Percy Jackson : Gods Annihilation

The Story : He's been through hell ... literally. He saw things that shouldn't be known but the truth had to come out. His trust broken, his world suddenly a lie and one betrayal after another. He was the greatest hero but now, Olympus has lost him and with that, they set up their own end. A reckoning is coming and lines will have to be drawn. A new King will come and with him, a new era...

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DA : Chapter 10: Siblings Reunited I

Three days had passed since Rhea and Percy joined the Hunt. In that time they'd memorized the patterns of the hunters and usual activities, looking for any chances to separate Andromeda from them so they could speak to her.

So far, Percy had noticed she was a surprisingly early riser, just like Sally had been.

Knowing that, Percy had taken to getting up even earlier and shadowing her while she went about her morning business which was usually walking around camp, exploring the nearby woods alone with a wolf or two from the companion pack, and generally enjoying the first bits of dawn alone.

She was smart from what he could tell and as sweet as Sally, always trying to get smiles out of everyone even when they were having a bad day. Hell, he was pretty sure Andromeda was the only one who'd ever gone into Thalia's tent to wake her up because she was lonely and came back out alive.

Although, that made him wonder why was it that Artemis left her alone at such hours … maybe the goddess wasn't one for getting up at 5 in the morning. Though generally the entire Hunt was up by 7:30 at the latest.

The same thing was happening now except for a key difference. Instead of getting a few wolves from the pack, Andromeda left to explore without them, curious about the newest location the Hunt had stopped at.

Apparently this was the first time the Hunt was stopping by Camp Jupiter in several years so she was very excited. Percy trailed silently after her, keeping an eye out for any threats that may be hiding in wait.

He would have loved to walk beside her but he knew it would be too soon and some of the hunters still eyed him. The only times he got to enjoy her company was during the campfire that she would willingly sit by him and Rhea just to pet him.

He enjoyed that immensely but still his heart yearned for more. Still, he needed to bid his time and impatience wouldn't help him at all. So he watched her silently from the shadows, listening to her humming as she leisurely walked through the forest.

They walked for some time until they arrived at a small creek where Andromeda sat down and took off her shoes before she dipped her feet in the cool stream, sighing in content. He sat back and merely watched, wondering what would be the best way to approach her.

However, before he could think of anything he heard something snap from across the stream.

They both looked to see an injured boy, probably somewhere around 13 years old, stumbling out of the bushes. Percy could instantly tell it was a demigod by the scent and small sword in his hands.

His purple t-shirt was ripped up and he looked like he'd been running for some time. He had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes with a lightly tanned complexion, his gate off since he was favoring his left leg.

The boy looked up to see Andromeda before he stopped. He probably recognized her hunter apparel considering that he suddenly looked more nervous as he scanned around before putting away his sword and raising his hand to look as harmless as possible.

"Hi," he said softly as Andromeda slowly got up and fidgeted with her hands. "I'm ah … Ryan."

"H-hello," she replied shyly while looking equally nervous. "I'm Atalanta."

"Nice name," Ryan complemented before he slowly lowered his hands. "Are you a huntress of Artemis?"

"No, not yet," Andromeda replied almost sadly before perking up, "But mommy says I will soon!"

"Oh, cool," Ryan replied easily as he continued to look around. "Hey … have you seen anyone else with a shirt like mine? I got separated from my team during our quest when a group of cyclops attacked us."

"No, I haven't," Andromeda replied as she looked around as well before focusing on Ryan again, "but maybe mommy might know. I can bring you with me if you want?" she asked sweetly with such a warm smile that Ryan couldn't help but smile at her.

"Umm sure … thank you," Ryan said as he walked a little closer and was about to offer a handshake when Percy caught the sound of something moving through the air.

He'd been so entrenched in his sister's exchange that he failed to notice the new presence … or react in time to stop what was coming. He watched, in shock, as a silver arrow embedded itself into Ryan's chest before he could shake Andromeda's hand.

He gasped as Andromeda screamed in fright while falling back. Then, he coughed up some blood before his eyes rolled back into his head as he fell back, dead before he even hit the ground.

Percy's head snapped to the direction the arrow came from to see one of the most hated of hunters walking out of the shadows with a sneer on her face. Phoebe, the only hunter that rivaled Artemis in her hate for men and the most violent of the bunch being a child of Ares.

Andromeda for her part was in shock as she looked at Ryan's still form and Percy continued to watch silently from the shadows, restraining every fiber in his being from killing the hunter here and now.

"W-why?" Andromeda asked in a weak voice as she finally looked at the hunter.

"He was a boy," Phoebe answered as if it was all the reason she needed, "And was about to take advantage of you so I killed him."

"But he didn't do anything wrong," Andromeda defended as she started to tear up while looking at Ryan.

