People Are In Douluo, Coaxing Xiao Wu's Spirit Ring

Lan Si, a former Blue Star firearms lover, was born into the world of bad people by chance and became the 14th Taibao of Tongwenguan. Before he could show his grand plans, he was regarded as an odd number by the bad handsome and fell off the cliff. Soul reborn to Douluo Continent... Tang San: My Clear Sky Hammer is the first weapon in the world. Lan Si: No, no, I am Haotian Bamboo shoots. Not only can I smash people, but the tip of the bamboo shoots can also break defenses. Tang San: My Blue Silver Emperor is the strongest control type martial spirit, with a blue silver domain attached. Lan Si: Look at my Qinglian Martial Spirit, the Buddha's Furious Fire Lotus can't kill you. Qinglian field pits crying for you. Tang San: I still have the unique skills of Tang Sect. Lan Si: Have you seen the Holy Universe Gong? Have you seen Wu Lei Tian Xin Jue? The two great powers are combined into one, and two martial spirits can be used at the same time. And use martial arts fusion skills. Tang San: I also have Haotian Jiujue, Da Xumi's hammer and ring, capable of leapfrog battles. Lan Si: I'm sorry, but I will too. I learned from your dead ghost father in your appearance. Tang San: I still have Xiao Wu... Lan Si released Qinglian martial spirit, the sixth red spirit ring is particularly conspicuous: Sorry, she has become my spirit ring. Hello, I am not the original author, I loved this novel very much, I wanted to share it for those who have not seen it and those who do not know. I don't own anything about this novel and the characters. Note; I do not expect any income from this novel. Original: https://www.69shu.com/txt/40462.htm https://m.qidian.com/book/1032538234.html Author: Fried green pepper with egg

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Murder and Arson Tang Sanshao

May be because of the limitation of physical strength and cultivation, Lan Si's chaotic cloak hammer method has encountered a bottleneck, and finally stopped at thirty-six consecutive hammers, unable to swing thirty-seventh consecutively. hammer. Must stop and re-stack the power.

  Perhaps it was because of the Xuan Tian Gong technique and cultivation, Tang San's situation was slightly worse than his, and he could swing a maximum of thirty hammers in a row.

  More than five years have passed, and the twelve-year-old Lan Si is no longer as immature as she once looked. Her previously white and beautiful face has slowly grown, becoming handsome and handsome. After a long period of hard training, he has a strong physique. Although he does not look majestic, he is even a little slender. But under the strong suit is covered with explosive strong muscles.

  Now his spirit power has come from behind, reaching level 30, one level higher than Tang San Xiao Wu, as long as he obtains one more spirit ring, he can be promoted to spirit honor.

  When it comes to soul power, he has to talk about his soul ring.

  His second spirit ring was obtained at the age of eight, from a shadow-splitting beast that was over nine hundred years old and extremely rare in the spirit beast world.

  Lan Si's second soul skill "Qinglian clone" was given. This clone is not like Zhu Zhuqing's fourth soul skill Nether Shadow clone in the original book, it separates several clones that can attack in a short period of time, but a clone that targets the martial spirit. , for each additional soul ring, Lan Si can divide the number of soul rings quadratically into Qinglian.

  That is to say.

  Originally, Lan Si, who could only summon one Qinglian at the same time, now has two spirit rings, which can summon four Qinglians to attack the enemy, and can use the differentiated Qinglians to use spirit skills to match Tang San's. The second soul skill, Parasitic, has the same effect.

  Three spirit rings can summon nine green lotuses, four spirit rings can summon sixteen, five spirit rings can summon twenty-five, and so on, reaching nine spirit rings, a maximum of nine, nine, eighty-one can be summoned. Qinglian is not weak.

  Shortly after absorbing this spirit ring, Lan Si's Sacred Universe Art and Wu Lei Tian Xin Jue both broke through to the third floor, bringing a dramatic improvement to Lan Si's melee combat effectiveness.

  As we all know, the power system of the bad people world is from low to high, divided into small star position, middle star position, big star position, small sky position, middle sky position, big sky position, small gang position, middle gang position, big gang position , Yuan Tiangang (ps: skin, the last four are made up, the original book did not introduce it, but it is true that Yuan Tiangang has three hundred years of skill to represent a realm.)

  Xiaotianwei and Zhongtianwei are a watershed. When you reach the mid-heaven position, not only will your strength, speed, and dynamic vision be improved by leaps and bounds, but you can also master the initial ability similar to teleportation. Do whatever you want, and you can even release your true energy to attack the enemy from the air.

