20 Chapter 20: Night With Aurora.

Her silky, pink hair, dazzled as it reflected the moonlight. Looking away, she nervously brushed her hand against her shoulder before asking. "Can I… Stay here for a while…?"

She wore a cute fluffy pink pajama which Gray had gotten for her at the clothes store, it was full of fur which kept her warm.

The words echoed in the back of Gray's mind.

Trying not to look flustered, he scooted over to the over end of his bed before replying. "Y-Yeah."

Upon hearing this, she broke out a nervous smile before seating on the now empty space beside him.

She stayed like that for a while, facing away from Gray, but even if he couldn't see her face, he could tell from the corner of hear ears, that she was embarrassed.

They stayed like that for a few moments, until Gray poked her on her hips, sending a shudder throughout her body before he asked.

"Aren't you going to lay down?"

Upon hearing this, she nodded, slowly drifting into the sheets, whilst turning to face him.

As her hair rested against the pillow, a sweet alluring fragrance, filled Gray's mind. As her sparkling gray eyes, reflected his image off them. No matter how red her face got, she continued to stare at him.

The look in her eyes, the scent, her extravagant beauty, Gray was captivated. He couldn't look away. Memories of what happened at the showers slowly started flooding his mind.

His heart was beating loudly, his face grew redder and redder as he thanked god he had brushed his teeth before going bed.

The two stayed like that for a few moments, her face growing redder by the second. Suddenly, not being able to handle it, she turned her body towards the wall. She could no longer face him.

Gray felt like face palming himself, like the virgin he was, but just when he thought he had lost the war, she slowly shuffled towards him.

"I-It's cold…" She mumbled as her back pressed against his chest as he faced her.

In no way was she cold, regardless of the blanket being thin, Gray had gotten the message.

"Me too…" He said, suddenly wrapping his right arm around her stomach. "Let's warm each other up."

Gray's breath Brest as against her nape, causing her ears to twitch as she shuddered. Following that, she nodded.

Once again as they close together, for a few moments, the two had remained frozen.

Well, the two except for one thing. Gray's son, as if reaching for freedom, it stretched out his shorts and underwear out. It hurt, but no matter how hard Gray tried, he couldn't calm it down. Before he had even realized it, it had slipped out.

At that moment, Aurora felt something hard poke at the back of her butt, she felt a jolt of pleasure rush past her body entered the gap in between her thighs and began brushing her clot as it moved back and forth.

Seeing as how there was no opposition, Gray could no longer hold it in. He now more blatantly, moved his hips back and forth as, with his right hand, he suddenly grabbed her breasts.

The bottoms of her pajama had slowly began to slide down as she released quiet moan. "Mn~"

Surprised by their soft composition, Gray's right hand continued to explore her colossal mountain, fondling every nook and cranny as if he were in search of a treasure.

Her moans slowly increasing as he made his way towards the peak. Pinching it, she shuddered

"Ahn~!" A sudden loud moan, she could no longer hold them back.

Gray continued addicted to the sensation in between his finger as he pressed down, his hands getting more and more playful as the time passed.

By this point, the two were releasing pants, her moans escaping ever so frequently. Without him having realized it, Aurora's Pajama's pants and panties were slowly slipping off, from all the brushing. It had reached the point where her panties, were her Great kingdom was fully exposed.

Not realizing it, Gray continued to thrust his hips, what did he notice was a wet sensation on his Excalibur along with the much softer sensation. It was as if there was no more barriers like clothing between his sword and her thoughts.

That was exactly the case.

Without mentioning it, Aurora let herself be drowned in the sudden increase in pleasure as Gray's sword, brushed directly against her clitoris.

"Hn~ Mn~!"

At this point she was no longer holding back her moans. She was just about to climax, and right as she did-


It entered. She felt a surge of pain, instantly snapping her out of her train of pleasure, as Gray's long rigid sword had entered her sheathe.

"Ah-" She gasped.

Her whole body shuddered from the orgasm as a sharp sting came from underneath from insertion. It was her first time.

Gray felt chills, his mind numbed as it was overwhelmed with pleasure. It was so much in fact, that he couldn't hold it in.

*Spurt* *Spurt* *Spurt*

Pump by pump, Gray's rod which was halfway inside of Aurora, began to release all of it's fluids. A heavenly pleasure which he had never felt before, surged throughout his body. His mind was telling him to pull out, but the pleasure was hypnotizing.

"Ah…" Gray let out, unintentionally.

Her juicy walls, clenched on his rods even further, milking him dry as she her body trembled joyfully. All the pain was being overwhelmed by the pleasure from the orgasm, and the feeling of being filled up as his bodily fluids entered her.

After another two, the pumping had stopped. Their pants filled the room, whilst her sweet scent permeated throughout the air.

It was over.

Or so she thought.


Her eyes widened as Gray suddenly thrust the remainder in, all at once. Another pleasured gasp escaped as he thrust back on forth.

"Ahn! Ahn~! Ah~!"

She moaned loudly as Gray thrust back and forth. It hurt, it hurt but the pain was vanquished through the pleasure brought through each thrust.

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