21 Activating the Title System

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"A hundred lunar exploration rovers. They are here for the three astronauts on White Rabbit Nine, right?" Zhao Yu said as he was a little uncertain.

 "Boss, that must be the case. Xiaotian has an entire system dedicated to removing traces of things , so those people must be very confused about why their spaceship disappeared…" Li Zong Heng said with certainty.

 "Oh right, Xiaotian is too technologically advanced for Earthlings. They probably have no idea as to what happened over there …"

 "That's right!"

 "Wait, no!"

 Zhao Yu shook his head. "I'm pretty sure these Earthlings found us!"

 "The Earthlings didn't send this many exploration vehicles to look for the three astronauts. They're here to look for us!"

 Although he didn't want to believe it, he was very sure of this.

 There were a little over one hundred exploration vehicles filming them right now. They were arranged in pairs with close intervals to ensure that even if one vehicle was captured, the other vehicle would be able to capture Xiaotian.

 "That doesn't make sense! How did they find us?!"

 Zhao Yu was a little confused as he looked up towards the ceiling," Uncle Da, did the Xiaotian that captured White Rabbit. Nine malfunction? Did he not remove all the traces made on the surface?"

 The red light lit up.

 "Xiaotian No. 18 has passed the quality inspection…"

 "Show me the video of it capturing White Rabbit No. Nine…"


 A probe extended from the ceiling. A red light flashed, and a holographic projection appeared in front of him.

 In the picture, Xiaotian was casually wandering around the surface. Suddenly, it seemed to have sensed something and rushed towards a specific direction.

 Then, White Rabbit Nine appeared in the camera. The moment the round door opened, Xiao Tian activated the jammer.

 Immediately after, Xiao Tian's built-in program determined that there was an alien creature in the technological product in front of him, and a laser plasma cannon extended from the top of his head.

 The three astronauts raised their hands in surrender.

 Then, Xiao Tian captured White Rabbit No. Nine and the three astronauts by itself.

 When it turned around and left, the nanomachines responsible for cleaning up landed and cleaned up all traces.

 "It seems to be fine…"

 After watching the video, Zhao Yu's mouth twitched. " Oh I get it. Xiaotian did too good of a job at removing evidence…"

 Normally, Xiaotian would patrol on the moon's surface while collecting meteorites from outer space. After finishing patrol, it would clean up the traces left behind by meteorites. This time, it was doing what it had always done when it captured White Rabbit Nine.

That's the problem. White Rabbit Nine was watched by an entire planet when it landed the moon. Xiaotian was probably watched by an entire planet as it was capturing White Rabbit Nine.

 "Xiaotian was seen in a global live broadcast?!"

 Zhao Yu didn't have the time to check in person. He walked straight to the elevator. He wanted to ask the three astronauts and clarify this matter in person.


 "Nuke the moon?!"

 Everyone was shocked and looked at Thomas in disbelief.

 "No! We haven't even figured out what's going on with this alien, and we're already thinking about using nuclear bombs on it?!"

 "If the nukes were to be, say, intercepted by the alien before they reached the moon, we will be greeted with a counterstrike from a civilisation that is a hundred years more advanced than us…"

 Most people were against nuking the moon. As the saying went, knowing yourself and your enemy would ensure victory in a hundred battles. In other words, It would be too rash to launch a nuclear bomb without even knowing what the aliens looked like.

 "You guys are too timid!"

 Thomas said lightly, 

 "Nuclear weapons are extremely powerful weapons that can destroy any civilisation…"

 "Even if the extraterrestrials 'technology is one or two hundred years ahead of ours, they still can't do anything to negate the damage of nuclear weapons. That's how nuclear weapons have been like for the past eighty years, and it'll be the same for the next eighty years!"

 "Atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, dirty bombs, hydrogen bombs, and so on. We have nuclear weapons of all kinds. Even if the aliens can withstand the shock wave of a nuclear explosion, can they withstand the radiation?!"

 "Cobalt nuclear bombs utilize three levels of detonation, split-gather-split, and can release powerful gamma-rays."

 "Whatever these aliens' bodies are made up of, I don't believe that they can ignore gamma-rays. "

 F * ck, there's something wrong with him!

 Many people thought that there was something wrong with Thomas when he made those outrageous statements. However, the problem wasn't with him. The people, the higher-ups behind him told him to say these things.

 "Let's discuss this matter later. We need to communicate with the higher-ups first…"

Senior Colonel Chu wanted to immediately reject the idea of nuking the moon, but it was not up to him to decide whether nuclear weapons were to be used.

 "Yes, we are going to have a discussion before we cast our vote…" The representative of the Northern Bear Country said quickly. .

 Meanwhile, Thomas was giving Jax a look at Jax. He didn't say anything, but he was probably telling him to vote for the same decision.

 Jax shook his head, "I can't make a decision on this matter. Let's discuss it later!"

 And with that, the meeting ended. The people were initially happy about discovering the existence of aliens, but they soon became worried about their own future. They were all worried about the same thing, and that was if a war really broke out, could they withstand the wrath of the aliens?


 "Yes, we were doing a live broadcast mission at that time. Coincidentally, a host said that a billion people around the world were watching…"

 Zhang Tao nodded and admitted it. He was pretty curious and confused when he saw Zhao Yu. After all, this was the first time a man had come to ask questions since he had lived in the extraterrestrial base.

 "So they did find me!"

While Zhao Yu was starting to become anxious about what might happen next, the system, which had been silent for more than five years, suddenly spoke.

 [Special condition triggered, title system activated.]

 [You are from Earth, but you live away from it. You have a base car that is too advanced for the Earthlings to fathom. You are in possession of technologies that far surpass what is on Earth. So, what will you do when those on Earth discover your existence?!]

 [Option 1: Completely destroy Earth, cut off all ties with Earth, forget your identity as an Earthling, and live a lonely but happy life from now on. [Title: The one who abandons] (Killing any of your partners will grant you additional Technology Points.)]

 [Option 2: Tell Earth that you are also an Earthling. Explain clearly about the transmigration and the base car. Make all your secrets public and become a hero of your home planet. From then on, you will live a life that is respected by tens of thousands of people. [Title: Saint] (Saving any stranger will make you gain additional Technology Points.)]

 [Option 3: Don't destroy Earth and don't tell the people of Earth about your identity. Maintain a certain level of mystery and make a win-win deal with Earth. [Obtained title: Mysterious Merchant] (Trade with an alien civilisation to obtain additional Technology Points.)]

 [You can only choose one of the three options. Please make your choice within 24 hours.]

 Title system?

 Zhao Yu was stunned for a moment. He was a little excited. He had long felt that the current system gave too few Technology Points. Now, it seemed that there were other functions that gave Technology Points as well.

 Since there was a title system, there might even be a mission system.

 Looks like a new system is about to be activated. Why, though? Is it because I just spoke with Zhang Tao?"

 It had been almost ten days since Zhang Tao and the other two were captured. During this period, only Zhang Yi Xia interacted with them. Nothing was activated during this time. When he went to speak to Zhang Tao in person, however, a new system was activated.

 "From the looks of it, I should try activating new features by doing things that I've never done before. If I can guarantee my own safety when I do them, anyways…"

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