Chapter 15 I Have Something Important to Tell You_1

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Seeing Xiao Changyi place the box solemnly on top of the wardrobe, An Jing really wanted to laugh and also wanted to tell him that the chopping knife could be taken out and used, no need to consecrate it.

But thinking about how she had just said that it was her dowry and Xiao Changyi was doing this as a sign of his value for her... So, she saw An Jing straining to hold back her laughter, also refraining from saying anything.

Feeling a sweet sensation rising in her heart, the no longer single An Jing thought: Having a boyfriend really does feel quite nice~

Xiao Changyi glanced at the sky outside and noticed it was getting dark, then said, "I'll go cook."


An Jing did not notice anything amiss. She watched Xiao Changyi leave the inner room, then she leaned back, collapsing onto the wooden bed, which immediately started creaking. An Jing instantly sweated a little.

Just as An Jing was about to fall asleep, Xiao Changyi called her to eat, and then, supported by Xiao Changyi, she went to the kitchen.

On the small kitchen table, there were six cooked cornbread morsels, a small plate of salted vegetables, and another small plate of wild greens.

One could tell the wild greens were boiled in water, without a trace of oil.

Fortunately, with Lin Anjing's memories, she knew that the farmers lived quite frugally, and so An Jing was not overly shocked or confused.

An Jing tasted a piece of the wild greens. Uncertain what kind of greens they were, they felt bristly in her mouth and quite unpleasant. Most importantly, it seemed as though the greens had no salt added.

With no oil, no salt, and no other condiments, An Jing felt a touch queasy and wanted to spit it out. But seeing Xiao Changyi eating contentedly, she steeled her heart and swallowed it down hard.

Moreover, back when she was in the army undergoing wilderness survival training, she had eaten all kinds of ghastly things like snakes, bugs, rats, and ants, and that too raw, which was much harder to swallow than these boiled wild greens. So, she was absolutely not going to be defeated by these boiled wild greens!

At most, she simply wouldn't touch those boiled wild greens again...

Cough, such is human nature. When one is close to starving, they can devour even the most unpalatable food, but the problem was, she wasn't anywhere close to starvation now, and moreover, she had a choice.

Therefore, An Jing calmly shifted her chopsticks to pick up the salted vegetables instead. The salted vegetables were very salty, but at least they had flavor, and compared to the boiled wild greens, they were much better.

Picking up a piece of cornbread, An Jing bit into it with composure. It was a bit hard, causing her eyebrows to involuntarily furrow. She examined the cornbread closely and found out it contained bran.

Alright, I'll endure, An Jing thought, struggling to swallow it down.

The cornbread with bran was indeed harsh on the throat. An Jing felt terribly uncomfortable, not wanting to eat more, but then she suddenly realized that Lin Anjing sometimes didn't even have cornbread to eat. This thought made An Jing suddenly feel very fortunate and, therefore, she kept on eating the cornbread with determination.

But it was really scratchy on the throat, so An Jing ate the cornbread very slowly, and in very small bites, which made it less harsh.

Xiao Changyi was sitting opposite An Jing, watching her every reaction without saying a word.

"Xiao Changyi, I have something important to tell you," An Jing suddenly said.

Xiao Changyi looked at her.

An Jing deliberately kept silent for a good while, feeling that she had created an atmosphere as though something significant was about to be revealed, then she said, "I have no change of clothes."

"...Later, I will go see San Ya to see if I can borrow some clothes for you to change into temporarily."

"Are you on good terms with San Ya?" An Jing asked with a hint of sourness.