"Him being alive was enough wrong already," Phoebe continued as she put away her bow.

Andromeda didn't look at her as she slowly crawled closer to Ryan before slowly reaching forward to close his eyes. But before she could Phoebe rushed forward and harshly slapped her hand away while screaming, "What the Hades do you think you're doing!?"

"I … I …" Andromeda stuttered in fear as she backed up from Phoebe.

"Damn girl! Don't you get it! We hate men! The filthy, deceitful, lying, pigs! They don't deserve any honor or last rites!" Phoebe ranted as Andromeda started to cry while cowering away. "You're so lucky Artemis even bothered taking a liking to you," Phoebe muttered darkly but Andromeda caught the comment.

"W-what?" she asked in confusion. "Bother with me? But … she's my mommy … why wouldn't she?"

Phoebe noticed her slip and bit out a curse while glaring at Andromeda.

"Nothing little girl," she spat before turning away, "make sure to return to the Hunt soon or your … mother will be upset and punish you."

Andromeda shivered at her words and Percy knew in that moment, that Andromeda had been punished before. For what, he didn't know or care. All that mattered to him was that regardless of what happened, he was getting Andromeda as far from the Hunt as he could.

He then watched as Phoebe stalked away while Andromeda pulled her knees to her chest and started to sob. When Percy was sure Phoebe was gone he slowly approached from the shadows, purposely making his footfalls loud so Andromeda would hear him coming.

When he stepped on a brittle stick her head snapped open to look at him. She looked spooked for a moment but he still got closer before laying down just a few feet away from her and waited to see if she would approach.

After a few minutes of staring at each other she did, until she was curled up in between his front legs and resting her head against his chest as his neck wrapped over her. She was still sobbing but it was getting softer by the minute and he could feel her relaxing. Then, surprisingly, she started to speak to him.

"Why do you always feel so … safe?" she asked as she snuggled into his fur. "… Like I know you from somewhere."

'So Hera can separate memories but she can't take away familiar sensations and presences,' he thought, recalling the one time he had her in his arms and played with her for hours when he visited his mother and Paul.

His mother did mention that Andromeda had been especially calm and happy when she played with Percy … well, as much as a 1 year old could before getting hungry or sleeping.

'Perhaps you do know me,' he thought but was surprised to see her suddenly sit up and look at him in the eyes. 'Oh shit! I didn't filter where my thoughts went!' he berated himself as Andromeda continued to stare at him.

"Y-you talked," she said in wonder.

He sighed, knowing he couldn't get out of his one so he nodded and watched with amusement as her eyes widened.

"Wow! You're a talking wolf!" she shouted in glee.

'Actually you can hear me in your thoughts,' he corrected making her frown in confusion.

"So you can't actually talk?" she asked in clear disappointment.

"I never said that," he whispered, his voice carrying an underlying growl thanks to being a wolf, 'I just prefer to talk with thoughts,' he finished mentally.

"That's so cool! Wait till I tell mommy and Aunty Thalia," Andromeda cheered but frowned when Percy shook his head.

'No, you can't tell them about me,' he said somewhat sadly.

"Why?" she asked.

'Because … it would lead to bad things,' he replied while lowering his head.

"Like what?" she asked.

'I can't tell you that right now but please … promise me you won't tell them, okay?' he asked her while looking at her intently.

She studied him for some time before she slowly nodded. "Okay, I won't, I promise," she added while hugging his neck briefly. Then, after a few minutes she pulled back and looked into Percy's eyes.

"Why are the hunters so mean to boys?" she asked him, "The ones that come by aren't that bad … but mommy always treats them bad and let's some of the hunters hurt them … at least Aunty Thalia doesn't join them … and mommy tried to get me to join but I said no.

She shouted at me once and almost hit me when I asked her to stop … but then apologized a little later saying it was too soon."

'What have they told you about boys?' he asked, trying to keep his cool at the thought of Artemis laying a finger on his sister.

"Just that they're terrible and cause all the suffering in the world … but I don't see how," she replied with a sad frown. "I mean … I've heard horror stories but the boys that I've seen look more scared and alone than anything. "

'So you don't believe that all boys are terrible?' he asked.

"No … Aunty Thalia sometimes tells me stories about a brother she had but that he disappeared years ago … and mommy doesn't let her mention the name. Something about the Hunt searching for him for a few years but never finding him," Andromeda answered.

'Hmm … what if I told you stories about him too?' he asked as he shifted his paws around his sister so both were more comfortable.

"You know him!? Can you tell me his name!?" she asked excitedly but Percy shook his head.

'How about I tell you stories about him and later, when I think you're ready, I'll tell you his name,' he offered her.

She eagerly nodded making him chuckle before he looked up at the sky between the leaves of the leaves. 'I think we have a little story time right now …'


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