Chapter 10 It's all your fault!_1

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"Uncle San, I didn't, I didn't," Lin An Dong, having been hit, could only endure the pain and still didn't forget to smile apologetically, "I was just worried about Ming Ye and lost my composure for a moment. Please don't hold this against a small person like me, spare me this once."

Seeing Lin An Dong turn cowardly in a second brought great satisfaction to An Jingxin. People like him deserved to be beaten more. Lin Anjing had certainly taken plenty of beatings from him.

"An Dong!" Seeing Lin An Dong get hit, Lin's mother and Mrs. Gu finally snapped out of their daze and ran towards Lin An Dong, helping him up.

Meanwhile, the child of Lin An Dong and Mrs. Gu had been scared into crying earlier on.

"What kind of sins have our family committed," suddenly, Lin's mother sat on the ground with a thud, crying loudly, "How could I give birth to such a daughter, not only has she made it so our family can't raise their heads in the village, but now that she's sold, she still won't live in peace."

Seeing Lin's mother putting on an act, Anjing sneered coldly, "Had you not forced me, would I have done this?"

Without waiting for the Lin family to speak, Anjing continued, "I worked like an ox and a horse for you, did whatever you wanted, and even when you beat and scolded me, I had no complaints, but what about you, you sold me! You sold me to a near-death old man to be his little wife!"

"You really are my good family, good parents, good brother and sister-in-law," Anjing said laughing, her gaze sweeping over each face of the Lin family members one by one, her expression not cold, her laughter not warm, yet chilling to the bone.

Lin's mother was somewhat afraid, but still stubbornly argued back with her neck stiffened, "You are my flesh and blood, selling you is my natural right. Go and look outside, how many people are sold by their parents, so why can't I sell you?"

Anjing didn't speak, only tightened her grip even more, on the verge of slicing open Ming Ye's skin and flesh.

Uncle San was startled by this, hurriedly stepped forward, and kicked Lin's mother, who was sitting on the ground, on the shoulder, cursing, "Who told you to provoke her, shut your mouth!"

Lin's mother, kicked to the ground, cried out in pain but dared not speak another word.

Hearing this, the surrounding villagers all thought Anjing's sudden change in personality was due to the deep hurt from being sold. Although they sympathized with Anjing, they did not approve of her actions at this moment.

Especially Aunt Liu Hua.

Aunt Liu Hua even thought that Anjing must have known beforehand that she was going to be sold, otherwise, when she went up the mountain to tell Anjing about it earlier, Anjing wouldn't have appeared so calm, nothing like the Anjing of the past.

"Anjing, what you're doing isn't right. Let's talk it over nicely, don't use a knife. If you kill someone, you'll have to pay with your life, and your life will be ruined," Aunt Liu Hua pleaded kindly.

"My life will be ruined..." Anjing's heart inexplicably ached for the already dead Lin Anjing, "Auntie, my life has already been ruined. I've been sold, and that is a pit of fire, better to die than to suffer."

The villagers listening felt a pang in their hearts, and Aunt Liu Hua's tears fell even more.

Only Xiao Changyi remained expressionless.

"Before I die," Anjing laughed again, looking at Ming Ye, who was pale-faced, "If I can take someone down with me, I won't be at a loss, right?"

"The servitude contract is already in your hands, you don't have to jump into the fire pit anymore, what do you need a scapegoat for... I beg you, let me go... let me go..." Ming Ye's legs were trembling, but he dared not kneel, fearful that he might sever his own neck.

"The servitude contract is in my hands, but Landlord Wang paid ten taels of silver for it, do you think he'll just let this go? If you can assure me that Landlord Wang won't trouble me in the future, I can let you go."