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Patriarch of the Uchiha


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After a mysterious accident, a guy finds himself waking up as a young Uchiha Fugaku, the future patriarch of the Uchiha clan in the Naruto world. At first, he is confused and disoriented, but he soon realizes the opportunity that has been presented to him. With his knowledge of the Naruto world, he knows what is coming and how he can change things for the better. Fugaku, a man who lived his life in pursuit of the Uchiha clan's strength and glory, is seen by many as a stern and harsh patriarch. However, the transmigrator is not a good man at heart and seeks to correct Fugaku's mistakes through manipulation and intricate use of politics. As he gains more power and influence, he begins to see the flaws in the ninja world and the flaws in his own thinking. He realizes that peace cannot be achieved, neither through war, nor through working together and understanding one another. However, his path is not an easy one, and he faces many challenges and obstacles along the way. He must navigate the treacherous political landscape of the ninja world while also dealing with the internal struggles of Konohagakure. As he strives to create a better world for all, he must also come to terms with his own identity and reconcile the person he was with the person he wants to become. Through his journey, he learns the true meaning of sacrifice, love, and redemption. !!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!! SLOWPACED STORY - Basically a Snail fusing with a Sloth, and their combination is still faster than this story!!! !!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!! Ark 01: Rise of Fugaku - Current Ark Ark 02: Fugaku in FMA - Next Ark


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