201 Get Him Back

'Dan-Han's fiancee?'

Mi-Ok and her mother looked utterly surprised to hear what Mrs Lee had said. They looked at Eun-sun and then at back at Mrs Lee in utter disbelief.

"What's did you say?" Mrs Choi asked shock. She didn't think she had heard well. Dan-Han had a fiancee already?

"I said this Dan-Han's fiancee?" Mrs Lee gently replied, before turning to Mi-Ok who's face was filled with utter disbelief.

"I'm sorry dear, but you know how men are. You can't force them into making their choices. I hope you see someone better" She said apologetically, but Mi-Ok wasn't listening to what she was saying at the moment. Her heart was raging.

Dan-Han has a fiancee?

Dan-Han picked this girl over her? This trash?' She asked her herself. She was livid, her bones were seething with anger as she stared at Eun-sun coldly, but Eun-sun didn't bother to look at her. She had a nonchalant look on her face as she sipped from her cup of tea.


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