162 Lot Of Promises

Dan-Han didn't wait long before Eun-sun stirred up from sleep just as he had expected.

He stood up from the couch where he had been sitting and slowly walked closer to her. He picked up a bottle of water and from the refrigerator and passed it to her,


Eun-sun slowly nodded her head as she sat up, while Dan-Han opened the bottle up. She reached for it but he moved his hand away from her. Eun-sun raised a brow at him, but he ignored her and placed the bottle on her lips.

"I'll hold it for you," He said softly. Eun-sun looked at his face, but when she saw the stoic look on his face she knew better than to argue with him. She opened her mouth and began to drink.

After drinking to her satisfaction, Dan-Han removed the bottle from her mouth and capped it back.


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