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The tension at the Lee mansion hasn't died down at all. Mrs Lee still looked her husband outside of their bedroom as she was bent on having him change his mind about Eun-sun, little did she know her actions were only agitating her husband and helping him solidify his decision not to allow Dan-Han marry that girl.

He sighed when he saw his wife walk into his private study as he looked away, he badly wanted to look at her face but he was feeling I offended for being treated poorly.

"Whatever you're going to ask, my answer is still no." He said before she could say anything. His words and attitude made her sigh.

"Are you really going to be this stubborn?" Mrs Lee asked exasperatedly. She was feeling very weak and tired today, and was also feeling nauseous. She could tell something was wrong with her body and but she allow that to stop her from doing all she wanted to do.

Mr Lee turned to look at her incredulously, "I'm being stubborn?" He asked.


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