Chapter 11 It's Quite Thrilling to Perish Together~_1

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Ming Ye had not expected that a young girl like An Jing would be so shrewd, and for a moment he did not know how to respond. After all, he was just a house servant and couldn't make decisions for Landlord Wang.

It was A San who spoke quickly and to the point, "That's simple, just cough up ten taels of silver and it's settled."

Lin's mother immediately cried out, "No way!" That was ten taels of silver, not ten coins, she couldn't bear to spit that out.

"See?" An Jing smiled, nodding with her chin at A San to look at Lin's mother.

A San got angry right away, rushing over and giving Lin's mother another kick, "All this trouble over selling a daughter, if my brother dies, not only will your daughter pay with her life, but you'll not have an easy time either!"

Watching Lin's mother get kicked again, yet still not daring to say a word, An Jingxin felt very satisfied. This was exactly the effect she wanted!

Father Lin also did not want to give up the ten taels of silver; it was the first time he had seen so much money, but now there was no other way. He closed his eyes and said, "An Dong, give him the ten taels of silver."

"Father!" Lin An Dong didn't want to give it. That money could raise their family's standard of living by several notches!

"Give it to them!" Father Lin shouted sternly.

Only then did Lin An Dong reluctantly turn around and go inside to get the ten taels of silver that had not even had time to get warm.

As soon as A San received the ten taels of silver from Lin An Dong, he said to An Jing, "Now you can release my big brother, right?"

"I can let him go, but let me be clear, if Landlord Wang causes me any trouble in the future, I'll be the first to come looking for you or your brother to settle accounts," An Jing paused for a moment, then smiled enchantingly, "Mutual destruction and all, it's quite thrilling~"

A San shuddered, feeling that An Jing was a madman right then.

The onlookers thought the same.

Only Xiao Changyi did not think so, and in fact, his eyes sparkled even more, glowing brighter than before.

"Don't worry, I will speak well of you to our Lord, stating that you were unwilling. Our Lord is not someone who forces others against their will, and since your family has returned the money to him, he will not trouble you," Ming Ye said, trembling. He had experienced An Jing's prowess and was very scared of her.

Mutual destruction might have been a bluff from An Jing, but he knew that if she wanted to kill him, it would be effortless.

So, at that moment, Ming Ye dared not brush her off.

Observing that Ming Ye did not seem to be lying, An Jing moved the axe away from his neck and then slapped his back with the back of the axe blade. Ming Ye immediately pitched forward in A San's direction.

A San hurried to catch Ming Ye, "Big brother, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Ming Ye touched his neck, having had a narrow escape from death, he was still in shock. Not daring to look at An Jing again, Ming Ye gave Lin's father and mother a vicious glare before saying to A San, "Let's go!"

"You rebellious daughter!" Lin's mother, seeing Ming Ye and A San leave, immediately rose from the ground and charged ferociously toward An Jing.

An Jing laughed, hoisting the firewood axe onto her shoulder as if it were a sniper rifle, looking utterly unruly, "Come on, I don't mind committing matricide."

Lin's mother stopped in her tracks, furious, "You dare?!"

"Come over and you'll see if I dare or not," An Jing said nonchalantly, brushing her bangs out of her forehead.

Lin's mother, shivering with rage, really wanted to go over and beat her daughter as she had done in the past, but she was afraid that An Jing might indeed commit matricide, so she just stood there, glaring at An Jing venomously.

Seeing that An Jing was indifferent to her glare, Lin's mother once again collapsed onto the ground, wailing to the skies, "What sin did I commit to give birth to such an unfilial daughter? It's one thing for her to defy me, but now she wants to kill me, her own mother..."