  Not to mention, Yuan Tiangang, when he raised his hand, was teleporting, and the afterimage didn't have time to disappear. Otherwise, in the past life, with Lan Si's great power, he would not be so vulnerable in the face of bad handsome.

  The Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Art or the Holy Heaven and Earth Art reaches the fifth level to have the power of the great heaven, and the fourth level is the middle heaven.

  That is to say, as long as Lan Si raises another level and performs any cultivation technique, he can initially master the ability of teleportation.

  "This is really endless." Hearing the sound of fighting getting closer and closer, Lan Si impatiently put down the roasted rabbit meat in his hand, jumped up, jumped on the tree trunk, and quickly swept in the direction of the fighting sound. After a few flashes, the figure disappeared.

  After a long while, Lan Si finally arrived at the place where Zhu Zhuyun and Zhu Zhuqing fought.

  "My good sister, haven't you surrendered yet? You have no way to escape." Zhu Zhuyunyu put her arms around her chest, and a teasing arc appeared on her charming white and tender cheeks.

  "Don't even think about it." Zhu Zhuqing covered the wound on her right shoulder with her left hand, and blood kept dripping from her hanging right arm. Behind her was a pit full of fallen piles. There are two beasts with blood-red eyes, grinning, very fierce.

  Hearing this, Zhu Zhuyun didn't show any surprise. He still kept a faint smile on his face. He lowered his head suddenly, his bangs drooped freely, his eyes were covered by shadows, "If that's the case, then I have to ask you to die."

  As soon as the voice fell, Zhu Zhuyun's figure suddenly flashed, and he quickly swept to Zhu Zhuqing's body, grabbed it with one claw, and caused a blood-colored claw mark in the air.

  This is Zhu Zhuqing's blood.

  Although Zhu Zhuqing had been prepared for a long time and had the heart to dodge, but unfortunately, his injuries were too severe, and his strength was not as good as Zhu Zhuyun's.

  Seeing Zhu Zhuqing flying upside down, Zhu Zhuyun's beautiful eyes flashed a vague hint of unbearableness, and then he thought of the rules of the Xingluo clan, and the unbearableness was instantly replaced by coldness.

  Turning around, just as Zhu Zhuyun was about to leave, he suddenly felt something was not right, and then, a clear male voice sounded behind him: "Hey, I said eldest sister, I just listened here for a long time, it seems that she is your own sister, right? What kind of deep hatred is there to commit such a ruthless hand?"

  Zhu Zhuyun was stunned, turned back suddenly, and looked at Zhu Zhuqing again, she who should have fallen into a pit has now been hugged by a black-haired young man wearing a mask in the form of a princess. In his arms, standing in front of the pit.

  "Yo, little brother, do you want to learn from other heroes to save beauty?" Zhu Zhuyun's charming face revealed a dangerous smile that charmed all beings. He placed his right hand behind his back, and his sharp cat claws flashed a cold purple color under the moonlight. Cold light, she slowly walked towards Lan Si.

  Lan Si didn't reply, he slowly put down Zhu Zhuqing, supported the latter's shoulder with his right hand, and placed his left hand behind him.

  When Zhu Zhuyun approached, he flicked his wrist, and three Jin Xing thorns immediately shot out. Then, he took out a Jinxing thorn from the soul tool, and shot it at a half-beat speed.

  Facing Lan Si, who knew he was a soul sect and dared to show up to save people, Zhu Zhuyun would naturally not be unprepared. While doing a backflip to avoid the three front thorns, he stabilized his body and grabbed the fourth thorn. star thorn. A trace of mockery and disdain appeared on the corner of his mouth, he glanced at Jinxing thorn in his hand, and said with a smile: "Little brother, are you so good at it? You can't save people by relying on this iron gadget like a brush alone. I have to go in and be buried with myself."

  "That's right." Lan Si's mouth lifted slightly.

  "What?" Zhu Zhuyun's pupils shrank, and he subconsciously looked at the Jinxing thorn in his hand. He saw that the tip of the Jinxingthorn slowly opened, and a jet-black steel thorn like an embroidery needle shot out from it. A narrow bloodstain was scratched.

  Immediately, a heart-piercing pain spread from his face, and Zhu Zhuyun couldn't hold back his scream. Hold your face and roll on the ground.


  "Miss, what's wrong with you?" ×2

  heard Zhu Zhuyun's scream, and the only two shadows left in the dark quickly rushed out, the violin spirit master supported Zhu Zhuyun, and the bow martial spirit master raised the Force bows and arrows to block in front of the first two.