now, Olympus has lost him and with that, they set up their own end. A reckoning is coming and lines will have to be drawn. A new King will come and with him, a new era...

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DA : Chapter 7: Reclaiming Family I

5 Years Later (25 in Tartarus)

The clash of blades rang through the air as the combatants danced back and forth in a deserted field. It was two to one and neither side was backing down. The lone one was a man, dressed in nothing more than black leather pants and two blades in his hands. 

One was a beautiful obsidian black blade forged into a katana reaching three feet with a glowing blue line along the center of the blade. It was guard-less and had a dark blue, metal and wrapped leather handle with the engraving Purgatory in ancient Greek near the base. 

The second one was an equally dark blade designed like the famous Viking swords, the Ulfberht, a double-edged sword of three feet with a near imperceptible tapper leading to a short but fine point. Along the blade, the engraving Sin was also written in ancient Greek.

Both blades had been forged with a fusion of Abyss crystals and Tartarean steel to make them basically indestructible. They were smelted with Hellfire and cooled with Voidfire, the first and only such blades of their existence. Two blades that manifested his deadliest abilities and could only be wielded by those he allowed. 

Swords that could cut down even the mightiest of immortals as easily as a harvester cuts his field. Both his opponents were aware of the lethality of his weapons and both maneuvered with skills mastered through millennia to avoid so much as a nick from either blade.

One opponent was an immense man, easily towering both others at nine feet in height, his entire body hidden under a heavy cloak but even then you could see his bulging muscle underneath. 

He swung a massive great-sword with ease and grace, the speed of which made the blade look like a black blur. His fellow fighter was obviously a woman of petite build wielding what looked like a foot long knife attached to the end of a slick chain. 

Both attacked together seamlessly, an endless barrage of slashes and stabs but their opponent handled the onslaught with unparalleled skill, his two swords meeting every strike.

The katana in his right deflected every attempt of the woman, at times nearly cutting her but she always managed to evade at the last moment. At the same time his Ulfberht in his left blocked or deflected the great-sword. 

It would have seemed odd at the sight in how one man, a fraction of the size of the one wielding the great-sword, could match him in strength with no noticeable trouble while also moving faster than the woman as she moved around him.

They kept fighting, their movement beyond the ability of any mortal or lesser immortals to even perceive, let alone matching. Soon the single man seemed to falter in his steps and the woman made her move. She tossed her knife with deadly precision towards the man's head while the larger man made a grand overhead swing to cut the man down the center. 

Too late both noticed the man's smirk as he tossed Purgatory into the air before his free hand grabbed the chain as his head tilted to the side, allowing the knife to sail past harmlessly. With a sharp tug the woman was hauled towards him while also raising Sin towards the oncoming great-sword.

He raised his Ulfberht and used it to catch the massive great-sword, the sheer force of which made the ground beneath him crater with only a slight bend of his knees. Then he flicked the sword to the side while turning on his heel, his sword brought up until the point tapped against the chest of the larger man. 

At the same time the woman fell at his feet and turned on her back … only to see Purgatory fall into his waiting palm before the blade was immediately at her throat, daring her to move.

"Damn," she muttered as the larger man scoffed.

"Cheap trick," he grumbled in a dark and old voice.

"You taught me well," was the smaller man's cheeky reply.

The three stood silent for another few seconds before all three started to chuckle as they pulled back with their weapons at their sides. Now it was possible to get a proper look at the man. 

He stood at 6 foot'4, with a body sculpted by angels … or fallen angels considering their location. His body didn't have an ounce of fat and his steely yet lean muscles coiled just beneath the surface with the body of a perfect gymnast. 

Flexible and light yet undeniably strong and resilient, a body meant for the perfect warrior. Even after years of seeing him like this the woman couldn't help but blush. It made her wonder if taking a vow of chastity after her late husband was worth it but in the end her resolve remained strong.

The man's wild hair was pitch black but the very tips had an icy blue color, giving him a classic bad-boy air. His eyes were mesmerizing with literally black, flaming irises and glowing, icy blue pupils. He had a lightly tanned, chiseled face of a 25 year old at his prime. 

This man could make Adonis switch teams with his looks and get Hera to have an affair if he wanted, the apex of the male form. This man is Perseus Jackson and his opponents are none other than Nyx, Primordial of Night, and Tartarus, Primordial of the Pit.

"Well Percy, I think you're ready," Nyx said as she made her knife and chain disappear into shadows.

"Really!?" Percy asked excitedly as his swords turned into matching rings on his index fingers.

"Yep," Nyx said before looking at her older brother. "Don't you think?"

"Hmph … might as well," Tartarus, the ever cold, snorted.

Nyx rolled her eyes at her brother's antics but knew on the inside he was proud. They'd trained Percy together …after Percy had successfully become the champion of Tartarus' arena in the deepest recesses in the Pit, and prepared him to lead the next generation. 

His fighting ability was second to none, themselves included, and with the domains he would inherit it was doubtless that he would be more powerful than Tartarus had ever been and he'd been Chaos' eldest child. 

But Percy had still kept his kind heart, making him immensely loyal to those that earn it and protective of anyone he cares about.

"So Percy," Nyx said as she nearly giggled at his massive grin. "Go on … complete the next step."

Percy nodded as he took a deep breath before speaking in a voice laced with power, "I, Perseus Theseus Jackson, state my claim and right to be heir of Nyx, Primordial of Night, and Erebus, Primordial of Darkness and Shadows!"

With his words completed he glowed a magnificent mix of icy blue and pitch black, an eruption of power flowed off him making Nyx shudder. 'Definitely going to be the strongest,' she thought as the power settled down allowing her to get a better look at her heir.

He looked the same but was now wearing a long coat actually made of darkness with the hood pulled back and a muscle shirt, also formed from darkness that was practically a second skin. The trims were icy blue and the very air around him misted over with frost, his eyes glowing with power.

'The process is almost complete,' Nyx thought as Percy seemed to study himself. There was one step left, for him to actually claim her domain as his but for now he had a partial link to his claimed domains and she needed to train him in their connection. 

Once his training was complete, he would need to fully claim his domain which would lead to her finally fading and joining her husband in the realm of the faded. 'Though, he has an extra two steps,' she thought with a slight frown.


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