1 So.... how does one meet the mc?

'Good morning world'... I thought... shame that what greeted me was complete darkness

"Mmh? How curious.... a mortal from Earth-26... how did he find his way here of all places? Here beneath Tartarus" a feminine voice reached me in the complete darkness

"who's there!" I asked, raising my voice a bit... I was scared... extremely scared by the voice... my whole bodyless being, felt like a stress ball under the pressure of a hand, I couldn't quite be broken by that grip, but sure as hell I was getting squashed... As quickly as it came, it disappeared

"Silence mortal, you are in the presence of Lady and Lord Chaos... Your presence here is unneeded for sure, BUT certainly a surprise... No soul from Earth-1 ever reached here... much less from Earth-26..." this time a male voice spoke

Sure I feel fear, but panicking and screaming is not going to help my situation, this being was staring at my soul, that much I could tell, the fact that they could destroy it was also established by the pressure earlier... Now I could only shut up and wait for my imaginary trial to end, hoping to at least be able to get a few words in. They told me to shut up and as if every word became law I HAD to shut up, no question asked.

"Fate... this would be the domain of my dear nieces... however... I guess I will allow you to be reborn, dead mortal, at one condition... live a life worth living this time... what I want to see is not vainglory or useless fame but the strength of character, unyielding will, and most importantly strength. You will be a mortal with a body capable of surpassing human limits, to a certain threshold, and enhanced learning capabilities to compensate for your mortality. Nothing more, nothing less. Will you accept the proposal?" I did not have time to think too much of my answer as if anyone would be daring to refuse the generous offer of another life after hearing her tone... It was pretty clear to me... Tartarus, Lord and Lady Chaos, Fate, nephews...the clues were there... Mythology... Primordial... I proceeded to articulate my answer.

"My Lords, although it is extremely sudden and I find myself extremely confused being in the presence of the original primordials (If I did not misunderstand your intentions) the offer of a new life is extremely tempting, and I would be more than inclined to accept. However, I did not understand if I get to keep my memories of this life or if they get deleted."

"Do not ask useless questions mortal, the soul has not washed in river Lethe hence no loss of memories will occur... Now go... you disturbed us long enough"

With a wave of her/his hand, I was yeeted extremely fast, only after a couple of seconds was I able to open my eyes... my new life has just begun.

/// /// ///

"was it necessary? To reincarnate a random soul..."

"yes my wife it was... our army needed a commander after all..."

"what about Percy, as we agreed!!"

"meh... booring"

"...." " why did I even marry you..."

"because you couldn't help but fall for me... I was the only existing person in4rwho could be your husband!"

"i... i... you know what? I return in hibernation"

/// /// ///

"Wake up dear... Breakfast is ready" you need to go to school

"Coming moom" I say reflexively before stopping... what the actual... I'm alive.... again..., I take a while looking at my hands and feet while I sit on the bed

"small" I mutter, I had to be around 7-8, exactly 8 I answer in my mind... I started to question myself to know a bit more about my situation.

Born 14 February 1993, male (thank god), Tom Firefield, mom: Elizabeth Ray dad: Martin Firefield, occupation: student at Yancy Academy, parents occupation: lawyer and doctor respectively. Hair color: dark-brown, eye color green with tints of dark brown in the sun.

Yancy.... what are the odds really... in 4 years I will meet Perseus, it is like Chaos wanted me there... so I have to follow Percy it seems... why am I so calm about it... I'm going straight into danger...

A grin spreads on my face... probably because for the first time since I remember... there is finally something exciting to look forward to, no more boredom...

"So sweetheart ready to go to school mom asked?" "Not really... By the way mom..." I tentatively ask

"Could i... try to learn to fence?" I ask shyly

Immediately mom drops her spoon

"Dear... do you have to tell us something? You were never interested in any sport... Are they bullying you at school?" Asked mom worriedly gaining the attention of father, he puts down his newspaper and looks intently in our direction.

It took a couple of minutes to convince them but they eventually relented... I did not want to waste time doing anything... physical activity to not be swatted like a fly by a demigod, and fencing to get used to having a sword in hand, which I think will be my main weapon since spears aren't that common between Graeci.

4 years fly as I get progressively stronger, coaches were visibly spooked by my progress in the basics and after a few weeks I had all hammered down to perfection. I routinely sparred with the "pros" to let them warm up, and it proved extremely beneficial to me. I could see techniques and in a few days I could repeat them without a single imperfection, but most importantly I could blend all the techniques very easily. Although it was not to the point of seeing and immediately repeating without breaking a sweat I was improving a lot, especially body wise

All kinds of monsters inhabit NYC, from empousai working at fast foods to cyclops working at retails... Fucked up world...

The sixth-year starts and I see a young son of Poseidon approaching with your local goat...

Hope to be kinda prepared... maybe I should ask Alecto to attack, also I need a sword made with celestial bronze...

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