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Peerless scion


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Apocalypse arrived upon the universe and stopping it was impossible Aware of their impending doom the desires of all living beings was unleached and the world descended into depravity however one unholy deed caused the various lifeforms to be shocked Angels and devils who were supposed to be arch enemies came together and gave birth to a new race"the Nephelims" Even the leaders of the two sides was involved however the infants didn't wake up after their birth but despite that the two supreme races did not give up their desperate attempts of preserving their bloodlines and sealed the thousands of babies in the universe nucleus which sped up their end. Soon the universe was destroyed and a new one was born. A race which will receive the universe's greatest first and last blessing was supposed to come into being however thousand of babies with golden wings, golden hair golden irises and golden nails, crimson hornes, pale white skin and Deep violet eyes happen to have another's say in the matter.


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