174 Growing On Her

Despite Eun-sun feeling healthy, Dan-Han

had asked her not to resume work, thus she had been at home for the last two days. In-Ha had not failed to visit her everyday, same as Dan-Han who always hound her to eat minimum thrice daily, and had used the word 'too skinny' for her as an excuse to make her eat more, neither does he forget to call to remind her to take the drugs which Jae-Hyun had prescribed for the peptic ulcer.

Eun-sun was more than delighted to resume work today. The tyrant had finally given her permission to resume work and she was more than esctatic about it.

"You should take care of yourself, don't you dare skip your meals Park Eun-sun" Hei-Ran commanded her like a mother advicing her child, while Eun-sun vigorously nodded her head.

"Yes ma" Eun-sun replied as she picked up her bag.


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