Chapter 9: Seizing the Servitude Contract_1

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"Lin Anjing, what are you dilly-dallying for, do you think you haven't caused enough trouble for our family? Go with them now!" Lin An Dong suddenly stopped teasing the child, stood up, and roared at Anjing.

Having an unmarried sister staying at home, no matter how capable she was, brought shame to their family, making them seem inferior to other families in the village. He truly wished that his sister would just leave and never appear before him again.

Anjing looked at Lin An Dong's bulging veins from a distance, feeling grateful she didn't inherit his emotions. Otherwise, she would definitely feel bitterly cold-hearted at this moment.

Without wasting words, Anjing turned her head and looked at the house servant holding her servitude contract: "Let me see the servitude contract again, I suspect it is fake."

"Your parents personally pressed their handprints, how could it be fake!" Although the house servant said this, he still took out the servitude contract and held it up in front of Anjing for her to see.

In the eyes of that house servant, Anjing was just a girl, no threat at all, and showing her the servitude contract again was no big deal.

Unexpectedly, no sooner had he lifted the contract high than Anjing grabbed his wrist and twisted it. Anjing moved so swiftly he had no time to react, his wrist aching as though it had been crushed, and he cried out in pain right away.


He didn't know how Anjing had twisted it, but he felt extreme pain in his wrist and loss of strength in his fingers, and the servitude contract just fell out of his hand, landing in Anjing's.

Anjing quickly tucked the servitude contract into her bosom.

Seeing this, another house servant clenched his fist and struck at Anjing. Anjing's face remained unchanged as she neatly and quickly drew a wood-chopping knife from behind her back and chopped it onto the incoming fist. The back of the knife came down hard on his fist, causing the house servant to grimace in pain and cover his hand.

Then, she pressed the blade of the wood-chopping knife against the neck of the house servant whose wrist she was still holding.

The servant whose neck was under the knife immediately stiffened up, daring not to move, for fear of getting his throat slit.

The onlooking villagers were all stunned, and Lin Anjing's family members were also stunned, never expecting Anjing, a frail woman, to effortlessly subdue two robust men.

Only Xiao Changyi's expression remained unchanged, and in fact, he could see the ruthlessness and precision of Anjing's movements.

If she hadn't trained, she definitely wouldn't have had such skill.

Xiao Changyi's starry eyes narrowed slightly.

"If you come any closer, I might just cut this dear house servant brother's throat," Anjing coolly warned the house servant who was considering fighting her after having his fist hurt, pressing the knife even closer to the other's throat.

The servant with the knife to his throat turned pale, shouting, "A San, don't come over here!"

A San, the house servant, immediately halted his assault and glared at Anjing with rage: "Let my big brother go!"

Anjing merely smiled.

"An-Anjing, let Ming Ye go!" Father Lin snapped back to reality. He finally put aside his indifference and stopped puffing on his pipe, hurrying over to Anjing for fear she would actually cut the man's throat.

"Don't you come any closer either!" Anjing increased the pressure in her hands, causing the skin on Ming Ye's servant's neck to be cut open immediately.

Father Lin stopped in his tracks almost instantly.

The trembling lips of Ming Ye's servant cried out, "You all stay back, don't provoke her!"

"Lin Anjing, what do you think you are doing?!" Lin An Dong also regained his senses and burst out thunderously.

But Lin An Dong didn't dare to get close to Anjing, afraid that any provocation might lead to her slitting the servant's throat. They couldn't afford to offend Wang the Landlord's Family.

When A San saw Lin An Dong raging at Anjing, he immediately rushed at Lin An Dong and threw a heavy punch at him: "Didn't you hear my big brother tell you not to provoke her? Are you trying to get my big brother killed?!"