171 Strange

Eun-sun hissed for the millionth time when she looked at the time. It's been hours since she and Dan-Han fought and he angrily left, and she has been feeling weird since then. Though she was still very much angry at him she somewhat felt bad for saying those things to him and for sounding so rude to him. But most importantly she was feeling hungry. It was dark outside and she hasn't had dinner. Her stomach was rumbling badly.

She looked at her phone as she contemplated calling him.

'So this was how he was going to treat her if they finally start dating? He'd leave her for long hours and not call to check up on her when he knows she was sick? So much for preaching love!' She humphed in her mind and continued looking outside the window.

Her head snapped to the door when she heard a knock on the door. She felt her heart skip as she anxiously waited for the person to step in.

'It had got to be him'


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