Chapter 16 That's really great_1

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Xiao Changyi shook his head and didn't say much more, simply stating, "She is Uncle Liu's daughter."

The Uncle Liu Xiao Changyi spoke of was the old hunter who had shown him kindness. Old Hunter Liu had passed away eleven years ago, but he left behind a wife, three daughters, and a son.

The eldest daughter, Liu Daya, and the second daughter, Liu Er Ya, had married off early. The third daughter, Liu Sanya, was almost fifteen and already betrothed; she would be married off later this year.

The young son, Liu Sizi, was eleven years old. When Old Hunter Liu passed away, Liu Sizi was only two months old.

Mrs. Hongxia, the late hunter's first wife, was kind-hearted but superstitious. Initially, Old Hunter Liu had wanted to take Xiao Changyi into his home, but Mrs. Hongxia, fearing that Xiao would bring them misfortune, disagreed. Therefore, the old hunter had no choice but to build a thatched hut for Xiao Changyi outside.

Because of Old Hunter Liu's relationship, Xiao Changyi was somewhat familiar with Liu's family, but not very close, just more familiar with them than with the other villagers.

The more casually Xiao Changyi mentioned it, the more uncomfortable An Jing felt in her heart, but she didn't show it and instead smiled, "I'll go with you later."

"Your leg is not convenient."

"But I want to—" go.

An Jing hadn't finished her sentence when she heard Aunt Liu Hua's voice calling from the courtyard: "An Jing? An Jing? Are you there? An Jing?"

An Jing quickly put down her chopsticks and cornbread, got up, and hopped out of the kitchen on one foot, "Auntie, I'm here."

Xiao Changyi followed her out of the kitchen.

"You child..." When Aunt Liu Hua saw An Jing in the courtyard, she let out a heavy sigh. Then she thrust something into An Jing's arms, "Here, take this. Just following a bachelor home, you don't have any clothes to change into. I went to ask your parents for some, but they refused to give me your old clothes, so I had to give you Liniang's clothes to wear. Don't look down on them, who in this village didn't grow up wearing other people's old clothes? The only new clothes I ever wore in my life were my wedding dress."

Moved by the two sets of old clothes forced into her embrace, An Jing was very touched, "Thank you, Auntie."

"Thank what, it's not like it's anything valuable." Aunt Liu Hua glanced at Xiao Changyi, then added, "You are already in a man's house, I won't say anything else to you, just hoping you haven't jumped from one pit of fire into another."

Before An Jing could reply, Xiao Changyi said, "We are going to get married."

Aunt Liu Hua was startled. She had originally thought Xiao Changyi would look down on An Jing as a Stone Woman and make An Jing a servant, but she hadn't expected Xiao Changyi would truly marry An Jing.

Once she regained her composure, Aunt Liu Hua was happy, "That's really great! An Jing, your Aunt has been looking forward to this joyous occasion for many years!"

An Jing also smiled, "Then Auntie, you can drink a few more glasses on that day."

"Sure, sure, sure." Aunt Liu Hua's smile was so wide she couldn't close her mouth. "You were just having a meal, weren't you? Hurry and go back to eat; I should head back too."

"Auntie, won't you come in and sit for a while?"

"No need, I'll come to sit sometime later when I have time. It's getting dark, and if I dawdle any longer, I won't be able to see."

Watching Aunt Liu Hua's figure disappear from sight, An Jing then turned around, holding the clothes up to Xiao Changyi, and said cheerfully, "You don't need to go find Sanya now~"

Xiao Changyi didn't speak; he just raised his hand and gently stroked An Jing's head.

An Jing: "..."

It was too dark for An Jing to see the expression on Xiao Changyi's face, but she could make out the slight upward curve of his lips.