3 Camp Half-Blood

Now I have done it... I was finally a variable in this world... but it was only the start, no more no less.

Perseus was looking at me bewildered by the situation, while I was just grinning like an idiot...

"Let's go talk to Mr. Brunner he MUST know something about this..." I say after regaining a bit of composure

"What the fuck was that Tom... Ms. Doods.. she became a fucking pigeon! How can you be so calm!" Percy looks at me bewildered

"I'm not calm Percy! How can I be after what looked like a fucking Mythologycal Fury attacked the both of us! But we can't just stand here, let's go mate" I immediately go to hug my fren effectively calming him down... I noticed that he needs a lot of confirmation from his peers, he needs to be validated, he always feels inferior, stupid, wrong... I did a lot of work all these months to help him... he grew up on me I guess, he is loyal and extremely nice... I wanted to be there for him, to preserve that. What started as "following the plotman" ended up as "help my friend", curious how fate works sometimes

"Huu" he exhaled "sure let's go... and Tom.."

"Mmh?" I ask tilting my head

"thank you for saving me..." he says with a lonely smile

I grin "always fren" he smiles and we exit the room

Now here comes the difficult part... I needed a good enough argument to have his permission to enter camp because a mortal couldn't enter without it. I proved myself useful with the Fury shenanigans. What to reveal and what not to... I did not have that much time to think as we literally run into him a few seconds later

"Professor!" Percy starts

"Miss Doods became a monster bird, and attacked us! What is happening, why did the pen turn into a sword! Professor i..." he starts before being interrupted

"Who is Miss Doods?" he feigns ignorance

Percy argued a bit before running off... poor guy... he must think he is treated like an idiot... Proven running off to him

I turn to Chiron... my time to shine

"Professor..." I start not letting him get away

Surprised I called him he turns back to me

"Yes, Tom?"

"Don't think I haven't noticed." I started gaining a small reaction from him, not breaking my composure I continue

"Percy magically understands Greek like it is no one's business, Grover sometimes when stressed for a test grows what looks to be goat legs, miss Doods whom I know you remember correctly, transformed into what I could only define as a Kindly one, cyclops, empousai, lamias, hellhounds, seem to quietly pop up around the fucking city like it is no one's business... and I'm not even halfway done" I pause for a second making his eyes widen in surprise

"Grover sometimes mutters about demigods when we have a sleepover, while I overheard you two talking about protecting Percy, and guess who gave him a bronze sword?... Percy doesn't have a father, and he gets super fast in the water, stays for what seem to be literal hours, and some of his wounds even healed... want to explain something, or do I continue?" I pause again letting him take it all in.

"Tom you must be very tired... why don't--" be starts in what seems to be slight panic

"Yes, I'm tired because a fucking fury decided to try and make a snack out of my best friend! Lately, an empousai even threatened to kill me while I was getting fries and you know something but refuse to speak... listen Mr. Brunner... I just want to help Percy and protect myself, you know we are in danger..." I started to drop my seriousness and instead I show a slightly desperate face... this should do the trick

"Please help us... Please..." Chiron was looking at my tired and tearful face full of cuts and nodded seemingly deciding something

"You were always the brightest student... you have grown on me you know? I will explain everything later take this they will let you into the camp... not sure if you need it but still.." he gives me a piece of wood with a rune inscribed on top

"Don't lose this EVER, go get Grover and tell him to bring you to camp... Don't think about it and go!" He says before hurrying off

I sprint off as well, success, the old trainer of heroes is a softie, the curious thing is that he is not sure if I am a mortal anymore... which is also part of the plan, he still gave me the wood to be sure perhaps... thank Zeus he did.

I finally found Grover and Percy and calmly tell them "Grover, Brunner told us to reach camp, quickly gather your things, Percy gather your things as well we need to go to your house and tell your mom"

Grover although surprised quickly runs off, Percy looks at me weirdly before asking

"Tom... what the hell are you talking--"

I promptly interrupt him "PERCY! I will explain later, do you trust me?" I ask looking at him in the eyes

"Yes I trust you he says before going to take his stuff"

I was wondering if going away earlier would change the minotaur incident, what if I deleted the drive Percy had to complete his first quest, what if I fuck everything up... unfortunately for me the fates did not really care about what I brought to the table they always had an answer.

My parents were shocked by my decision to leave, they did not understand, they couldn't, they tried to convince me otherwise but... sorry guys will make it up to you later.


I was flying through the air inside a car... something that should have not happened was happening...


We crashed... yes.. the minotaur.... yes that fucking idiot was here... no changes... at all.

My ears were whistling, my body was aching my vision... well no...

After a while, I heard a scream that completely made me turn back to my senses... I had a mission to accomplish, and I sure as hell was not stopping here, I was carried by Grover before he fell and that completely woke me up I took my cane strapped on my back and took out the sword

"Percy! YOUR PEN" I screamed trying to make his brain work a bit

"Mooom! He screamed sally was tightly gripped by the minotaur's hand, I immediately sprinted knowing I could not make it to save Sally but at least... I cod take the bull by surprise.

Amidst the screaming Percy, I quickly advanced to the bull opting for a hit and run tactic

He noticed me and punched me... FAST, with my nimble footwork, I narrowly avoided it and was in a perfect position to deal damage I used my sword-piercing power to quickly stab twice his knee, one of his many weak spots. Before kneeling he shot another punch this time with the opposite arm (the left). I blocked most of the damage by lightly jumping and using the palm of the blade to redirect the punch... Pretty smart from me... but not optimal, The result? I found myself flying away from him, the strength of his hit was reduced by half but it still hit like a truck.

At that moment our lord and savior Perseus decided to be a sweetie and while the bull was kneeling he cut off his horn with riptide, that was my cue to join in again, sprinting while my body was aching madly but I endured... if I could not even beat a fucking minotard I will be the laughingstock of the whole Primordial Olympus...

"Percy! NOW" I screamed letting him know of my intentions, his instinct kicked in as he probably understood

Me from the front, he from the back, we pierced the minotaur's heart.... after a long cry he exploded in golden particles... we did it... I was exhausted... but I did not faint... Percy did...

I took Percy on a princess carry under the spooked eyes of Grover...

"Let's go in?" I asked...

"Yes.. wow... let's go.."


I was currently walking towards Chiron's office, Mr.D probably waiting as well, the campers were all looking at me suspiciously since I left Percy in the infirmary with Grover.

Whispers whispers... they prolly think I'm another demigod... I mean what mortal can challenge and defeat a minotaur...

Opening the door slowly I found myself greeted by the view of two men, one with a beard and a can of coke in hand, the other mister Brunner...(Chiron) in his whole form

I bowed and sat down on the chair waiting for my trial to begin


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