It was only about 6.00 PM, but the sky was terrifyingly dark.

As soon as Ye Muyu came out of the company, the rain poured down.

It was only then that she remembered that her car had been sent to the mechanic for repair. Although she had become a senior executive of the company, she still did not accept the chauffeur arranged by her parents.

She also lived in a separate four-bedroom apartment outside.

She liked to be quiet. She was usually at the company and often went on business trips. She was used to being independent.

It's rare to get off work early, but the heavy rain left me with a few units.

Ye Muyu wiped the rain off her forehead and called a taxi. Seeing that it was still early, she opened her umbrella and planned to go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and fruits.

Not long after she walked out, Ye Muyu was hit by a pedestrian in a hurry. Her umbrella was sent flying and fell on the lane.

She quickly looked up and saw a little girl blocked by the umbrella she had dropped, so she could not see the speeding car.

She was anxious and ran over to pick up the little girl. The moment she threw the little girl away, she felt her body become light and her entire body was sent flying. Her eyes were red.

She saw herself lying on the ground covered in blood, and then her consciousness slowly dissipated. At the last moment, she suddenly realized that she seemed to be dead…

The sky was a little dark, and the rain outside was very heavy, as if it was going to destroy the house.

Ye Muyu had woken up for a while. She was a calm person. Even though the situation was strange, she analyzed the situation calmly. There was an obvious smell of damp straw in the room. The bed under her was hard and the quilt was not soft at all. It was damp. She touched it for a while and found it rough. It was like the material used by poor people in China in the 70s, or it was a low-quality clothing bought online for a few yuan per piece.

The room was very low, with only a small window on the right side of the bed near the door. The window was not made of glass. It could have been made of cloth or paper, so it did not let in any light. It was already night, and it was raining, making the room even darker.

However, the entire house was tidied up very neatly.

What made her feel uncomfortable was that there was someone lying beside her.

Based on her feeling, it should be a man.

Ye Muyu didn't dare to close her eyes. She was thinking if she should find an excuse.

Just as she was thinking, a large amount of memories suddenly surged into her mind.

Fifteen minutes later...

Ye Muyu opened her eyes. She could not stop the shock in her eyes. She…transmigrated?

The original owner of this body was a married woman. Her surname was Ye and her name was Yunlan. She was married to Chu Heng, the third son of the Chu family in Xingshui Village, Nanchang County.

Chu Heng knew how to study. Ever since she married into the family, she did not need to eat the least and work the most at home like before. She also did not need to be scolded everywhere.

The Chu family had split up, so Chu Heng spent most of his time studying in the county school, while she stayed at home to take care of the children. She only needed to grow her own vegetables, especially since she gave birth and her health deteriorated.

The original body had two children. The eldest daughter was called Chu Ziluo. She was eight years old this year and was already sensible. However, the original host let her do all the housework, but the little girl was still very obedient. After Chu Heng came back, she never complained.

She also had a five-year-old son called Chu Jin. He was spoiled by the original owner, he was especially generous and loved money.

Ye Muyu frowned. She felt that this was a strange feeling, and she felt even more stressful.